Pregnant with ex's baby...wondering about future

  • Hello I am 22 and pregnant with my ex's baby 14 weeks along. We were together for 11 months and we broke up at the end of January. We do not speak text email or see each other nothing. This was his choice. I left where I was staying with him wanting not to be in a bad relationahip anymore but still be civil for the baby. He decided not to talk to me anymore and I have heard but not confirmed that he got involved with someone else shortly after I left. Just wanted to give some background on the story. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking we will get back together as I still have some feelings for him but he has shown me he doesn't feel the same way. So my questions are not to do with me wanting him back, I am wondering if he will be around at all in our child's life.

  • Heavenlyflower

    congratulations! What a gift--the spirit inside you is a very old wise soul and will bring you much healing. The man in question would hold you back right now as you are growing past him. He will have a growing period as well and in the future there will be a time of being more in sinc. This baby has come to speed up your progress--get you back on path. Your ex has a lack of direction--he learns things the hard way--must learn by expierience--you are much better at knowing and believing it and are more cautious. Although there will always be an attachment to this man it will change and you will see him differently and understand him better.You will always wonder what you see in him because the attraction is more karma than logic. You will have very guided dreams the next six months and should trust their wisdom. Blessings

  • Thank you!

  • blmoon -

    I have begun to have those dreams! And I have done a lot of soul searching about me and my ex's relationship, and myself. I am so pleased to know that my baby is an old soul, I have always thought of myself as one too. I have always felt older than my years. I always felt from the day I found out I was pregnant that there was an important purpose involved, regardless of what other people may have thought. I feel everything you have said is correct! I see now that my ex was holding me back in some ways and I was allowing him to. I needed a "push" to help me move forward in my life, to remember my goals and focus on myself (and my little one-to-be), and not expend all my energy on trying to make a relationship work. (Emotionally exhausting when you feel you are the only one doing any work!) I see things now in my ex that I didn't see when we were together because I had let my emotions cloud my thoughts. Mainly I see the lack of responsibility and maturity. I also feel that he has deep emotional wounds, maybe he has abandonment issues which wouldn't surprise me considering what I know of his life. I think he is one of those people who needs to be in a relationship at all times because the thought of being alone scares him. Since we have separated I have sensed a lot of hurt in him that I was not fully aware of before.

    I have been wondering about me and my ex's karmic connection...I have been thinking about that a lot lately because I have had others tell me as well that him and I have karmic/past life connections. I believe it and I would like to know if you can tell me any details, as to when in the past, what our interactions were and the effects from them...if you have anything to share on that or you know someone who might, that would be awesome. I would love love love to participate in past life regression therapy, but being a single mom to be i'm on a tight budget and I don't think that would be practical right now...hope I can sometime in the future though. For now this is an invaluable resource for me and I very much appreciate your time.

    Thank you again!!!

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