Asking for your prayers.....

  • But not for me. A very near and dear friend of mine is having some very serious marital problems. She is a victim of domestic abuse. Physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. I've only become aware of this level of abuse recently, and what I've heard is just horrifying. She wants to get out, but we all know the pattern of abused women. The fear can be paralyzing. And he has threatend her by telling her if she tries to leave him, he will....ugh....cut up her face so she never looks the same again. Disgusting, right? Men have not been kind to her all her life. She was adopted. Her father didn't want children but relented. Then, three months later, the mother became pregnant. So you can imagine how this affected the father's attitude towards her. He resented her. So the pattern of abuse has been lifelong.

    Her birthday is 12/21/69 and her name is Linda. She is precious to me. Please send out your prayers and healing light to her in meditation. I appreciate any and all good thoughts towards her.


  • My prayers are with Linda and you .She has taken a big step just admitting it but thank God she has a good friend like you and he will blame you to and it will get worse i will pray she will take that first step in leaving and not look back and keep moving forward may God hold you and Linda in his arms till she can hold herself Delbertc

  • May God Bless her on too a better a way, life now

  • So sorry to hear this. My heart aches for Linda. I will keep her in my prayers and my conversation with Archangel Michael. Will tell him to keep her safe and protect her from further abuse. I cannot tolerate guys who lay their hands on women. I will kill them with my bare hands if I have to. Coward!

    She is already making the right decision to get out of this abusive relationship. I hope with her own determination and the support from a great, wonderful friend like you, she will succeed and keep on moving.

    lots of love and blessings

  • Thank you all so much. Yes, this man is just that. A coward. I have personally never met the man, but I fear if I do, I will lash out at him. I'm not a violent person, but I have no tolerance for people who abuse others to make themselves feel superior.

    Thanks again. Please, keep those prayers coming. They are needed.

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  • Thank you Thunder. It's appreciated so much.

  • just thinking about this turns my stomach and makes me very very angry, and I also know how helpless she must feel. No one deserves this. She is definitely in my prayers. Bless you for being there for her at this time.

  • Dear Azaza12,

    I will definitely be praying for your friend Linda. You will be shocked to know as I was shocked when I read your post and found many similarities in the life of your friend and myself. ( I am in the process of getting out of a multiply abusive marriage, I too was adopted and my birthday is also December 21) But I must say I am clearly blessed because I am now being healed. If there is a way that I could contact you privately I would be glad to talk to Linda if she would like to talk to someone who has been through something similar. I am sure with your continued support and all of our prayers your friend will find the courage to break free from her horrible situation.

    XOXOXO 333Tanya

  • Thank you so much 333Tanya. I'm sorry to hear you experience an abusive marriage, but happy to hear you are on the mend and have taken control of your destiny. I would be most interested in hearing your perspective on this matter, though I'm not sure Linda is ready for that. I will need to speak to her first and I'm sure you're aware that people in abusive relationships tend to shy away from help due to fear of their spouse finding out.

    Thank you all. I will be sure to tell her that compassionate souls everywhere are keeping her in their thoughts and prayers.

  • Azaza12, YES!! Continue to be her friend! We shall all say prayers for her, and channel any positive energy her way. I myself am a SURVIVOR! I got out of an abusive marriage 15 yrs ago...I was kept from my friends by my abuser until I didn't have any except for his family, and they were really no friends at all! She hopefully will keep in contact with you-it may be long times between, but do not give up hope! She needs you desperately now, for courage and strength. When I finally got out, I didn't look back. Spent 3 months in a DV shelter; they helped me get my identity back.

    Thunder, it's always rewarding to hear a man say there is NO excuse for DV! My own fiance and soulmate feels the same way. God blessed me when he and I met and he treats me like a queen, so there IS a better life out there, Linda just needs lots of courage and prayers; I will send my 'survivor-mode' energy her way, and loving prayers...Please keep us all informed on how she (and you) make out.

  • Thank you nurse56!! I'm glad to hear that you're being treated like a queen!! Linda deserves the same. Heck, all women do!!

    I'll be bumping this as often as I can to reach as many of you good, kind hearted souls that I can. I cannot tell you how much even the smallest thought and prayer will mean to me, and to her.


  • My prayers are definately w/ Linda. I have alot of experince w/ this kind of abuse. I have been through it all so anything I can do to help, I will. Don't ever trust in the police and the "system" to help but I know I can. If you need anything, just let me know. Take care and God bless.

  • Thank you sylvannah. Any insight would be appreciated. I posted my e-mail address in an above post. You can contact me there. I'm interested mostly in your comment about not trusting the police or the 'system'. If you could please elaborate.....

  • Azazza12, I too have and am praying for your friend. She will have to find the courage to go by any means neccessary. She will find help once she finds the courage to go, it's not going to get better. He is a coward and will never change. Is there a relative or someone she can go to? What about "Women in Distress" Which is a great organization who will assist victims of domestic violence, if all else fails, she needs to make a plan and go and not look back. Praying for both of you! Been there. Tell her life is waiting for her whenever she finds the courage to go. 🙂

  • Thank you poetic. She does have family and friends she can go to, but she fears if she does that, he'll find her and the punishment will be severe. I have given her information on organizations that can help but she has to be the one to take that step. I've even told her that my door is always open to her 24/7. I'm fairly new in her life and he has no idea who I am or where I live. And she will be safe with me. Thank you again.


  • Bump for more prayers from you good people........

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  • Thanks sylvannah. I wrote it down. Looks like mine was deleted from the thread. I will contact you in the next few days. Thank you again for your support in this!!

    Love and Light

  • Azaza12

    Linda is in my thoughts and prayers. I know about abuse and how it harms, so I know how she feels. The Angels have all of us asking for her safety and success in getting out of this relationship. Blessed Be!!!

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