Shaken...Please help.

  • I will look for you but it seemsthat you could get more help from Littlelioness. This is her field as where the rest of us are clueless on even where to start. I will do what I can but go to where she told you to go. She will know where to look and, ask your attorney. They will usually try to get as much money for you cause that means more pay for them.

  • lol littlelioness,I thought as much and rightly so,with your knowledgeable replies...thank you for the website...and I'll take your advice for what it is...helpful advice and a step in the right direction.I appreciate the helping hand.


    I don't really know how one can tell a good attourney from a rotten apple but I am thinking the one I chose will do just that...try to obtain as much money as he can.I haven't really thought about that aspect of it.One step at a time,I say.See where it goes,so to speak.

  • Your welcome Blueyedervish. I'm always for the underdog or for those who take a stand for what is right & just. I wish for you the peace of mind that you deserve.


  • You can't tell at 1st but you will know. They will either not do much as in never finding anything, you won't hear from them for days at a time, and you will just get a feeling. They always come out with all these attorneys after I do my legal stuff. (like my acc, 411, and dis.) I didn't have much of a choice. Like right now, I have a case for the holes in my ground but no money or paperwork so it has been hard to find anyone. I can't travel too far and I am in Z-hills. This is the land of the newlywed and the nearly dead lol You though, will have much better luck. You have doccumentation. The people that are responsible for my situation, deny it and don't care if my kids get hurt or killed. The guy who did it was a friend of their families and killed himself about 2 mos. after. I have a burial site on my property so I don't know how much that had to do with it. I fixed most the holes in the front but there is one openeng up under my house. I have tons of pics. I have pics of a 4 ft. deep and 8ft. wide hole w/ tree stumps and concrete. I have pics of all the wood I pulled from my ground. The only thing I don't have, is the original contract for the house. I was charged for the clearing and removal but the guy just buried everything. I have every other piece of paper but conveniently, not that one. I was on Bay News 9 in '08. If I get a lawyer to help me, they said they would do a follow up story. That's all I got. Good luck and listen to yourself if you get a vibe.

  • Angelreader,sylvannah,littlelioness and auntbuck

    my update

    I took 2 weeks off from work,per my Dr,and was given a # to call for H.R. but actually turned out to be my insurance.The Dr perscribed anti anxiety meds for my panic attacks.I'm not one for pills but needed something and these were a low dose and did help somewhat though I only took them as needed.I'dbeen in contact w/ins regularly throughout this time. Found out on Fri that they didnt do W.Comp when this couuld have been stated 2 weeks ago.Yesterday,boss who'd been wanting me to return to work,gave me the correct info when I explained the sit.So,finally I got on the right track.Well,W.Comp called,did a recorded interview and at the end,he gave his opinion.Said W.Comp most likely won't cover my claim as it's not a physical injury.But that was only his opinion and he was leaving it up to the lawyer there to decide.Still,he was good to prepare me for what might not be in my favor.Don't know what will happen in the course of time.I'm thinking about a job change now that has nothing to do with retail.Feedback?.

  • blueyedervish,

    I would have thought your attorney would have initially referred you to a doctor who handled WC matters. You should consult with your attorney regarding outcome on damages. It may be true that psychological damage alone may be hard to prove without physical to go along with it. My intuition tells me that perhaps trying to prove it may cause more damage than good unless you're not seeing any improvement or the trauma has made other issues for you.

    I understand your hesitation to go back to work at the convenience store but I would think with your experience you could easily get a cashier job in a much safer environment such as grocery, hardware or other retail. At bigger company, if you show the desire & initiative, you might be able to work your way up quickly. I know jobs are hard to find right now but don't let that discourage you. Without qualifications, it won't be any easier finding something else. Of course, you can always go back to school & you may be able to get financial assistance.

    Wish I could help more but it's best to talk to your attorney regarding all your legal questions or convos you had with WC & any questions regarding meds or treatment with your doctor. Stay positive & active.


