Shaken...Please help.

  • I ve worked at this convenience store for some time now and yesterday,was robbed at gunpoint by two young thugs.I am very shaken up by this and know that I have to locate a psychologist to help me.My confidence has bottomed out and I,being normally a strong person,don't know if I can cope as my emotions are just churning just beneathe the surface and I feel like I could explode at any given moment.This could have been prevented had the current manager listened to me concerning my and my coworkers safety in working alone at night..She has consistently exhibited a careless attitude and selfishness in these maters.I have always advocated for others.fighting for their rights,insuring their fair treatment and if any,remuneration.I want legal process.Can anybody tell me if I am on the right track and will this be a successful outcome in achieving my goals legally as well as a monetary settlement?

  • Blue,

    This is not legal advice and I do I want to encourage litigation. If you work in the US, you may already be aware that there are state laws that cover LATE NIGHT security measures in convenience stores. Workers Comp Posting Notices are posted in all stores for employees. These laws vary state to state. Some require 2 people on shift or security guard if only 1, a secured safety enclosure w/ bullet proof pass through window, among others. You may want to speak to a workers comp attorney. You should be able to get an initial free consult.

    I'm sorry for your trauma and I hope that there will be a positive outcome for you and your efforts.

  • Thank you so much littlelioness.I appreciate your input.I will refresh my info on the Worker's Comp sheet as it is posted on the wall in our stoch area.Until now,I did not even consider the source as I have been so distressed.Thank you again for your kind words and your reply.

  • Dea Blueyedervish,

    I wanted to also express my prayers to you across the airwaves for what you went through. Nothing prepares you for these things in life...and considering the circumstances, you are actually much stronger than you give yourself credit for. Also, a thought just popped in, that through the workers' comp program as well, they would cover "claims" including medical claims which to me means counseling and therapy expenses as well. When I was an Employer, if someone was injured on the job, you had to state to the physician (for claim purposes) that it was attributable to an injury on the job. Then I believe you had to call and file a claim with Workers Comp. I'm sure you can call your State's Dept of Labor and ask them. If there is any violation, they take your claim back to the Employer to address it on your behalf.

    On an angel front, I know you are shaken and the idea of angels being able to help are probably remote at best...but know that they are with you...they couldn't prevent the event from happening because of the free will of the thugs involved...but you have your life and for all the trauma...that is the most precious gift you still have. Give yourself a big hug...and love yourself for keeping your wits about you, knowing what to do even though fear gripped your every cell, and know you can call on your angels any time you need courage.

    I've learned, and your incident just reinforces it to me, to call on Archangel Michael any time you are in peril or harm's way. It could be in any case you feel frightened. The more you practice, the easier it is to have your angels be your first call out for help...rather than our instincts which is to think how we can solve it ourselves. You are blessed with life. You are blessed with your wonderful gifts and talents. And are here today to keep blessing the world...with yourself.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Bluevedervish- I used to work midnights at a convenience store before all the new laws so I had to work overnight, by myself, and in a very secluded store. We were the only building w/in a block or 2. You are here telling us about it. Shaken is better than shot! You had your angels with you and you should feel very blessed right now. I would definately look into sueing her before somebody does get seriously hurt, She is definately selfish and she can cause she is not the one working it so what does she care. Just remember, what goes around, comes around. Kharma will bite her on the butt threefold one day so don't worry. God will take care of it and you should feel very blessed. Things could have turned out a whole different way. You were up against 2 guys w/ guns and you are here, talking about it. You can't change the fact that it happened but you can change things to where it won't happen again and you can teach your experience to others.Other people can learn from your experience and now you are that much stronger. Don't look at it as a negative thing, look at all the positive that came from it and that still will come from it.I've been in your position and didn't have a legaL LEG TO STAND ON. i WAS ONLY 20 when I did it. Me and my son were living in a homeless shelter and this job was going to get us a place. I think minimum wage was $5. something then.The only thing I had going for me was that I was in Carrollwood. So, thank your angels for being with you and stand w/ your head up high. You now have a good story to tell your grandkids. lol

