Capricorn/moon male taurus playing games or scared?

  • Hey cm2010,

    Welcome to the forums,I hope i am able to give you some clarity or at the very least a little insight into the workings of the earth combinations in your interests sign.

    Regarding this man:Stubborness to the max with this combination,he has two of the most stubborn signs of the zodiac,with both major influences as such.The sun and moon both being influential and important positions shows that this could be a hard person to sway lol.His sun being in capricorn makes him one to usually hold up defenses emotionally,he can come across as reserved and cold,but is far from that,deep down he actually craves love,and once he gets it,he is committed.

    He could be still guarded and defensive regarding past hurts and relationships,not to mention,he probably keeps a lot inside and to himself,so it may be hard to bring things to the surface with him.In time,he will slowly come forth and break barriers.

    Don't underestimate his determined nature,if he wants something he has no whims about going out,seeking it and capturing it.The hard part is just trying to figure out what he wants.Try being up front with him,don't lay on the feelings too hard as he might get frightened and run the other way.

    Test him by asking where he'd like to be in the nearer future,would he like to get into a relationship?etc,by asking this,your not being full on,so maybe it's worth a shot,straight away you will be able to tell by his reaction and response what he is feeling.He's ascendent being in scorpio also makes him quite a complex and mysterious person,very magnetising though which is why you feel very attracted to him.His birth chart is dominated by a lot of the earth signs,and as we see there are a lot of taurean and capricorn traits,but stubborness is a stand out,on the positive,he is very determined as i mentioned before.

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