To:TheCaptain, my last trie for help

  • hello!

    I´ve been trying to get some help from you but I will trie this time aswell and then no more. But I do really need it since everyone here always say´s good things about you.

    I was hoping that you could give me clear and straight answers on these questions:

    Is Bill the one I will spend the rest of my life with or is it Tom?(They are both real people)

    When, how and where will we meet and what should I do to make it happen?

    What answer is it that lies in my past that has something to do with the one?

    Will I have a fulltime job after my education to become a makeup artist has ended and then move to Hamburg?

    All three of us are born 1989 but I´m 11th of august and they are 1st of september

    I´d be very grateful for your help since I´ve read your previous posts and I really liked the way you replied on them. I need straight answers so please, don´t ignore me.

  • I don't understand your first three questions. It sounds like you know of these men but don't actually know them in person.

    But I received theis message for you - You really have no idea of what sort of person will make you happy. You are not in touch with your real self and only go by surface impressions with other people. You need to look into yourself more deeply as well as others. Look beyond their outside to their inner selves. Then you will see if they are a good match for you or not. But first you must get to know yourself better so that you can tune in to your real hopes and desires.

    Yes I feel you will get a job but it may be more part time than fulltime (however the pay should be good). I feel you will move around a lot with it, like in a makeup artist on a film or modelling location.

  • Also I feel you are being called to make a choice - career or relationship? I feel you can have a brilliant career with lots of travel and meeting new people if you devote yourself to it entirely. If you get sidetracked and focus on relationships more, you will have a much more ordinary life and may even end up with a person who is not really right for you and feel frustrated and unsatisfied by your less exciting life. In other words, decide what you really want most at the moment.

  • Hello!

    I really want a career at the same time as a I really want one of these guys to be the one, can you just say: Is Bill or Tom the one I will spend my life with? A simple yes or no would be gréat

  • You cannot have both a career with travel involved AND a deep love relationship. You must decide which activity to devote yourself to. And I don't feel that either of these men is exactly right for you. Neither of them will be a longterm relationship for you. You are more likely to meet a compatible partner through your work and travel.

    Ultimately you will find Bill dull and Tom dangerous. You don't need a partner to have a fulfilling life. I would go with the career for now but it's really up to you.

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