To twinsoul

  • Hello dear twinsoul! How are you?

    I just got these questions and I´d love it if you could help me out.

    Is Bill the one I will spend the rest of my life with or is it Tom?

    When, how and where will I meet them?(If I will?)

    My makeup artist career, will I get a fulltime job directly after the eduaction has ended and move away or will I be unemployed again? My mother is so god damn negative about this that it brings me down each time I bring it up, I love makeup and to make people beautiful so why shouldn´t this be the right thing for me?

    Blessings to you

  • bellasweden

    you will succeed at your career. close your ears to negativity you are very talented. best of luck. the guys. I like Bill better, next year will be a good year for love for you.



  • Thank you, youre an angel on earth, thanks!:D

  • By the way, can you please see if Bill will be single until I meet him or if he will be involved with someone?

  • bellasweden

    bill is presently involved, and has a child or two. Not from this person. really nice guy.


  • Okay, so he isn´t single as he has said that he is? I never knew there was children involved, her children or?

    Do you see me and him be together for the rest of our lifes or is Tom the one it comes to spending the rest of my life with someone?

    If it is Bíll, will he be available when I meet him or still taken?

  • bellasweden

    bill or tom. bill is kinder. tom is more adventuresome. both nice. i will not make your decision for you. both are really great , you decide.


  • Okay, but if I choose Tom, which I´ve been thinking since he is more like me, do you see me with him for the rest of mhy life ?

  • bellasweden

    i see a long term relationship with tom. Cant see the rest, trying but it is not presenting itself.


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