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  • Hi again Twinsoul ~ Both my daughters are going through divorces. It seems that this has gone on forever. Do you see any changes that will bring peace to our family? I know both my daughters have their own growth to go through. Thank you Iam always very grateful. I wish you well. ~ D

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    oh my dear how difficult a time for you. i will pray for you. divorced the same time, you poor dear. One of their husbands is a real son of a you know what. the other husband still loves his wife very much. They might reconcile. These things never go smoothly, especially with your girls. Knots all is see is knots how strange. You need to pull yourself away and dont blow smoke on this horror. Give it as little attention as you can. One loving and supportive 10 minute conversation about the topic per day is all you should give. They will be fine and you will be exhausted and vulnerable to becoming ill. Take care of yourself. You are the Mom here, do not allow this to tear apart the family.



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