Please I need a reading Help

  • I have a lot deshions to make,but I dont wich way to go with my furture,or how to do it. if you read my blog you see what i mean

  • im new at talking with someone, hi

  • have had brain damage, wish to get surgary to get memory bake more again [ 1 sezuer 1-3-85, bearth control pills , 2nd was in hosp. and thay had me 15 days told my sons to lay me to rest - did not take care of my apendix [told take hosp. to court ? win?] told could have died - took me to 2nd hosp. to be took care of/live BUT--my brain got more damage like 2nd stroke was told. the LOVE bit, i do not know about at all,been so long and all of this. of you can help to see in my FUN FUTURE for answers, PLEASE

  • Hi there.. U want me do a reading for u?? As long u don mind I am a beginner..

  • Wait a min.. I don see a link to ur blog.. >< would u mind to post it up??

  • I guess they deleted the blog

  • Don mind u can gave me a rough idea of wat u want to ask.. Hmm maybe see wat does it says.. 😃

  • I would like to know if things will get better for me. change like love ,maybe moving

  • Ok... Just love only??

  • I want to know will i be moving to another state if yes where, will there be anybody to love me.if so when, here my blog

  • Sorry that I unable to view the blog.. It seems that even u move ur emotions is still lying there.. There is alot of happy and unhappy events around and u wouldn't be able to forget the situation.. Also right now at ur stage ur emotions is still growing.. Also u are a person who is base on emotions.. Well I take it that u would like to move to a new places.. U are in searching for something too.. But not really it is a good choices.. U see if the place that u going and makes ur life difficult.. Then u will suffer.. Let alone to say anyone love u.. I can say if u really consider moving it may be one month timing,. But just to warn u there will be alot of hurting experiences when u move there.. Hope I sounds clear to u.. If I am a bit way off feel free to tell me..

  • Thank you for the reading, I'm wanting to move back to TN , I have been married to a man that has abused me in the past and now he virbly abuse me, I have tried to leave 3 times, now our daughter is 18 with her own baby. i;m 47 never had some one to truly love me, not my parents they abused me, I was moslted from the time i was 5 then raped at 13, I feel like there something wrong with me, I have no help to start over , I just dont know what to do anymore I'm tired and lonly

  • I do understand ur feeling of that.. It hasn't been easy in ur life.. In searching of love might as well let love finds u.. Everything doesn't go as plan yet it can still be the same result at the end too..

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