Negative energy is infiltrating my house

  • Someone close but not personal was told by a psychic that I am casting spells on her. Since that point, strange things and feelings have been happening and I feel her negative energy filling my house! She thinks I'm evil which couldn't be farther from the truth. I have no idea what brought this on, how such feelings came to be or why a person would say such a thing. Nevertheless, I can't shake the feeling that she is concentrating on me and casting that negative energy to me. I'm spiritual, I firmly believe in Karma and find it devastating that someone would think I have the time and energy to waste on spells to hurt someone. I need guidance.

  • You have to talk this out with the woman concerned. Make her understand that you do not feel any negativity towards her (unless you actually do - check what thoughts you send her way.) Don't mention the odd things that have been happening and don't be confrontational. Just say you feel things aren't right between you.

  • I can't. I didn't realize there was an issue until I went over, very innocently to just ask a question and was told not to come again and that she had told me in the past not to come over. This conversation never took place so I was lost as to what she meant.The last conversation was her asking me about what the psychic told her and it ended on a good note because I told her I had no reason to do such a thing and wouldn't. She put ba gua mirrors up around her fence and front porch. And a cross facing my house. I was offended by the she's warding off evil. I'm at a complete loss and feel like she is pushing for confrontation. I refuse to stoop to such levels. I just want to ward off her negative thoughts and protect my house and family. After all of this, there is no trust but I can feel her energy and it's quite bothersome. I'm also bothered that instead of going with her gut and knowing me as she did, she listened to someone she had never met and took it as fact. I know there are plenty of psychics who are real and true but I also know that others take advantage of people who are constantly seeking guidance, as she does very often. I'm sure she makes them lots of money.

  • as a side note...I'm wondering if I'm letting off some kind of energy that would have caused this psychic to say such detrimental things. To do something like this to my neighbor was never a tiny thought in my mind. It never even occurred to me to feel ill will towards her. I liked her, she was my friend.

  • Dear Cwonder,

    I don't know what all has transpired or what this lady thinks is transpiring...but regardless, from an angel perspective, you need to call in the Chief Angel in Charge of Protection! And that is Archangel Michael. He not only oversees guardian angels but he also escorts negative energies out of your inner circle. You can talk to him out loud or silently in your head. Whatever is the most comfortable for you. Ask him to protect you, your family, your house, your cars, your workplace, wherever you feel you need it. Tell him to cut any cords (ties) you have to this woman with his mighty sword...and when this happens, you should feel a "release"...a calming environment again. If you are concerned at night, ask him to post angels at every window and every door and ward off the negative energy. Ask him to surround your home with a triple band of Divine light -- gold, white and purple. All of these things may sound a bit silly at first...but they bring the Divine to your side. You have to ask for Michael's help. And he assures me, once you invite angelic assistance to your is done. So do it.

    Then, I would as your angels to help send waves of love through the universe to your friend as you do not know what happened. While it may not fix your relationship overnight, it will help by putting positive thoughts from you out into the Universe to counteract any negativity that is in your home...for whatever reason.

    Your angels are with you for a reason...and Michael's protection is flawless.

    Angel blessings to you,



  • Cwonder, I feel that your neighbour consulted the psychic because of problems she was having. She likes to blame outside influences for her own mistakes or lack of judgment. When these problems do not cease despite her precautions to ward off evil, she may just realise what a chump she has been to be so taken in.

    I do feel however that you were projecting some minor negative energy at her regarding some neighbourly annoyance or dispute. Was there a complaint about a dog or cat or something similar?

  • Not that I know of? Unless it was my animals and she didn't say anything but my doggie isn't a barker or anything. I wasn't spending a lot of time with her after some things going on outside my realm were figured out for her but not because I didn't want to...was just caught up getting my family on track and my son involved. A little piece of me feels like she may have taken that the wrong way but before any of this happened I had told her all that was going on (good stuff) and why I had been so busy.

    But your first paragraph is right on track.

  • angelreader, thank you. I did what you told me to do and I definitely felt some relief. Usually I get up in the morning and the minute I walk outside to water my yard, I get that butterfly feeling...but not in a good way. This morning I had none. It was a good feeling to not worry. So thank you 🙂

  • I feel your dog terrifies your neighbour for some reason.

  • Well nothing would surprise me but my dog loves people. He barks at the birds and the rabbits but she's never really been around him. He's medium size, 1/2 lab, 1/2 greyhound. Blond as can be and if he could, would use you as a pillow 🙂 Everyday I come home and he is sitting at his perch, on my couch, nose to the window waiting for my son to get home. Right now he is whining because the boys left the He's a real sap. But again, nothing would surprise me.

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