  • Great advice Littleone!! So unfortunate, don't know what I would do if I was ever held at gunpoint... knowing the aries in me and my semi- jiu jitsu training, I would've probably gone ballistic on them 😞 So sorry to hear, hope you can get through this Blueyedervish. it's a wonderful effort on your part to talk to someone trained about this experience

  • Littlelioness

    Just being here to give your support and encouragement is a blessing to me.Thank you for that.My attourney is waiting to see what action WC would take,if any,on this case.I don't know how things will go,only that I do not feel WC,nor 7-11, will take care of me and am not as disheartened today,as I was yesterday when the adjustor gave his opinion..

    It will more or less depend on my attourneys findings in the corporation's policies and if mngt was negligent.I haven't lost by trying.Rather I've gained a very valuable lesson regardless of the legalities and will seek employment in a safer environment,as you mentioned.

    Blessings and Big Hugs to you

  • Almondee

    Welcome to our thread.I know exactly what you mean.Had 7-11 no policy concerning the "Do nothing" in a robbery,I would have gotten myself into a heap of trouble because I've never been one to just stand there and take whatever was being dished out to me.And the end result would not have been the same.I've a tendency not to back down when it comes to my own territory.However,for 7-11,the policies do exist and this instance,common sense prevailed.It was the overwhelming feeling of helplessness,that same helplessness I experienced as a child unable to protect myself from abuse,which put me in distress.Thus I say my personal power was taken from me in adhering to policy.Though I was a victim of circumstance,had I reacted differently,I would have lost my job,even if I'd saved the day.Mighty Mouse would have pretzelated those 2 thugs!He always was my hero.You all(who have joined me here) are too!

    Blessings and Hugs

  • Good Day all.Here's the latest update.

    After weeks of miscommunications,stalls and general irritations,A WC adjuster called me and gave me an interview over the phone.After it's completion,he tolld me WC would most likely deny my claim but that he had to present it to the attourney and it would be up to that attourney to decide the outcome.

    This week,I recieved my denial letter.I also recieved a call from a lawyers para legal whostated that because WC denied my claim,7-11 hired this office to take over their case as it was experienced in Robberies.

    I immediately got red flags.The para legal wanted me to sign some release papers so they could view my medical records.My first thought was...Now why would 7-11 hire a firm after I was denied a claim?And as for my records?No,Hell No!However,I agreed to allow the paralegal to send said forms so that I could verify the firms credentials.I won't sign anything unless my attourney tells me.

    Today,I visited my attourney and was justified in what I thought.7-11 has no interest in it's employees.This is business.So...the battle lines are to be drawn and 7-11 will be notified (via my legal firm)that they have a responsability to this employee.

    I am searching for another job which has less hazardous elements involved as I can not work in this environment any longer.

  • Blueyedervish,

    You did the right thing by not signing anything without checking with your attorney first. I'm glad you are looking for a safer work environment. It is probably wise to keep your current job while you look for another. It always looks better to a perspective employer to see that you are currently employed. I'm hoping for a positive outcome for you.


  • Thank you littlelioness.I an grateful for your input and will keep you posted as developements unfold.


  • Well my friends

    I put in my 2 week notice and am working my last days at 7-11.I have not gotten over the April incident and while I had hoped to wait until I had another job to go to,I couldn't take the stress and anxiety of working in that position any longer.It's sad that I feel i can mo longer trust people.I have tried these many months to find a way to do just that.However,every time a customer comes in who fits that mo,i freak not to mention that i couldn't sleep but 2 hrs a day,Imy boss was constantly rubbing in my failure with WC and how easily she could get on it for whatever reason, have put on stress weight and have lost focus on my job.So this is it.I will not work for a company who values theirn good employees so little.they should have done more and didnt step up to the plate or back me 100% as they should have.It isn't fair.I will keep you posted on the legal outcome.Hugs

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear blueyedervish Didn't know why I was guided to read this forum til I read through it!

    You are experiencing what we now refer to as PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. When we are attacked or go through a traumatic event--there are many many things that happen & while I am not a doctor--and don't practice medicine--I spent many years in the counseling professions, & have also been through "the system" myself. Injuries, insurance, WC & lawyers.

