Spirit guide help from Blmoon please

  • I realized I asked this question on someone elses thread and I have since learned to start my own thread if I have a question. So I want to apologize to Rcdreamer. for posting on her thread. I am hoping Blmoon is feeling up to more spirit guide questions.

    Dear Blmoom,

    Hello could you please tell me my spirit guides names and if you can a message for me from my spirit guides. I know I might be pushing this but can you ask them how they want me to communicate with them? I have been asking them to come closer to my energy field so I can feel them but nothing is happening. Not sure what you need from me for this? My name is Mary. my birthdate is 1-21-62. Thank you so much .

    Love and Light


  • lol Should I have put this in the psychic threads?

    I have some more learning to do on this site.

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