Advice On Dating the leo man, In the early stages.

  • Im an aries /taurus cusp and I've been seeing an Leo man , our relationship is in its early stages I met him through a friend but we have not met face to face yet or went out on a date yet , but we talk on the phone and he has seen me and I have seen him via webcam . He does seem to be the dominating one in the relationship, He always stops talking to me for awhile whenever he doesnt get his way . He knows I hate being ignored , at first the relationship was rocky because he ignored me alot saying he was busy which he is but that was no excuse not to say Hi .But now he answers whenever I text , he even answered my text in the middle of a meeting at his job, which was great and I see he hits me up a little more He texted me one night while he was in his hot tub alone , I was shocked because thats highly unusual for him or anybody else to do that when they are taking leisure time for themselves. So I knew I was on his mind, and he told me he thinks he's in love with me. Which was also great but now he's acting a little bit distant, he's ignoring me again, I know he's been a little preoccupied because his brother is in the hospital, so im not sure if that may be the issue. So I've recently stopped texting him, I know he will text me back when a few weeks go by, Im thinking about ignore him back like he did me . How can I keep him interested and get him to call me more , and to stop ignoring me when he feels like it ???

  • beautasia,

    Sounds like a great couple, i love leos also!

    Leos are great friends and lovers and reward people

    with thier loyalty, as long as you give him lots of attention

    affection and loyalty he'll love you forever and protect you greatly

    these guys can be pretty dominant Yes their real leaders

    and can take up alot of slack so let him take lead at times he

    means no harm he just wants to be the lion in the jungle and

    you can be his lioness lol, and by the way when Leos are goin

    through something rough they can become very distant and cold

    and not even tell you about it, chances are their taking it hard just support him

    eventually he will snap back and love you even more but remeber not to give

    up just because he's having a rough week or month.

  • beautasia,

    I'm in a relationship with a Leo, and I'm an pisces/aries cusp, so at first, yeah, it was very difficult, I was very reluctant, but he was very sweet and we clicked immediately, talking all the time. We're great friends as well as lovers, and I have learned to let him take the reins, although from time to time, My aries attitude and stubbornness gets the better of me, and I overdo it. He is very sweet and a typical leo...he ignores my outbursts as if mere flies in his face. Eventually, I get back to realizing who's in charge and we're back to being happy and yes, he's very loyal. I tell him many times I don't deserve him...yes, like the leo he is, he blushes and eats it up! : )

  • thanks ya'll

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