Lost In Life - Reading Please

  • Hi,

    Could someone please provide me with a free reading as I am feeling quite lost in life. I ended a bad relationship earlier in the year and I have now had to defer my studies due to ill health.

    Help please,


  • Trinity1302,

    You are not lost, you just feel you are lost, there is a difference. Being lost is really pretty bad stuff, perceiving yourself as being lost is not so bad. The difference is you are actually quite safe physically, you just need for your mind to untie all the knots. It is like a perceived fear that is not actually a threat. Like monsters under a child's bed. We laugh at it, but it is quite real to the child (monster does not exist, but the child's reaction is like it does). Understand?

    Now, a relationship ending, bad or good, is like a death. Allow yourself to morn, but be realistic, do not over do it in morose wallowing. There is a healthy way to do it, and one that spirals into depression is not. If you do not feel the sun on your face by the end of June, then you will need to seek professional counseling to get yourself out of the rut you are in at the moment. But give it a couple of months before you go that route. In the mean time, walk. It is simple physical activity, and gets you moving. Movement is important in working yourself out of the blues.

    Your ill health is more from the trauma of the ending of the relationship than about the physical problem expressed. I realize the illness is physically real, no doubt, but now you know what not dealing with stress correctly, or an awful situation like the one you are feeling now will lead to. So, it should be clear that you should seek to improve your mental health now, and after you get well, know your mind is a powerful thing, and in your case, a positive attitude will keep you well physically. Learn this now.

    Do not worry or stress yourself out over your current ill health, as your mend mentally, as your heart and soul begin to feel better, your physical health will follow. This time off from school is a lesson for you, and you should learn it well. If you stress, or worry, you can make yourself very sick. So, when you go back to school, I see fall as the time, take your studies seriously as far as the work goes, but very casually as far as stressing over tests, grades, projects, and you will be utterly amazed at how well you do. This is your lesson, learn it now, because if you do when fall semester comes, you life will be wonderful.

    Offer your worries up to God. Do it everyday, and eventually you will not have any worries to offer up. After that, continue to pray for guidance, and for faith. Faith is the opposite of worry.

    God Bless,


  • Hi Brian,

    Thank you for your time and wisdom. I guess we can't always get what we want but we get what we need 🙂



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