Reading request: more than a friendship?

  • Dear reader,

    I'm currently feeling trapped in a relationship with a friend.

    When we met about 2 years ago, we hit it off pretty good and more than feelings of friendship started to develop even though she was in a relationship already (and still is). When things started to get out of hand we tried to talk things over and start a very close friendship. The problem is that we never really did talk about our feeling, just skim the surface a bit.

    From that point on we did start a friendship, but it seems like we grow apart a little more each day.

    We do have some good times together, but I always get the feeling we're not making the most of it (as if emotion/feelings are left out of the interaction).

    I've been trying to get her to open up on this subject so things can finally be put behind us, but I always seem to hit a wall when I try.

    I'm a gemini man born on 06/20/1984 in Holland and she's a leo female born on 08/17/1980 (also NL).

    Please feel free to ask if anything is unclear

    Any inside is greatly appreciated.



  • if u want i can do a tarot card reading for you. let me know...

  • Mimi do you think you could do a tarot reading for me too! I have a similar situation to Mordana 🙂

    I am a Scorpio born 9/11/1991

    He is a virgo born september 2nd 1992!

  • Hello mimi, thank you for your offer.

    If you could do that for me that would be great, might give me some new insight.

    Oh I've forgot to add the birth times in my previous post,

    they are 09:27pm for me and 10:28am for her (not sure if it's needed :D).

    Thank you!

  • any comments on the subject will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  • k mordana. i will do the 7 card spread for you. the first card is your concern, the second is the immediate past,the third immediate future,forth your state of mind,fifth obstacle,sixth is help,and seventh is the outcome.

    first-ace of swords reversed

    as this is an extremely positive card,the reversed position only indicates delays or glitches. what you planned for on the mental plane may not come into manifestation on the physical plane as quickly as you had hoped,and this may be causing frustration and tension.

    second-2 of wands reversed

    this card suggests you may be in for a surprise,perhaps a nasty one. nonetheless,youre affirming your new self-concept whether youve told others about it or not.

    third-7 of swords

    youve got the upper hand over a tricky situation,but you still need to exercise caution in handling affairs. discretion and discrimination are required,as are diplomacy and evasive tactics. you may not like this approach,but youll be more likely to achieve success this way.

    fourth-9 of wands

    you may be fighting a losing battle. of so,its time to cut your losses and get out. whatever it is,its over,and if if hasnt worked out for you then go on to something else. learn the lessons of failure-failure is but success's opposite and the wheel always turns. get on with your life

    fifth-strength reversed

    youre struggling to gain your own in a situation thats difficult and that may be harmful to your ultimate good. as a result,youre experiencing an upsurge fron your inner,instinctive nature thats calling upon you to pay attention to your needs instead of following the orders of others. its a time of travail,but youll eventually overcome the difficulties and come out on top. others may think youre behaving in a way that seems to be illogical or contrary to what is normal or generally accepted. regardless,your basic instincts of survival say this is a time for a change and expressing your individuality.

    sixth-3 of cups

    youre experiencing success and plenty,and a time of merriment and celebration is at hand. your feelings,which may have been murky before,are clearer now,and you understand your emotional patterns in a positive way. youre on your way now to great things.

    seventh-5 of pentacles

    this 5 is a warning that money may soon be very tight,that losses may ensue from ill-adviced investments,or that support you had counted on wont be forthcoming,such as a grant,legacy or job. in some cases,it advises you to ask for help-from other people or the universe.

    please give me any kind of feedback for this reading. i would be very appreciative, thank you 🙂

  • Dear mimi, first of all let me say thank you for taking the time to do a card spread ... how sweet of you 🙂

    I can definitely understand to the whole impatience thing. That has always been one of my issues.

    It's like I skip to the end of most situation and/or phases in my life really fast (mentally) and then start waiting for the rest to catch up ... thus not enjoying the time to get there.

    This also applies to the obstacle, which is one of the things I'm desperately trying to break free of ever since this whole ordeal started. I've been in several situations during my life where I ended up putting others before myself. That's where I stop being myself, which leads to cutting myself of emotionally ... at least to most of the outside world.

  • Captain, do you have any comments on this? 🙂

  • Mordana, there is a karmic tie here that was previously very close and it still draws you two together. But you both remember on a subconscious level that you were former siblings and this makes the present association uncomfortable and awkward on a deeper level of consciousness. Your sexual feelings for each other can seem wrong and engender guilt yet the strong tie here makes you also want to be together.

    So there is a strong push away-pull together kind of connection. But the reason you were so drawn together was to reconcile the differences you had in the past life when things became very combative and destructive between you. There may still be evidence of that here today. However, this lifetime you must allow for the fact that, though you are so alike in many ways, you do have different atittudes and motivations. You must create a workable relationship this time around and resolve all conflict.

    Basically you two are here to make peace with each other and then go your separate ways, having completed a cycle of evolution begun in the past lifetime. Don't leave any enmity between you when you part or the cycle will continue past its 'used-by' date.

  • This makes a lot of sense as I've always felt I knew her all my life from the moment I met her.

    I've been trying to work this out as it was just too strong of a feeling to just let go, you know.

    You're so right on the push & pull connection, that's exactly what's been happening between us.

    At times (when my mind was still too clouded to see what was going on outside my head) this could really put me down and even STARTED to hate her (and even more so myself) for not being as open to a good deep conversation so we could put these things that happened behind us. I would come out of this state until I hit that same wall again a while after.

    I'm not a hateful person (but an impatient one tho :P) but I could get really angry with myself for not even trying to talk to her on a deeper level. I always figured she had to come forward since I felt as an intruder whenever I did try to talk to her, cause whenever I did it seemed she already had her mind made up about what was going to be said (my feelings for her) compared to just trying to find a workable solution to our situation. After a couple of tries I just started to give up a bit and started waiting for her to be ready to talk, which of course never happened. She repeatedly says I would go in to deep even though I tried really hard not to. In the end I've always beat around the bush instead of just saying what I wanted to say (I've always had trouble with this from early childhood).

    Recently I've become less restless about the situation and this long overdue talk might be just around the corner.

    At least I'm thinking more clearly lately but still have a lot to learn ... but ain't that why we're here in the first place 😉

    Bless you, TheCaptain

  • Mimi can you please help me before I lose my sanity and turn to something drastic?! I have a friend who I have been close to for the last 4 years. She and I are both Capricorns. Her bday is the 5th, mine is the 12th. She is 4 years older than I am. We have so very much in common and she truly has been the only friend I have had in the last several years. Long story short w/out going into so many details, she has done an about face on me and refuses to talk to me or have anything to do w/me. I have confronted her for explanations to no avail. I am absoultely miserable, lonely and would do anything to have her back. I fear the friendship is over but refuse to believe it. Can you tell me please, if its over how in the hell do I stop hurting so badly. Or is it that she just needs time to resolve whatever it is she is going through before she starts talking to me again. I am lost, confused and wish at times I would just die to stop hurting. Please help me! Im begging you. I have nobody, absolutely nobody to talk to about this and anyone that knows her refuses to speak to me about her and why she is behaving this way towards me. I am losing control.

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