In a Rebound Relationship

  • I was with a guy for about 2 months. He left me because he got a chance to patch back with his ex. They have been breaking up and getting back together for about 9 times. He has left his ex for about 2 months before we get together. I was very hurt and angry after he left me. But after a few months of our breakup, I still feel deeply inside my heart for him. Am I stupid or is that true love that he found?

    After I left him, he managed to patch back again with her. However, they are broken up again. I'm not sure how long it last. This time, he is dumped again. He told me these when he celebrated my birthday together with me. We sms now and then. We did that when we break up too.

    One day we went out and he managed to kiss me on the lips. I kissed him back and is a quite passionate one. After that, I asked him why he do that. He say that he is afraid that he might hurt me. He tell me all his weaknesses (think his ex say one) and asked if he is still acceptable. I told him he is not ready like what he had told me before and I have said that I'm willing to wait. I found that I have fall for someone that I should not have fall for. I wonder why I still fall for him even after what he had done to hurt me. Please help.

  • You should look at The Captain's relationship myths thread just posted.

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