New Ways of Doing

  • What with the Ascension now upon us and the world seeming to be on a downward spiral in regard to things like the economy, the crime rate, etc. I thought I would open a discussion to debate and create new ways of living and being. I think we need to rethink and revise our whole system of governing and that we the people should stop leaving it all up to our governments to fix the problems within our society. We need to start taking back the power and participating more in decisions that affect our lives.

    I thought I'd throw out a few ideas of mine, and if you have any ideas yourselves on how to make some positive changes in the world, feel free to jump in.

    My two ideas involve the general method of government and the criminal justice system.

    First, most government objectives seem to be to try and fix everything at once ie. they allocate the income tax revenue out to so many different areas and projects, thus spreading funds quite thin and not accomplishing very much in the general scheme of things. But what if we instituted a priority system where the most serious problems in our society are singled out - say, health and the environment - and most of the trillions raised from taxes goes to those two things with just a very basic level of maintenance money kept back to take care of running the country's services like defence, roads, etc. So in a year you devote the bulk of the income tax revenue to building the best health and environmental care system - spending the money on hospitals, health reform, energy-saving methods, etc. You improve the heck out of just one or two major problems, then the next year, you move onto other important things like housing and education and devote most of the revenue to those problems. So basically it's about maximising your tax dollars to produce the most effect, rather than scattering it in small amounts in a piecemeal fashion that sees no real dramatic change in the overall quality of life. Instead of giving money to everything from A - Z, I propose we instead concentrate on A and B and bring them up to world-class standards before moving on to C and D. I think things like sports, the arts etc. are fairly non-essential things that could wait for funding if it means improving the basic necessities of life.

    My second idea is to take the animal and child behaviorial technique of "rewarding good behaviour, not punishing bad behaviour" and apply it to our justice system. Now the experts know that the problem with punishment is that it only temporarily stops bad behaviour - it doesn't encourage good behaviour. Why not then reward citizens for good behaviour? Why not give things like a reduction in taxes to people who don't break the law? Our prisons are overcrowded and something new needs to be done as the old ways are not working. It costs the taxpayers a fortune to house and feed all the criminals so why not save money from the high cost of crime by rewarding those who do not commit crimes instead of punishing those who do? It would be a great boost for overall morale in a world where everything just seems to be about prices rising and not getting anything back. Of course, I am not talking about reducing crimes of passion. There will always be murder and violent crimes but maybe we can do something about non-violent crime like fraud, theft, vandalism etc. Keep the prisons for the really violent offenders. Every year somone passes without commiting a crime of any sort, then the amount of tax they pay could be lowered. Maybe other incentives could be proposed as well - if you do volunteer or charity work, you could reduce your taxes more or get some other monetary or social rewards like cheaper health care or something. If you commit minor crimes like jaywalking or traffic infringements, then your tax is still lowered but not as much as if you had a completely clean record.

    So that's my two cents. Opinions or other ideas for improving the system?

  • My opinion isnt very popular with most people, but I believe that we should go back to running the country as it was originally intended. I do not believe it is the place of the government to make our day to day decisions and mold us all into "sheep". But that is what I see happening. I am a firm believer that no one should ever have a free ride in life. People who are recieving assistance from the government such as welfare in my opinion should have to dontate much of their time to community improvement projects. Or how about people who are on unemployment and cant find jobs. Get them to volunteer for improvement projects after so many weeks of unemployment. If you dont contribute to the wellbeing of the country why should the other people pay. I see many times people who really need help through a tough patch in their life have a heck of a hard time getting the help that they need, but other seemingly undeserving people are able to get the free ride.

    I see the government slowly taking away our own free will. Mandating a set of moral standards on us that only a few people choose. Us as humans were given free will becaue we are ABLE to make choices... good and bad ones. I hate for one anytime the government "forces" us to do something like the health care thing here in the US. I'm not saying it is a bad or good thing... but now i will not really have the freedom to make my own decisions. I'm not sure how or if we can ever get back to a position where us as humans are able to take back our own freedom.

    People used to fight for their freedom... we claim to help others fight for freedom. But to me what is freedom without CHOICE. The old saying goes... you can lead a horse to water, but you cant force him to drink. What happened to that?

    hehehe my two cents... not really any real answers, i'm still trying to figure out how i can get my perfect world to exist outside of my dreams besides buying my own private island that i cant afford. 😛

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