Learn To Let Go Of Worries

  • Hello Friends. Hope All Are Good.

    Ive Been Wanting to do this thread for a while,

    recently someone inspired me the other day

    as i was talking with them..& this person told me


    Why? because worrying is a SIN, Yes were all SINNERS

    and constantly praying means YOUR DOUBTING GOD AND YOUR FAITH.

    as I tell people all the time along with myself, nothing last FOREVER

    your having a bad day ? someones hurt you ? your worried ? no money ?

    Faith will take you along ways, everything is built on Faith and Believe

    what you believe you will HAPPEN you will ATTRACT, careful what you believe and worry about .

    Everyone comes here to find Clarity in their everyday live's

    wheather its a Boyfriend, Husband, Family, Friend, Or Money ect.

    We are all worrying about something or someone,

    So what i want you to do is if your worrying about something

    write it here on this thread and AFTER TODAY, dont worry about it again,

    EXPECT for it too be handled wheather it be by God or Faith

    Consider the Problem done, Let It Go all of your worries and you'll feel

    a pressure let off you, Because its Not your Battle Its Gods Battle, if you will let

    him take care of it.

    YOU can list anything such as family problems, money, boyfriend problems

    any worries.

    they may not go away today tomarrow, next week, next month but they will

    go away.


  • I'LL Be First.

    I worry of a "Lack of Money" i expect God will take care of this and me,

    and remove me from my worries Soon.

    I worry of "Loosing More Friends" I expect God has put and removed people

    in my life for different reasons, some people are'nt eesential to my life path.

    I worry of "Being Happy" i expect happiness is chosen and i expect

    not to be unhappy because of temporary setbacks.

    I worry of "My Career Path" I expect God will put me in the right places at the right time,

    I expect everything will happen On time, In time and With time with divine guidance.

  • Addictd---what an awesome idea. I will start. For the most part....I have moved to a place where I am happy and there are no worries but before I read this...literally seconds before I found this thread I have been obsessing about money. I pick up my severance check today and I need to make sure that my money works for me so that I can get thru school and not have to worry about bills for the next two years. So...I'm going to start with money. I give it up to God and my Angels today to help me place my money where it will do me the most good and help me support my family. I trust in God and my angels to guide me and place the money where it needs to be and I release all anxiety and worry over this task.

    Thank you for starting this thread. I may be back to place other worries to the side but for now...this is predominantly on my mind today to I'll start with this.

  • Woohoo girlfriend!

    I am joining in now!

    Life was great for me 6 months ago. I had everything a girl of my age would ever dreamed of. I did my part to the society, I did my share in helping those who are in needs. I believe in paying it forward. I felt so blessed and rich and I wanted others to feel the same too.

    Everything were taken away from me almost at once. Love, money and my brother. I am surprised I am still standing right now.

    So yeah, although I am staying positive now and I believe that better days are getting nearer and the wheel of fortune will be turning soon, I do WORRY.

    I WORRY if I am able to pay my bills this month.

    I WORRY if I will never meet my Taurass again.

    I WORRY if I have done enough for my late brother when he was alive.

    But I am taking charge of my life now, I am letting all these worries go...bit by bit...

  • AuntBuck

    Thanks So Much For Sharing Hunn.

    I EXPECT your worries will be taken care of, Consider it done.


  • Emergence

    Sounds The exact same coming from me! Except, i Runied

    it All, spent hundreds of dollars on material things, took Friends for

    Granted and made a fool of myself and till this day i feel guilty for it.

    On the other hand you actually were doing the right thing, Emergence

    EXPECT FOR YOU WORRIES TO GO AWAY, you have nothing to regret!

  • Thank hun 🙂

    I have nothing to lose now by placing all my hopes and faith to the universe.

    Like you said, I have nothing to regret! 🙂

  • Addicted - great idea, really I love it.

    Worries OMG is the thread long enough????