  • Dear Angelreader

    Thank you for your gentle words.My angel was with me,I know.I did not stick to my normal routine that night,having taken care of tasks with a sense of urgency that I normally didn't feel.Nor did I handle duties that took me to the back room but,kept me in front.Otherwise,I would have missed the thug who came in,scoping the store before joining his comrade.Big red flags there.Which allowed me to take some extra precautionary measures which I may not have had an opportunity to do.Law Enforcement ,normally came in to spend time in my store,were 2 streets away .My asst manager who lives almost 60 miles away and travels that distance daily,happened to be staying at a relatives house,not 5 miles from the store.Our alarm,when activated,knocks out the phone.I never carried my cell phone with me(usually left it in my car),but this night I had it in my smock pocket and used it to call 911.So yes,little things made a big difference in the outcome.I have a blessed life,not to be taken for granted.Rather,I see myself as an intrument being used in lessons for others,albeit unwittingly.God loves a good joke but fails to let me in on the punchline until much later.I'll be laughing about this one day.Today is not that day but it will come.

  • Dear sylvannah

    Thank you for your encourageing words.I feel for what occurred with you so long ago.Here too,my store is isolated and more so at night,because ours is the only 24 hr store open for miles around.A boon and a bane at the same time.Thus LE normally takes their breaks here at any given hour,sometimes several visits a night as they know I was alone.

    I believe you are right in that the boss must take responsability for her decisions concerning our safety.For reasons only HE knows,I have been placed in this situation.Perhaps,this is as much about learning what strengths I have been unaware of,using my gifts,and learning to forgive or do what I believe must take place,without malice.I am angry and some good has to come of this for the benefit of all.I have been blessed.The out pouring of friends since this incident became News,has be astronomical!I wish my boss no ill.She has become ensnared in her own web.It will be as it should be and she will have to live with the outcome,regardless.I know this to be true as I too,had lessons to learn about taking responsability for my own actions at one time.Karma is inevitable.

  • Is the store individually owned or owned by a chain? You are very lucky and I think the fact that you didn't follow your normal routine shows that you had a feeling about something coming up. Everything happens for a reason....even if we can't see it right away. Blessings to you and may you find the comfort you need right now.

  • Back when I worked at the convenience store, I had a female boss that was less than pleasant too. She fired me 3 times. But none were valid reasons. I just left after the 3rd one because I didn't want to deal with all that. I think that everyone shoud refuse to work overnight so she would have to. Then she can truly see what it is like. She can't fire everyone. lol Either way, you learned a valuable lesson and you know what to do if you are ever faced with that situation again. (or at least now know how to avoid the whole thing) She should never ask you to work the overnight shift again, But if she is anything like the boss that I had, she will. Then you can sue her ass offf. Threaten her w/ legal action. That might make her think a litttle bit. I don't know exactly how old she is.Anyway, I wish you lots of luck in whatever your decision is and if I can help, just let me know.I really don't know all the laws now concerning all that as they are different now nut I do believe, it is illegal to have just one person at night. I would go ahead and look into it legally. Might turn out to be good for everyone involvbed. Just curious, did they catch the guys that did this?

  • Dear Blue,

    Absolutely your angels are with you and were that night. It's that little voice that says to tuck in your cell phone when you don't normally, or you see something else to do that you weren't planning on doing, etc. Seconds add up to minutes. And in your case, as Sylvannah said as well, you have your life.

    Another way to look at wasn't time for you to go. Your angels can intervene in life threatening situations...and that is exactly what you were in the midst of. You don't have to ask them to help...they just do. You will never know everything they were doing behind the scenes...but your contributions were your following their guidance from your end...even though you hadn't a clue that is what you were doing.

    The legal side of things and the company side of things are the facts of life so to speak. It will all evolve and manifest in to the way things were meant to. But your life...that is Divine justice there. I call it Universal justice. You are meant to do great things on this earth. Now you have an angel story (actually quite a few that all streamed into one!) to remember for the rest of your life...and share.

    Minutes and seconds are ways your angels intervene in your life. You are driving and get yet another red light. What is going on? Then an accident happens up ahead of you. That is what was going on. Your angels stopping you from getting in that accident. Too many of life's instances are seconds away from something horrific or catastrophic or just plain bad luck happening. Coincidences? All of them? I think not.

    Angel blessings to you...always.


