• I'm Thankful for many things from my being able to wake up and get out of my bed to my ability to create things with my hands. I'm a crafter and struggling to rebuild a thriving craft business I once had. I know things are tough all over and many will go without this year, but hopefully some of my creations will help bring a smile on many faces. I've drastically reduced prices so that anyone can afford a gift for a child or loved one this year. I feel we all need to keep in mind that we should never take anything for granted, that we should always be thankful for anything and everything we now have, whether it's material or spiritual. Learning to do without is a tough lesson, but in the long run, we can be better off than we once were with all that we had. We only need to learn to use the talents we were given and be grateful for those talents for they just may help another in need and it is only then when you will feel truly blessed and grateful for all that you have.

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