I've been finding heart shaped things everywhere.

  • For the past few weeks I've been finding heart shaped things everywhere. Here are a few examples:

    I was sitting chatting with some friends online and I looked over and saw my ipod speakers had made a heart on my bed.

    I went into the bathroom to find my hair tie was in the shape of a heart by my window.

    When I went in my cabinet to grab a cotton ball the closet one in my view was shaped as a heart.

    The most recent one was yesterday. I was walking with my dad along the jetties and as we walked back I was about jump onto the sand one I noticed one of the jetties was shaped as a giant heart.

    My question is what does this mean? Is someone sending me love? Is love coming into my life very soon? I think this is so neat but there must be some meaning for all these hearts popping up in my life.

  • I think its the universes way to show you that you are loved. I think you are seeing signs from your angels that they love you and want the best for you. Have you been feeling a little unconfident lately? Little stressed? I think this is their way of showing you that they are there for you.

  • Yeah I've been feeling pretty stressed lately. Been dealing with a lot of change in my life with friends, myself, school, and with college and graduation coming up its a lot to handle all at once.

    Thank you for your insight! It's very helpful. =]

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