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  • My boyfriend and i broke up 4 months ago and since then he's been giving me mixed messages. I heard that he started seeing someone. So I had my cards read about 3 weeks ago........and in my cards it read that he is my soulmate and that he will come back,to just be patient and let God do his work.It also said that he was very confused as to what to do. In my heart I know that he is the one for me. I just don't want to be made a fool you see anything else that might help me to move on or help me with my patience?

    me 4-14-1966

    him 1-19-1962

  • Sweetie1419,

    You need to date other people. He will find out about this on his own, do not broadcast it.

    Go out, and do something that is interesting for you and your dates, have fun. If you are morose

    on a date, that will not count. These dates do not have to be romantic, just fun, so a male

    friend fits the bill here, if need be. Even a cousin your ex does not know, but you must have fun.

    He will find out about this on his own, do not broadcast it.

    That is how he will end up back with you. He will not be able to stand it, it will eat away at him; you dating other people, and having fun with them.

    Once you are back together, you need to start over, and you need to take it slow, and you need to have fun dates with him. The reason why you broke up is the lack of equity in your emotional accounts with each other, that is what you draw on when times get tough. You both need to learn to have fun with each other, be good friends. That is the lesson of the breakup. Learn it, or the cycle will go around again, and it will repeat. Got it? The last paragraph is the most important for you to internalize.

    God Bless,


  • Brian Tristan,

    Thank you for your advice. Since then he did find out about me dating and you were right it was tearing him up inside. The last two weeks have been a rollar coaster ride though. He actually called while I was on two of my dates. It was like he had ESP. He wanted to talk to me and we did. He poured out his soul to me and told me how he missed me and that he loves me more and different than anyone ever....He even showed up at church last sunday, and we had a great time. Talked about vacationing together and everything. But now he is back to his stand offish ways. I talked to him about it and told him that i didn't want to be a fool and that if he didn't feel the same as i do all he has to do is say so. He told me that he didn't mean to lead me on in anyway but that he had some excess baggage to get rid of and that he was fighting his own demons. He also said that he didn't want to feel pressured into anythng. I told him that i would never do anything like that because if we were going to be, than i wanted it to be of his own free will. I haven't spoke to him since friday......I love him but i don't know what to patient or go about my life......anymore advice would be appreciated....

    Thanks again ,


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