  • Thank you all,angelreader,sylvannah,auntbuck and littelioness for your insight and loving concern. I have taken steps in procurring legal aide as well as psychiatric involvement .I don't know how this will go in the long run, as I've never had to deal with the remunerations of these circumstances but I will do what needs to be done. AuntBuck, 7-11 consists both of corperate and franchised stores, however I believe ours is now owned by a chinaman. The policies for 7-11 haven't changed very much during the past 15 years so it is somewhat frustrating when a company modifies a longstanding policy to accomodate the fluctuations of our economy. All I know is no consideration was given concerning the deficiencies of our store, when the changes were enforced.

    On a personal level, having been a cashier for over 30 yrs now, I no longer feel joyful in serving my customers.I know this is a temporary effect and hope one day that I will recapture that enthusiasm .My preoccupation is how to prevent this same situation for reoccurring in future.There is no way one can prevent a crime from happening. Every possible protection should be enforced however and since the opportunity has presented itself, I feel it needs to start with me.Not because I was robbed but because someone dropped the ball thinking it was worth the risk to do so.I'm angry.I don't want to be... And the only way I feel I can work through it is to have positive benefits come from my experience,to help others. Here's to blazing trails!

  • Hi again blueyedervish- I was a cashier for 23 years. I worked at 7-11 18 years ago. I worked alone at first but I do believe it was a policy to have 2 people on overnights. I also believe it is a state law so your boss, broke several things. I wish you luck and if you need to talk, I'm here. I know what it's like, though it was 18 tears ago lol

  • Dear sylvannah,

    I felt that you worked at 7-11.your story parrelleled my own and I'd like to know why you said you didn't have a leg to stand on?What steps did you take?My biggest worry is that this will set me back.I don't have much faith in the system,nor am I one to just let things go.I have a problem with trusting other people to control that which I can not legally or morally,therefore this is all new to me.I know you understand how I feel about cashiering over a long period of time ,only to have events change that.I took pride in what I did.Loved the customers.I loved my job even if I didnt agree with the management.I'm at a loss now because the ideal is corrupt I suppose.

  • When I started, it was legal to only have one cashier at night, thus no leg. I had a few beer and cig runs but luckily, no armed nothing. I passed a seeling to minors thing and the guy was going to be 21 at midnight. So I did a good job 🙂 You might need to look beyond legal aid. You might have to make a few calls but you will find a lawyer that will take you pro-bono Legal aid isn't really good, you need an attorney that can actually accomplish something and will find everything (no matter how little) to help you. You will win. Your boss at least broke the law by having you work by yourself overnight. Never trust the system. They think they know everything when they actually know nothing. And they have a God complex because they can ruin your life with just a word. My boss fired me 3 times, once for stealing Payback points, the 2nd time, for not putting stuff on my list, and the 3rd time, was for cigs. I just left after that. I was tired of fighting with her. It started over the fact she wanted me to do deli and I didn't want to. I hate working with food. I had to work deli when I worked at Split Second but you couldn't be in management unless you had a college degree. And it didn't matter what the degree was in. But when the manager was on vacation, I was the one in charge. I was a glorified CSA w/out pay or title but I had all the responsability. Things are so different now than they were 18 years ago. I can't tell you too much except I know they made it a law that 2 people work overnights while I was working there so you know that has been a law for 17+ years, I don't even think they still have payback points. I remember my oldest son was about 1-2 yrs. old and for 6 mos., I worked overnights only getting my sons naptime for sleep. I fell asleep on the counter and the bread guy had to wake me up to check him out lol, then later that morning, there was a meeting. I tried to stay awake during it but I couldn't. They at least understood and didn't hold it against me. I don't know what the 7-11 policies are now but I am sure most are different. But either way, by federal law, you should not have been by yourself overnight. Look up all the laws concerning that before you talk to a lawywer. That way you can't be pushed around due to lack of knowledge. I really don't know what all you are in for but you will win, in the end. Just don't give up.

