Anyone able 2 connect with lost pets?

  • Hi there, I lost my beloved pet last summer while staying at my mothers house and havent been the same without him since. I had him since he was 3 weeks old and he was almost 7 years old when he didnt come home the next morning. Its been tearing me apart mostly because it was the 1st time he didnt come in at night before I retired to bed. Instead he insisted on staying outside and my attitude stunk so I didnt physically grab him like I would usually do. He never showed up the next morning so I really need closure as of to what happened to him. Did my ex take him, did my mom get rid of him, did a stranger take him, did something happen to him. I just need closure or I fear no peace ever in my life. I dont think I'll ever give up searching for him 😞

  • I'm so sorry for your loss, it's terrible pain. I was going to ask what kind of pet it was until I seen your picture. I have had pets all my life and haven amazing connection with them. I'm so sorry hunny, but I think you need to stop searching. =( Ask for guidance before you go to sleep at night and put a picture of him under your pillow. Hopefully you will receive the answers you seek. Good luck, I feel for you. Be well.


  • My beloved kitty is missing for 2 days now and im afraid he was hurt ...but i dont know anything for certain. I dreamt of him a lot this 2 nights but no clue ... what scares me is i had a dream like a week before he went missing in which he was killed by mean people, but i need to know what happened . I understand the need of clousure and i know how painful it is , my heart is broken ...and i feel for you too, i think the picture under the pillow would help, i'll try it myself too..

  • Hi thanks for the help, I just needed to know if his loss involved my ex or my mom or neither so I can stop blaming them. my cat was like my little guardian angel:-(

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