    #1--SOLUTIONS to help you "get through" the freak out: Hypnotherapy and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which are very related can both help you "get over" or "through" that far better & faster than any psychiatrist. MOST don't realize this: a psychiatrist is an MD who's been thru 4 years of pre-med, 4 years of med school (trained in how to manage symptoms with drugs & then slice-dice-radiate when shutting off & ignoring the signals the symptoms are giving that we need to put our bodies back in balance has created enough damage.) Then they do a residency & learn some about human behavior--but they are pharmaceutically trained as are all MD's in the last 40 years.

    You may be interested to know that even the head of the oldest & most well-known drug treatment center in the country--a psychiatrist himself--says that all the "anti" drugs are a good initial treatment--to make the anxiety or depression "bearable" for the first 2 months or so--but are LESS effective over a course of months than TALK THERAPY is. A psychiatrist--being an MD--can prescribe drugs & that's how most of them work. A psychologist (PhD Doctor) who's been through 8 years of schooling has whatever they focused on as an undergrad then 4 years of human behavior study can't do that--but can help you far better through talk therapy & other techniques. A support group of people who've been attacked may be very helpful to you too. That having been said.

    #2--You have 2 separate but parallel issues: taking care of your SELF (hypnosis & NLP can both help you reprogram your nervous system which has had a big shock & the freaking out is your nervous system response which makes you own body's biochemistry go into fight or flight--lot of physiological changes!)

    And taking care of your self LEGALLY, which is a whole different ball game.

    Yes--a lawyer will go for the most money they can get. This is not a bad thing--as you will get your % of that money. If you don't know of anyone who's gone through this successully--ask around. SOMEONE you know will know of someone who won a case like this. You may find more than a few. If you don't feel comfortable with your lawyer--find another. You may have to go through a few or you may be lucky enough to feel Ok with yours. Your lawyer is NOT your friend--they are a legal rep with a job to do. If they are doing that job for you well--good. You don't have to LIKE them personally--you have to feel like you can trust them to be on the job. Your FRIENDS are who you need to like and turn to for emotional support.

    The very sad thing about the our systems--whether WC or disability or anything--especially insurance-- work: WE think they're supposed to take care of us when bad things happen.

    They don't unless we fight & are persistent.

    FIRST--there's a denial, often several denials. THEN we have to get an attorney to represent us. Remember--1/3 of our government is the judicial or legal branch--because people are unruly and don't do the right thing unless they have to by law. Our founding fathers knew this when they set our govt up this way! A lawyer who takes a case on contingency"--ie-works for free until they win your case and take their %--won't take a case they can't win.

    ALL the systems work first to DENY you what they're supposed to provide you with when you need it. Disability tends to deny the first 1-3 applications to "weed out" those who "really don't need it." Don't get me started on THAT! Be persistent. Having a lawyer on it is good--THEY can be persistent while YOU take care of yourself.

    #3-a--Your double-edged sword: I share my experience. When I had to take a legal rep on--at the first interview--I was supposed to bring "all my prescriptions." I didn't have any--I go holistic. The rep looked at me & said: "I'm only going to say this once. Take all the prescriptions the Dr's give you. What you do with them is between you & your maker. But not a judge in the world will believe you have anything wrong & are suffering if you don't have them."

    I told my GF--going thru something big-preferring to treat holistically too but needing her benefits--& she said That's very true--I just throw mine down the toilet each time I'm supposed to take one--so I know when it's time to refill." I don't recommend this--that's why our water is so polluted with pharma. But that's the advice I got--& it is true--our systems are geared that you need to show that you are really bad off and "need" all these prescription drugs.

    the "b" part of your double edged sword is this:

    you WANT to get better as fast as you can. NLP & hypnosis can help you do this in good time! But the legal system moves way slow--so take notes NOW on what you are going through--physically, emotionally, mentally etc--lack of sleep etc. Refer to them each time you need to talk to ANYONE involved in "your case." Not only will the writing help you process, understand & shake it off--but you'll have notes to remind you. THAT is what you tell the psych counsellors & the lawyers & every one else--except for trusted friends--you are going through, still going through, and how upsetting & terrible & debilitating it is for you--until the legal & the "systems" processes are through & you have what is right, fair, & you need to take care of yourSELF for what you horribly went through. It sounds like an ugly game to play--& I understand your dislike of turning to a co-worker who "knows how to play the system." Many who do know that don't really need the help but get it. Many who don't know that and REALLY need the help don't because it's set up to DENY DENY DENY until a persistent person (or their legal rep) MAKES the system come through.

