Helloo guys i'm back....

  • There is also anohter spread i would like some insight on from some more experienced readers... Its also the celtic cross spread and the question i asked my deck was " Please give me relfections regarding my relationship with...."

    Significator: Knight of Swords

    Card 1: Queen of cups (Reversed)

    Card 2: The world

    Card 3: Six of pentacles

    Card 4: Four of wands

    Card 5: Five of wands

    Card 6: Page of cups

    Card 7: three of Swords

    Card 8: Four of swords

    Card 9: Seven of Swords

    Card 10 : Strength


    Card 11: Seven of Pentacles

    CArd 12: The Chariot

    Card 13: Two of Pentacles

    Card 14 Three of pentacles

    I would just like to point out that my relationship with this guy has.....been to some HORRIBLE places and its a lot of complications surrounding us.. with that being said tho... i love him to death ( grrr) ... sigh.. im in desprate need of help.

  • This is not the celtic cross I know, so you had to write for every card the meaning first, before I would make the effort to explain 14 (!) positions.

  • lol.. sorry hans!! okay,,,, ummm

    Card 1: Present ( your surrent situation)

    Card 2:Influence(Helpful or challenging energies

    Card 3: Past issues ( The basis of the situation)

    Card 4: Immediate Past (What is behind you)

    Card 5: Crowning Thoughts (Your thoughts recarding the situation)

    Card 6: Immediate Future (What is about to happen)

    Card 7: Your fears ( Emotonal concerns regarding the situtation)

    Card 8: Environmental Factors ( How others see you)

    Card 9: Your hopes ( What you really wish for)

    Card 10: (Outcome) Answer to Question

    And cards 11-14 are just the fanspread there to give more insight on the situation for the reader...

    Is that wat you needed for me to do or were you talking about something else?

  • Okay, forget the fanspread, this is just for people who cannot read the cards so that they can pick up more cards to find what they searched for. And forget reversed meaning, this is also for people who read only the meaning in the book but not the card, the picture itself, because you can reverse a meaning, but not a picture, a reversed picture is meaningless.

    And this is NOT a celtic cross, it has some important faults, but I will take it as some self-styled spread:

    Card 1: You try to dominate him with your emotions.

    Card 2: your world is an endless source, its reservoir seems inexhaustible.

    Card 3: the basis is a give and take.

    Card 4: behind you is the friendly reception of him, having nothing to do with your truth.

    Card 5: You think yourself overburdened, feeling under pressure. You are taking this play too serious.

    Card 6: soon he will offer you his heart.

    Card 7: you are afraid you will heart your heart with your emotional thinking.

    Card 8: others see you as someone who is blocking herself instead of leaving all that behind you, as someone losing her intuition, which could lead you to your goal and blocking yourself like a stubborn donkey.

    Card 9: your hopes are the result of illusions.

    Card 10: hectic bursts of liveliness are arising and then disappearing again due to being suppressed by longing for death.

  • Wow ... On the money hans thank you.... Okay there are some i wanted to comment on.. CArd # 2.... What does your interpretation mean.. im somewat lost. lol. Card # 4 also interested me. ARe you trying to say that i am honlding on the the way he and things USED to b in the past... and that thast is not the real him? And card # 9... Are my hopes.....hopeless... i should let this go?

  • CArd # 2.... What does your interpretation mean.. im somewat lost: Doing away with everything what is wrong, just thinking only at service.

    You are holding on the the way he USED to be in the past.

    Are my hopes.....hopeless: No.

    i should let this go? no.

    Repression is to live a life that you were not meant to live. Repression is to do things which you never wanted to do. Repression is to be the fellow that you are not. Repression is a way to destroy yourself. Repression is suicide—very slow of course, but a very certain, slow poisoning. Expression is life; repression is suicide.

  • Thankz Hans.. i just got a reading done by a reader in New jersey and her reading confused me in a sense... it was somewhat contridicting.. do you think you may be able to explain why?

  • do you think you may be able to explain why? because you feel an obligation in yourself thinking you could not avoid it.

    So you have to stop going into hibernation, stop

    playing safe, and all your frustration will disappear.

    Why should you be worried about the man? But you

    cannot make much fuss about it. You have to accept it

    as a natural phenomenon. Otherwise simply meditate.

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