• I need help with this reading... desprately.

    It involves this..........

    (celtic cross spread)

    Card 1: Eight of Wands

    Card 2: Ace of wands

    Card 3: Hanging man

    Card 4: six of swords

    Card 5: Three of wands

    CArd 6: Nine of swords

    Card seven: Seven of cups

    Card 8: the lovers

    CArd 9: The world

    CArd 10: Ten of cups


    Card 11: The Star

    CArd 12: The Moon

    Card 13: Ten of pentacles

    CArd 14: knight of swords...

    I guess some important info i can give u is that ive been having many problems with my love life....going through desprately hard and stress ful times concerning love... i didnot ask the cards a particular question..... just let my energy flow through them.

  • Before I even ponder to make the effort to interpret 14 (!!) positions of a Tarot card spread, you would have to write exactly what every card position means. This is not the celtic cross I know.

  • lol.. sorry hans!! okay,,,, ummm

    Card 1: Present ( your surrent situation)

    Card 2:Influence(Helpful or challenging energies

    Card 3: Past issues ( The basis of the situation)

    Card 4: Immediate Past (What is behind you)

    Card 5: Crowning Thoughts (Your thoughts recarding the situation)

    Card 6: Immediate Future (What is about to happen)

    Card 7: Your fears ( Emotonal concerns regarding the situtation)

    Card 8: Environmental Factors ( How others see you)

    Card 9: Your hopes ( What you really wish for)

    Card 10: (Outcome) Answer to Question

    And cards 11-14 are just the fanspread there to give more insight on the situation for the reader...

    Is that wat you needed for me to do or were you talking about something else?

  • okay, now to this second corrupted "celtic cross":

    1: your way is blocked.

    2: some helpful clarity is arising.

    3: your basis is an uncomfortable situation, which you should learn to relax into.

    4: behind you lies some movement, some relocation or journey.

    5: you think you have to wait.

    6: soon you will accuse yourself because of your inner impulses.

    7: you are afraid of your outwardly directed illusions, they could disturb your inwardness.

    8: others see you as a loving person following her heart.

    9: you hope for your inner source, never running dry, its reservoir seems to be unexhaustible.

    10: you will be a good girl, reacting to the social impulses.

  • lol... corrupted it must be.. I actually got this spread from a book kit by Josephone Ellershaw... im a very very inexperienced reader and i find all of this very confusing!

  • I thought so. Many persons try to improve traditional tarot spreads, they even try to improve the tarot cards themselves, but this proves only their incapability to understand the wisdom of the tarot and the wisdom of e.g. the celtic cross. It serves only their esoteric ego, but it hinders others who read this to understand the wisdom of the Tarot cards.

    Do you think educated people understand the world

    in a better way? I have never come across it. Educated

    people are the worst because they have such a screen on

    their eyes. They may understand what is written in

    books but they don't understand what is there in life.

    An educated person has such a cultivated mind that he

    does not allow anything from the real to enter him. He

    looks in the books but he never looks into the faces of

    people, into the eyes of people, into the pictures of the Tarot cards. He never looks around.

    Even if God comes he will go on reading his Bible and

    he may even say to God, 'Wait, wait outside, I am doing

    my religious meditation,' or something like that.

  • Yes ive notcied that.. My grandmother ( A former reader) also had a book. aqn older one that delt with a more traditional deck and i noticed a slight but very noticable difference in the cards and their meanings... it kind of threw me off as a new reader for a second. Like the newer version had a more......optimistic meaning for each of the cards, while the more traditional book seemed to be telling it like it is.. idk. im ready to throw the towel in on this reading stuff! its very very confusing and i find myself thinking perhaps im not capable..

  • It is a learning process. You have to live with the cards.

    All this means confusing the finger with which you point to the moon with the moon itself.

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