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    I was just wondering something so thought I'd put it out there. To those of you practicing and experiencing daily usage of your gifts. Did you feel any kind of breakthrough when it all sort of opened up to you? Or did you always have it? Would just like to hear a bit about your experiences in understanding your gifts.

    I've been on this sort of spiritual journey amongst other things personally and I'm feeling very emotional and sort of rattled at times right now. I don't know if I am on the brink of some break through with my gifts or if I would feel anything like that kind of a building to fruition. Maybe I'm about to have a break down. I don't know but I'd like to hear your stories, maybe it will help me. Thanks in advance.

  • Why do you say break down? Can you tell your symtoms?

  • I guess I was being overly dramatic. I don't think I'm really having a break down of any kind. I am frustrated. Had another fun blow up with my daughter just before typing that post. I guess on a mild level I am getting a bit downabout looking for work and getting little or no response, not even what I would call depressed. I know in my heart the right job will come along and not to lose hope. Just emotions getting out of control at home tend to make me question myself first.

    I am really working on my understanding of my intuition and the gifts I've struggled with a good bit of my life. I feel like if I accept them and allow the information to flow freely to me that somehow the where I'm supposed to be and work etc will fall into place. It's complicated. I'm not going mental but have you ever had one of those days where you feel attacked at every turn no matter what you do? Have you ever made a simple mistake like falling back to sleep and had it escalate into some profound argument? That really has absolutely nothing to do with that small mistake. I'm just going through some stuff personally and feeling very frustrated that others around me are seemingly blind to reality of the past and seeing the world through rose colored glasses if you will. Different subject but that's why I said break down. After what I have lived through I'd probably be entitled to a break down but I doubt it would make me feel any better.

  • Hi RC, you like us all were either having a bad day, or days or you are in a funk. I get like that sometimes, I think it's negavtive energy. I felt like that all week-end with my husband and we did argue, you try to remain positive and surround yourself with positive energy and Boom! Sometimes there is an explosion. But it passes, when you feel down, write down your blessings, in spite of what you are going thru or have been thru it could be worse. Have you thought about temp agencies, at least that will keep food on the table and quite often those positions become permanent, as things pick up and they will. I get pissed with my daughter too sometimes but don't let one episode ruin your whole day. Maybe get out of the house and go for a walk.

  • P.S. Why dont you pray for spiritual guidance in regards to your gifts from your Spirit guides? Good Luck and ask for the gift of discernment to know the difference between good and evil.

  • Hi poetic, thanks for the encouragement. It's nice to know it isn't just me going through this "funk". I told my brother last night I was pissed, I was in such a bad mood I didn't even want to be around myself. He laughed but I meant it, it was like I couldn't escape it. I hate that feeling. Surely you are right it's definitely negative energy affecting me, from my other posts you can probably imagine where it stems from. It's so frustrating! It is probably a very good idea to write down my blessings. I need to do that more often and remind myself of them. Not that I don't usually I am far more grateful for those blessings than many people understand but still seeing it in front of you is more concrete.

    I wish I could do the temp agencies, like you said at least you could expect eventually that might lead to something more permanent but where I live if you sign up with an agency the unemployment office considers that to mean you took a full time position so your benefits are void. I can't afford to have that happen with no guarantee the job is permanent. It really is a crappy way the system works here but I can't knock it as I am grateful for every dollar I get.

    I have been asking aloud for guidance perhaps I need to be more specific in asking about the gifts, that is a good point you make. I'll let you know what transpires.

  • You will overcome girlfriend, don't worry. I feel you. Sometimes I can feel the horns coming out of my head, I'm not perfect either! 🙂

  • Rcdreamer. I'll just answer your question instead of msking you more frustrated asking about your "break down" (don't worry, it has happened to me too) I have been having some experiences since I was 8. I've only seen 1 full body app. and that was when I was 8. The only thing I get now are dark shadows, movement, sensations. pretty much everything except seeing or hearing them. When I was about 14, I messed w/ a Oija board. Got a real negative spirit and of course, found out it wasn't just a game. lol I put it in a trunk I had w/ it upside down and the oracle on top. I had it in storage for a while. When I got a place and removing everything from storage, I stopped at a dumpster as I was going to throw it away. I found the board but never the oracle. I had a friend w/ me and we went to my mom's to see if it happened to be there. We were looking in my old room and my 2 yr old (he is 19 now) came in and said "You're never going to find it" I said what, what did you say and he just had this puzzled look on his face cause he doesn't know how he got there. That kinda freaked me out. I never did find it. I wish I could hear them cause I don't like all the noises that they make.. I don't get much of the stuff happen here at my house so much except all the noises that they make that freak me out. I get everything else everywhere else. I am trying to increse my abilities so I can hear them. I don't know how but right now, I have to focus on another dozen things. I can sense their presence and situations that are going on elsewhere. I want help w/ a dream I had and all I have gotten are what people think the dream meant. Nobody has actually helped me yet. I listen to everyones opinion but I haven't gotten anything yet that gives me a vibe that it's the right one so I know aggrivation. It's been over 2 weeks. so if you can give me some advice, that would be great. If not, that's ok too. I hope I helped

