Your Thoughts and Feelings on Readings

  • Thoughts and emotions? I can respond I hope without offending true technicians of the craft. I envy at times the passion and knowledge some Tarot readers have. I think when it comes to using any form of cards or ruins etc the methods are personal as much as fixed as really they are just vehicals for spirit messages and fine tuned to each persons ability to hear. That is why so many people get confused when cards don't fit with an idea in their head because I have found that you really need to keep an open mind when interpeting cards and how they translate for you. I have used Tarot--different decks and everyone finds the one they like on their own I enjoy Tarot mayby twice a year for big picture but. I have for years now been using Doreen Virtue's Healing With The Fairies Oracles Cards for more frequent messages. These work best for me. At first I read the instructions--all the possible ways of drawing cards but in the end I found for me shuffling cutting untill spirit said stop and using the top card and the last card as my message has always been true to me. I think you can't get too hung up on process and above all else relaxing helps. I also found it is best not to overuse the cards but accept the message awhile before consulting again. You will probably hook up with a passionate Tarot buddy and learn a lot--there seems to be many here. Enjoy and above all TRUST!

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