Sudden change in relationship, shock! Scorpio / Libra

  • Hey!

    I wonder whether anyone could have a look at this situation...her birthday is 9th Nov 1970 at 00:24 (Asc Leo 28 deg), his is 27th Sept 1966 at 16:36 (Asc Aquarius, cant remember the degree).

    We were together for a couple of months then on 2nd April he said he didnt feel it was the right thing for him and wanted out. This has saddened her greatly cos she found him inspiring and he came into her life like a thunderbolt (which I loved), had so much in common, **** was amazing and loved his sizzling sense of humour. She honestly thought he felt the same...until last Friday.

    So she's in a bit of a pickle and wonders whether they would reconcile somehow or whether she really needs to move on...what is the point in spending a fantastic time with someone for such a short time at their age??? It is not like they are teenagers 😉

    Look forward to hearing from you!

    B x

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