  • Sylvannah, Thanks for your response. Messing with ouija board never a good thing. Sorry you had that experience. Hope nothing worse occurred where your child is concerned other than delivering the strange message. I appreciate everyones input here. I'm sorry I didn't notice your post on the dream. I will take a look and see if I can find it and try to help if I can. I don't consider myself any great expert on these subjects but it seems the more I read, the more I realize I really do know or experience. I'm reading Hello from Heaven right now and am amazed to see how much of it has been in my experience. And here I thought I was not very in tune.

    As far as seeing them goes, I wouldn't rush that. Shadows may be all you can handle right now. Better safe than sorry.

    I know what you mean about dealing with "them" in your house. The place where I had the fire, we had a lot of activity. I swear I think we were living over some burial ground or some strange vortex or something. We had lots of strange occurrences there and many different people experienced it. I know what you mean about wanting to hear them but remember they are on a different plane in some cases which may be why things are muffled for lack of a better explanation. Like you my life struggles of late seem to be getting in the way of my developing my gifts. But hanging out here and getting advice is certainly helping. I am opening up more for what it's worth I think you will too. Be patient. Keep me posted on your progress.

  • Ok. I will. That was the only experience I ever had with him. (my son) I don't remember where I posted it but the dream was so vivid, I can tell you about it now. It was really weird because I didn't have any dreams for months before and only a couple since but nothing I could remember after noon. I really don't want to see them but I definately want to hear them cause the extra noises, just freak me out. Even though I almost expect them. Also, before I even had the dream, @ different times when I was cleansing the house (1x w/sage and 1 x w/holy water) I got super light headed and had to sit down. Which I have vertigo so I get light headed alot so it takes alot to make me sit down. Also, my daughter said she felt someone poking her lag. I had 5 hours of broken sleep that night. It was just a bad night all the way around. That night though changed my life. It scared the crap out of me. Enough said! lol I am learning to be patient. Patience has never been one of my virtues. lol But I am dealing with it (but I do suffer from ALOT of road rage lol nothing physical though)I'm not really asking for much really. I just want the noises to stop and what the hell they want! I will keep on keeping on and see what each new day brings. I know that I am living on a burial site now. But it is peaceful and sacred. That is why I hope I don't lose this house. The guy who cleared my land, dug big holes in it and buried everything. He then killed himself not even 2 weeks later. I know it is here and I won't even touch the property in the back. Except maybe to plant something because I yhink that would be acceptable. I know I have passed this "gift" to my children so I am trying to learn what I can and pass it on. I have my daughter watch Psychic Kids. Even though we don't experience all these kids do, it will still help her.

  • Sylvannah

    I am sorry to hear that noises are so disturbing to you. I've dealt with that in the past myself. I can only suggest that you pray about it. Either pray for help in dealing with and understanding it or if it is so disturbing to you that you can't manage it then pray you can't hear it anymore. Continually pray for protection for you & your family.

    I've had my share of experiences in dealing with a child who sees, hears, knows things too. When my daughter was 13 she became very open and was not very good at dealing with everything trying to get her attention. She got mad at them . I can tell you from personal experience that was a mistake. They feed off that anger and fear. At one point we actually put a lock on her closet door from the outside to keep them from bothering her. They still managed to open it, there were scratches on her posters, she would wake up with bruises. It was scary. We finally had a psychic friend come and cleanse the house and I'm not sure what you call it but she kind of told them to go away. For a long while it worked for all but a couple of the spirits, one was more demonstrative than the other. So I would agree that it is wise to educate your daughter on what she may encounter. It's possible as time goes on she may be able to give you help in hearing the messages or she may act as an interpreter. I know my Godchilds daughter is very enlightened as a toddler she would come to me and say I want to tell you a secret. Then in a different voice she would make statements to me, one she said was "the lady said, "What are you doing?", it sounded all creepy but I realized after a bit my mom was getting through to her but unable to get through to me. I guess I was blocking her somehow through my own grief. It's not something for kids to play with at all but you may find you'll notice your child acting in such a way that will become obvious they are not just playing but interacting with "someone". Pray. Have faith and know that we are here to listen if that helps at all.


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