  • Dear sylvanna,

    I too worked at 7-11 back in '94-'97 and one night ,was running late by only a few minutes for 3rd shif.When I arrived,a couple of kids were getting into their car and my co-worker,was standing at the end of the sales counter,whitefaced.He'd just been robbed....7-11 did have the " 2 people on or lock the doors "policy at that time.This had been my arguement with the manager for months because I knew what had happened before,and with the discinigration of our economy,crime was up.

    by saying that I aquired legal aide,i was referring to a lawyer.I should have clarified that.However,I haven't found anything regarding the state laws concerning enforced policies for overnight workers.Perhaps,if you know where I can look,as I've been to the WC website and had no luck or was too upset and simply missed it.

    Our boss is far more concerned with employee theft,than by shoplifters.I'm certain she has had good reason but her attitude (hostile)never changed,even when she knew all of her employees were honest,dependable and hard working.She never let up on the constant harping and micro managing.The asst mngr ,myself and one other coworker are all thats left of the original team.She has run every one else off.A paragon?or a dragon?(She's a gemini)Whichever,I have never come across anybody like this person.Still,I do like her spirit which is actually very warm,(perhaps a leo influence?)and I have had to draw the line between being a coworker and a simply doesn't blend well.

    Thank you for your encouraging words sylvannah.My biggest problem has been in procrastination with the legal end of this issue.I didn't take time off when the crime was committed because I didn't think it would affect me as much as it has.Plus,I take responsability seriously. I also have a high tolerance to pain so when I hurt my arm,I thought I simply wrenched the muscle or other and waited to see if it would go away on its own.That hasn't happened and I do need to get it looked at.But things like this,and still working in the same store after the fact,shouldn't be without explanation.Thus far,the DM has only offered help in getting the phone number for HR.He should have filled and filed a report.And should have had me sign a form for any upcoming WC claims because that very night,I did say I would need help in getting through this.

  • Dear Blue,

    The OSHA and worker comp laws vary state to state. Many states have adopted convenience security act laws. If you have an attorney he should be aware of the laws of your state and should be able to tell you if your store was in violation. It is true that in order to seek damages or compensation for your injuries you will have to show how you were injured. Your attorney should be giving you guidance in that regard as well. Also, there are many attorneys who will not charge for an initial consult & whose fees are only taken from the proceeds of any settlement that you receive.

    If you're not sure about the attorney you have (not getting answers) & have not retained him/her, you can always look for another. If the laws are blantantly irresponsible in your area perhaps a pro bono attorney would consider taking it on in order to change the law.

    Good luck,


  • I honestly don't know where to look for certain laws except the legal library. Littlelioness has a good idea though, check w/ OSHA. How old is your boss? Mine was in her mid-20s. And she acted it. My daughter is a Gemini. I actually see a connection. lol (attitude wise) I have never been robbed but I have had a gun in my face. Scarier I think. I wish you luck and I hope your arm is ok. I get bruises all over my body and I don't know where they came from. I only remember the ones that really hurt.So I can relate to having a high tolerance for pain. After I broke my back, everything else seems minor. What state are you in? Maybe I can help look for the laws. I'm on disability. So alot of times, I have a little time. I am busier now than I was when I worked. My last job was Wal-mart. I worked there for 4 1/2 years. Funny thing, that was the only place I applied at when I moved here. They should have fired me years before they did. I was only there for 2 weeks when I had my accident. I was out for 5 mos. and went from 40 hrs. to 16 hrs. and lots of limitations. But, they held my job for me. They new I was good at my job. I was quick and a very good people person. (which apparently is hard to find) Let me know if you need any help with anything.

  • Dear sylvanna

    My boss will be 60, going on isn't a bad person,just really really self involved .I live in North Carolina and yes,if you could research,I would be so grateful.I have a friend/ex-coworker who just loves to play with Workman's comp.I don't see or talk to her very often as I have always been against her work ethics and some of her values.I would much rather just continue on working to get through my fears etc,if it wasn't for the fact that this store(mngmt) needs a lesson.

  • Again thank you littlelioness.You seem quite knowlegeable concerning this subject....may I ask your occupation?Administrative,perhaps?

  • Hi Blue,

    I've worked in the legal field for many years. I'm not an attorney & cannot give legal advice. The info I'm giving you is not legal advice & you should talk to your attorney further about your rights. Here is a pdf link to OSHA's guidlines regarding late night retail:

    Guidlines seem basic. There are check lists and appendices with sample checklists & states that have their own plan or standards.

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