Older women younger men!

  • So I was in a brief (5 mo) relationship with a fella 25yrs younger than I. Do you think it can end up being a longer term relationship? Please dont judge me.......

  • i guess not

  • Hi Sherry, I was in a situation once where a guy pursued me for about a year or more that was 25 yrs. younger. We never dated. He would follow me everywhere. Actually, he was very nice looking. It happened at work. It was one of those things that I really didn't know how to handle at the time. Back to your question. My advice is always not to rush into anything. Get to know him and then see what happens. I think anything is possible.

  • Bottom line: Age is only a #, same old saying I know, but it's true. It all depends on the person. I've met 20 year olds that act 50, and 50 year olds that act like they're 20. Take it at an individual basis, it's the only way to go.

  • I feel your pain. I'm in an off and on relationship with a man 18yrs younger than me for the last year. I can tell you it has been the most frustrating relationship I've ever had. At first he seemed so mature and had his act together, was attentive to me, and owned his own business, but now he is all over the place. The benfits are his youth, sex drive, good looks, and he seemed good with money. The downside has been his emotional immaturity - he is still trying to discover who he is - and spends money like it is water, but then he seems broke all the time when it comes to the little things, and he runs back to his ex's for every little thing to keep his ego inflated (just friends, you know..ugh)!! Then there is the whole wanting kids thing - he says he doesn't want any and I took care of that issue so I won't have any more...but at his age - who knows if that will change. One minute I think I know who he is and the next I find out all this dangerous stuff that he is up to with his friends and his motorcycle (even after he had a car accident and has nerve damage in his back - he still does this). I'm at the end of my rope with him and am yearing for a more stable realtionship with no stupid suprises. I say give it time - you will find out who he really is after a while. You might get lucky and find the one that was raised right - just be aware that they think they have all the time in the world to get a relationship going and at my age - It's now or move over for the next guy.

  • Speaking from experience....I met this lady at work back in the mid 1980's. She is 19 years my senior we dated and eventually moved in together. We stayed together for close to thirteen years and it's probably the happiest/worst times of my life. We ended apart becuase she REALLY wanted to get married and make official. I could not get past the fact that she was so matured for me and turned her down at every request she made at marriage. I personally would advice you against this relationship. The age differential will always get in the way and also, YOU must think about your future when you retire; he'll still be in his prime out there in the trenches day in and day out (think about that!)

  • Soooooo not looking to get married. We have had that talk. I have been there done that. i just enjoy his company and YES! the *** is GRRRRRRRRRRRRR8. I just was wondering how long it might last. I am sure not forever lol Like i said, i REALLY enjoy his company. 13 yrs is a looooong time dude. Cant help but see u said besides....."worst"..."happiest" times of your life...... : /

  • And I thank the "Ladies: that left the positive answers for me.....peace out....LUV!!!!!!

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