I need to ask strawberries63.....DO YOU KNOW?

  • and this forum is about finding tranquility within yourself and others. as well, this is a community for everyone and anyone, should you choose to stay i could say that all you need to do, is ignore these immature people and eventually they will give up, or just ignore them completely if you dont like them you dont have to talk to them?

    so technically they don't have to mean anything to you, but if you attract them to a place to confront them like here then of course there will be trouble, because your asking for it.

    so if you don't want to talk to them, or happen to be on a board they're on just dont post anything, when they try and talk to you there, or just dont post anything concerning them, and if they try and get your attention just ignore them, you dont have to respond to them if you dont want too, so that doesn't mean you have to leave because of these people.

    I really want you to stay and i bet some other people do to.

    Best wishes


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