Jens Bloggs ( anyone want to blogg or vent here ya go)

  • jenna29,

    you should even open your own business.

    Sit in a relaxed position and watch your breath, but don’t change the rhythm of it, just breathe as you normally do. Simply watch, go with it – breath goes into the belly…the belly comes up. You just go with it. Then for a second it stops…you stop there.

    Then it goes back, return journey, you come back...

    then it goes out... wait there for a second.

    No need to force it in any way. You are not to do

    anything; you are just to watch. If even a slight doing

    comes in, then the watching is disturbed. So be totally

    a non-doer. And the breath goes on its own; you are not

    required to do anything.

    After that you will know what might be a good place to start.

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