May I have a tarot reading from anybody please?

  • A tarot reading on my current situations, on my love life, and my future..

    thanks in advance.


  • Hmm U are asking A general one or a specific one?? If u don mind me to try out.. 😃

  • Of course I don't mind for you to try it out.


    Well a general reading would be fine.

    But if it's possible I would like different readings on (1) how my life is going at the moment/current situations with myself and people, (2) where my love life is going, and (3) where my future is going..

    Here's information about myself if you need it or if it would help the readings;

    D.O.B. February 19th, 1994

    Born in Memphis, Tennessee

    Born 11:14 AM

    Currently living in Pensacola, Florida


    joy and happiness to you.

  • if in that case I try to compile everything in one if not I will make it in three section for u.. haha don worry pisces I just need the information of wat U need to ask.. O.< well good for me to train my intuition too.. will get back to u soon.. 😃

  • Mikyo could you do one for me as well in regard to romance.

    It has been 18 months since I have been in a relationship.

    Was wondering if you see me reconnecting with my EX??

    April 21,1973//2:05 A.M. Manhattan,New York

    I now live in the MidWest.

  • Ok Pilot007 I will create another tread for ur reply.. 😃

  • 1. Self-Undoing

    nine of swords reverse - It might be there is a incident that is over recently but U seems not to get over it.. U getting over depress for the incident even though it already pass..

    2. Recent Past

    The chariot upright - Your recent past might have deal with struggling in conflict situation.. U need to have a calm mind to think wat makes u to struggle, and stay focus on the things that U could handle..

    3. Roots

    Page Of Wand reverse - from the previous one I said u are struggling so within this struggling U have bad news on situation and everything u do but I personally feel that in some ways U could manage to learn from it although U are having difficultites with it.. ppl may have been comment bad things about u, and ppl might have misuse your trust..

    4. Higher Power

    Page of swords reverse - this card represent your inner self.. apart from wat other ppl sees u, but u inner self tend to be more of a shady person and a clever ones.. perhaps your actual person may be too kind and have the chances of let ppl to bully u.. U just don wish to show ppl actually there is alot of things that they don know.. maybe u could remain as wat u are at the same time u can use your inner self to protect yourself..

    5. Self

    The high Priestess reverse - this card represent yourself why u seek guidance and your present environment condition.. Listen to your subconscious and feelings a bit more they may tells u the things that U never thought of.. In your current environment u might say this is wat i loking for but does your heart actually wants that?

    6. Situation:

    The tower upright - When the tower is being stuck and it falls quickly.. everything in life will start to change from now on.. it is just like life.. one of the element is missing ur life gonna have a dramatic changes.. these changes will help to learn important truth about yourself..

    7. Far Future

    The empress uprght - ok let see what would the outcome of wat u have done.. U does put in alot of effort, caring and hardworking.. although there is alot of unpleasant stuff happening around u but it seems that all hardship wil be paid off.. intially U will success in wat u do.. 😃

    8. Near Future

    Five Of Cups reverse - the direction that the flow of your life wants to go and can indicate whether you are going with the flow or against the a good way your emotional pain is over.. You start to recover from wat have hurt u.. but there is bad points too.. while recovering U may start to beware of ppl behaviour and use the past situation as your experience.. still one matters to one matters.. not everyone is like that..

    9. The Lesson

    five of pentacles upright - indicates ways to learn and grow from your choices and experiences. U need to learn to accept things that u couldn't change and move on.. sometime we do need to be soft a bit.. even U may won the battles but does it worth it?

    10. Best Course of Action

    nine of pentacles reverse - ok in this position although it is not really an advise card but it shows the thing that U gonna learn.. If u are suffering from you poor choices that u made, have U ever thought of wat u can do before the situation goes worst? U may have problems in many aspects but slow down a while, there is always a solution to your problems, If u analyse carefully U will know what I does.. regardless of your financial or your love life.. it is the ways how u gonna handle it..

    I hope I am clear to your answer.. this spread I took it from a website and might thought this ould answer your question.. If i am way off U can tell me and hope to hear from your comment soon.. this is just a general reading for u.. 😃 Mikyo

  • Mikyo. Me to please if you don't mind . 31st January 1953 . A love reading would be nice if noe a general one will do , so kind of you to offer your skills . thank you in advance

  • Sorry 7 am . Co Monaghan . Southern Ireland .

  • Hi Mikyo If you are online tonight I am looking forward to your reading.

  • Mikyo, thank you very much for the general reading you did for me.

    It was good. The situations you described was dead on for the most part.

  • i see.. but don give up ok? 😃

  • I wont.

    : )

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