    But only be in that place when you NEED to be--and the rest of the time--focus on strengthening & HEALING YOURSELF. Reiki can be very very good for you too!

    On the metaphysical side: the WHY this happened to you? You will eventually "know" don't stress or obsess--stay open to your higher self--but focus on HEALING right now.

    All I can say there--is nothing happens without a reason & sometimes these big things happen to WAKE US UP and/or MAKE us make a CHANGE we were resisting.

    Remember my beloved: "What doesn't kill you makes you STRONG."


    And just accept that our systems are flawed & you have to go through a lot of BS (or have a legal rep to go thru it for you--with your participation & co-operation) to get FAIRNESS.

    I send you much LOVE LIGHT & HEALING!

  • Thank you Rising Phoenix for your words of loving encouragement and advice,as for all of my friends who have helped me along the way.I had to take time away from everything and everyone in order to focus on targeting and obtaining my goals and apologise for not acknowledging any additional information as I see Rising Phoenix that your response actually completes this process for me and I am grateful for that.

    I ,after dealing with aggrevation of PTSD all these months,finally put in my 2 week notice with 7-11.Yes,I didn't have another job to go to yet I gladly relinquished my duties because I was losing my personal power very quickly.This was my life and I have a say in what and who stays or goes.That became paramount to any other issues I had.For once I believed in my own faith in my gut feelings on what to do. It galvanized me into action,so to speak.I knew everything was indeed working out as it should,as I kept getting little signs of what was to come.Almost as soon as I spontaneously put in my notice,it was like a power switch had been turned on and posative events fell into place.I felt as if a weight had been lifted.Suddenly,the mngr was under fire.Since I'd been at 7-11,the store consistently got high marks with the exception of the 2 weeks I had to take off,proof of my contribution to the work place.The

  • new regional mngr visited,heard what ocurred and demoted the mngr to asst mngr and transferred her out to another store.Meanwhile,the asst mngr got a store of her own.New mngmt came in and things happened.I stayed away once I finished my 2 wk notice.7-11's lawyer contacted me,we came to a minor settlement ,as my lawyer did indeed drop the case because he didnt think we could win it.I had to reappeal my claim with UE.It came through yesterday after the interview with the UE lawyer and my coworker who acted as my witness.I also have a substantial grant set asside with EU for retraining.It took a bit of time for all of this.It wasn't about the moneyHad that been the case I could have been set for a very long time.It was the principle.No employee should have gone through this due to the negligence of a manager.Now I am satisfied with the outcome.It won't prevent crime from occuring,but it will make it harder for the crime to follow through.7-11 was responsible and acknowledged as much.Policies are enforced for a reason and the DM and Mngr are liable for their decisions otherwise.I still have reoccurring PTSD but because I got the results I needed,it will be easier for me.Fair treatment brings balance to the situation.That's a start to the end for me.Thank you all so much for your insight and advice.I couldnt have dug my heels in for so long had it not been for your supportive and loving words which I'd returned to during theses last months.God bless you all.Hugz

  • I'm sorry you had to walk thru that but we learn so much by these experiences as you have. I was robbed at gunpoint once when I was a teller at a bank. Scary stuff. It did prompt the bank to get better camera surveillance. It was 30 years ago longtime ago, now you can't go anywhere w/o it! I trust you will find a healthier employment and your PTSD will subside as your trust in humanity grows.


  • Thank you Pfree.I know it will take some time which is exactly what I need.I have to work.Its integral to my sanity.So I am taking this time to look for a job I know will suit me.I never considered what ppeople go through with PSTD.Never.You can go days or weeks without an episode and that kind of lulls one into a false sense of wellness.Then something triggers an episode and you feel like you are right back at square one.All I can do is go day to day.Hugz.

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