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  • So I figured I would do a post that if anyone is having a bad day, good day, or just wants to blog here is the perfect spot and if anyone wants to enlighten any of us then go for it:) I just felt that instead of asking questions allways when I just maybe need to blog just to get things off my chest I would start a blog entry........ So here It is first off thank you to everyone in the last couple weeks that has answered my questions in regards to what I have asked... I just want to say some things today has been a hard day, I went to the doctor and of course no good news for my health I figured as much not looking forward to the results later!! I have held my head up for so long tried to stay strong for my kids and myself. The roads I have traveled have been so long and so hurtful that Im hoping to see brighter days ahead, I have thought alot about the advice given on here from everyone about where to go with my life and I feel I kinda know what to do...... I think the fear I have truly noticed in myself is being alone and it is a very hard thing to overcome It from my childhood and from what I delt with for years and years. I know I have no family barely any friends and I think I come here for comfort and nobody to judge me we have all been down the same road at one time or another and nobody is perfect. I finally have started communicating with my husband and it seems to finally open us up more and I feel more relieve then I have felt in a long time I have fears still and I am scared but Why stay scared forever? Not worth it Im sick of being scared im sick of having to step on stones to make everyone else give a heck about me... I have an ok life now persue not the best life I could have but better then what it has been and I know with time It will be great!! I think I want to open a buisness with my husband we are not quite sure on what kind of business to open but we want to open one.. I am going back to school in oct and taking buisness management which hopefully will help in the end. I want something that will prosper and make some decent money so we can have the things in life I have always wanted for myself as well as my children. If anyone might be able to read for me in regards to what they think might be appropreiete if I should even open my own business or not? And what might be a good place to start? Anyways.... I feel it would benefit us in the end. I have listened to my heart to in regards to the situation with my husband and everything tells me he aint going anywhere and we will have a happy family and I need to stop fearing he will leave me and my kids.... Ohhh ok so enough blogging for now i will write more when I get the results from the doctor!! Wish me luck!

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  • jenna29,

    You suggesting I open my own buisness as well? No.

    I want to but not sure what to do: just relax and let ideas come into your mind.

    read for us: you have to separate what your hearts want and what your heads say. And then follow your hearts and let your thoughts not hurt your hearts.

    what kind of business might go large? that kind of business that helps your relationship grow in love and understanding.

    Sol Greenberg was the only Jewish man in a small

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  • jenna29,

    thank you for your kind words.

    Why are most people afraid to drop the past and come to something or someone who could help peel away conditioning, so that unleashed energy can really change us and the world?

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