Can someone tell me about my birthday!

  • Birthday is on November 9th 1991 🙂

  • You have a 31/4 life purpose. You will have to overcome insecurity and self-doubt to develop the confidence necessary to follow a long and sometimes arduous process to reach your goals. Until then, you operate on hopes, wishes, and enthusiastic illusions.You are here to ground your energy and develop secure foundations, and must confront your tendencies toward instabilty and lack of commitment which runs counter to your life purpose. You mustn't skip any steps or take shortcuts on this lifepath. Only the willingness to pursue and persist in a gradual process will bring your highest creativity and expression to the fore. Whether your foundation rests on family, home, land, education or work, this foundation forms your stable base for expanding out into life. A safe, settled, orderly environment is essential for your success and it will amplify your impact many times over. Bursts of inspiration or spurts of energy do not substitiute for diligent work over time. The life you build depends on the preparations you make and the process you follow. Even the most overwhelming goal is easier when broken down into small steps.

    For 31/4s, strong creative drives, a confident outgoing persona, and a constant striving for success hides an underlying insecurity. You can be highly competitive because you feel you need to prove yourself to overcome your fear of not measuring up, of inferiority. Many 31/4s experience difficult family histories, entailing physical abuse or perhaps a childhood where you moved around a lot and never had a stable home life. Even if you came from a relatively stable household, you benefit from working through issues of animosity, resentment, misunderstanding, or other turmoil to rebuild your sense of stable foundation. You need to express all your emotions, including anger and resentment, before you can express your love. You don't have to agree with your parents but you need to bring any issues into the open and express your feelings, even if your parents are no longer around.

    You may experience a division between mind and emotions and need to integrate and blend your emotional intuition with mental clarity. By trusting your gut feelings, you will avoid confusion. Otherwise you tend to analyse everything to death. Your physical health is generally good but mental stress can compromise your immune system. Relaxation, meditation, dance, or anything that teaches you how to blend, flow, and accept rather than resist is useful. A balanced low-fat diet is best for you.

    In relationships, your easy sociability attracts many friends and admirers. But you would be wise to acknowledge your vulnerability and insecurity rather than mask it. Your 31/4 issues lead you towards self-deception or denial so don't be afraid to show your sensitive side to those you trust and love. Part of you desires stability and security and commitment in your relationships above all but yet another part resists it. When you learn to see relationships as a process of ups and downs, entailing learning, maturation, and mutual support, you will come to appreciate them as a challenging form of spiritual training rather than the 'same old thing'.

    Due to your array of creative and expressive energies and your sound analytical abilities, you will find success in a variety of careers, often but not necessarily centred in some form of business, advising, or counselling in real estate or investments. However you also do well in fields as divergent as coaching, service to family, architecture, engineering, or any form of creative communication that supports people. Your practical creativity, developed over time, leads to the security you desire. If you're patient and thorough, one step leads to the next. But you must remember that 'overnight success' can take years - and many small steps - to achieve.

  • Thankyou very much and yes i think it is spot on 😄 Thankyou for the advice too 🙂

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