Interesting phenomenon

  • Hi ya'll. I wanted to share an interesting phenomenon and recent events. I'm open to any insight. A few weeks ago I was out in my smoking section (garage) in the wee hrs of the night reading. There was this strange beeping noise. After a few beeps I got up and checked and the microwave in the kitchen was on "3" instead of the time and occasionally beeping. I had that eerie "twilight zone type feeling" and 1st thought was my parents were visiting a it was very close to my bday. I cleared it and it happened again the next day when my daughter was in the kitchen. Her gut said grandmas here. I was wondering what there message could be. I knew I was in a unhealthy frame of mind my body just didn't want to cooperate and I was finding my jobs etc "hard" due to physical injuries and muscle aches etc and to be honest was wondering how to shift my attitude. I'd twisted my right knee pulled some muscles etc and just plain low energy.

    Then day after my bday I was "rushing" on my bike going way too fast and fractured my left knee. So it's pretty clear to me the Universe has wanted me to stop. Learn how to do it differently.

    So anybody get a hit on the microwave? It never happened again. My folks?

    Thanks for listening.

    In healing


  • Pfree,

    The number three from your story seems to correlate with three injuries doesn't it? But that is not it at all.

    The number three holds some significance indeed. Next time you are relaxed, perhaps in your garage, clear your mind, and ask your parents what the significance is. Just keep trying, they will tell you, once you are relaxed enough. It is important, so keep at it till you get an answer.

    God Bless,


  • Thank you

    I have never heard directly from them. I am pretty clear I need to shift my perspective. I tend to "push" myself in all ways and not be content w/ what is. Pushing the river has never worked for me and the Universe has shown up in big ways before to stop me. I'm practicing being patient (in truth seeing where I am not patient) I tend to run away from uncomfortable and being stuck on the couch unable to walk was a big lesson. Fears of the future etc. Now gratefully I can walk some w/ a cane but am not able to push the river so to speak. It will be a while before I will be able to jump on the bike and get to work again but I'm aiming for next month. But I have got the message slow down pay attention be in the moment.

    Thank you for responding Brian.

    Cheers Pfree

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