    I worry that my daughter will be harmed and separated from family by the person in her life. I put it in your hands Lord and I'm trusting that you will keep her safe and restore her common sense and that you will not allow this person to come between us as a family. I suppose part of that is my wish but I am counting on you so there I put it out there. Give us strength - unified strength.

    I worry that my daughters choices could bring harm or neglect to my grandchild. I trust you to protect her always and keep her safe from harm. May she never doubt the love of family. So keep my grandbaby safe and wise up my daughter how's that for short and sweet. I know the choices are not mine to make but I will hope for the best.

    I worry that I won't find a good full time job before my benefits run out. I place this in your hands to guide me to the position that is right for me and that will pay enough to provide for my needs and the needs of my family.

    I worry that I won't be able to afford a car and get back my independence in that right. I placed this in your hands long ago but I remind you that I will need your help to get back on the road again independently, within my means and fully protected.

    I worry that I will not be able to pay my bills or get the funds I need to move forward with my life. I ask you please to let money flow into my life, allow me the common sense and intelligence to find ways to make it grow or go far enough, to meet expenses and pay off debt and build a solid future financially. I ask you to take my worries about money away as they often drain too much energy and make me weak. I trust you will do that for me.

    I worry that I will suffer health issues before I have medical coverage to protect and provide for me. I ask you to strengthen my body, heal my body, help me to live a healthier life and become healthier each day. Protect me and my family from the devastation of a health issue that could disable me or disable us financially. Strengthen and heal my bones, my heart, my blood vessels and any other areas that may need attention to stay healthy. I give it up to you to help me turn it around and get protection of insurance coverage to manage issues that do not miraculously heal with your care. I have faith you will make it so.

    Not sure this is exactly what you mean but hoping for the best response possible and protection and guidance always.

    What a great idea -

  • Very good topic. BLESSINGS

    I seem to have a few worries to contend with at this time.

    I think for the moment I will just say thank you for starting this thread.


  • RCdreamer

    EXPECT your worries to be gone!

    God bless Hunn.

  • lovingsilverwings,

    EXPECT for your worries to be gone!

    Blessings to you hunn

  • addictdtoriches, blessings and thank you

  • addictdtoriches:

    Great thread, great place to leave my worries for the time being! I am sure everyone has worries. Here's mine:

    !. Worried about my health. Have small children, had a scare today, thought I had or was having a stroke, can't afford insurance even though I have a job.

    2. Worried about finances and making ends meet for me and my children.

    3. Getting older and worried about finding that great love in my life.

    4. Worried about career paths. I was a wife for so long, doing for others and not myself, am I choosing the correct path or must look further afield?

    5. Worried about my children: My two youngest have DownSyndrome, son is Autistic as well, worrying about their development and care for them if anything happens to me.

  • My "EMDR" councellor today stated I am on the verge of being classed as depressed. We have been working together sice before Christmas, with some progress. She stated I need to start taking action for things in my life.

    She is suggesting I be tested for chemical imbalances, before She recommends drugs, if we are to continue working together.

    Hopefully it does not come to meds.


  • sunshine7959,

    Expect Blessings Hunn!

    i am sending you light, strength and love through this process doll.


  • lovingsilverwings

    The most she should suggest is anti-depressant pills.

    i dont feel you need any meds, it will imbalance YOU, are to WHO YOU ARE

    you need to overcome this in your right mind.

    Blessings to you hunn. EXPECT BLESSINGS.

    im sending you strength through this.

  • addictdtoriches, again, blessings and thank you


  • Addictdtoriches

    Thank you , I appreciate you and will keep positive through all this.

  • no problem ladies

  • addicted,

    I worry about not getting the money that i am intitled too from my husband., my living situation here in panama, my son, will he find the right school to become a chef?

    I worry about being all alone, and i want god to help me see where i should be and help me and my son .

    I pray for my son and i everyday ,still no answers i do believe in being positive,, i feel as though i am carring around a shield darting all that is attacking me.i want to get rid of the shield and feel good again, i pray that god will help me with all my worries.

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