Are you really a seeker, or a egomaniac?Assholes!

  • I have tried to reach out to the community, and have found many beautiful members, but for the most of you, it has left a bitter taste in my mouth! I and am no longer interested to be amongst you! My heart has been stunned too many times by you ignorant assholes! To those of you who say try to live as a spiritual being, fuck you too! You are all full of it! I have always helped people and always will, but you people piss me off! No Lola here Assholes!

  • Luv2Laf,

    Whats going on ? are you okay?

  • Oh MY!!.... are you ok Luv2laf?

    whats happening to make you feel like this? I hope no ones purposely upset you!!

    I'm sending so much Lola to you...

  • addictdroriches, I did not expect anyone to respond to this, as I have posted to what I thought was important before, like asking the admin to look into a teenager forum. The fact is that I am looking for something on a higther level, and am not able to find the source here. But what I have found is people that are heart felt like me, . I am a little turned off by the so called healers in our community, some of them are out for the almighty dollar! To be honest with you, I have come too far and learned many lessons, but I am quite turned off by these so called healer readers, many of them are wonderful, but the ones that I have come into contact with lately have just kept me up at night, they are not in the light, and are abusive!

  • addictdtoriches and Hopeternal,I wish you all the best. I am a little upset with the bull lately. But I wish you both all of the best that life has to offer, and thank you for your replie's, Lola.

  • luv2laf,

    I think I know what you mean, maybe you need to have a little break from this as it may be draining your own beautiful energy, I know how much love and compassion you have given out....

    but I know you will know whats best for you my friend.

    much Lola to you....



  • Hopeternal, Yes, and thank you, I'm done for now, too much, too many outsiders, not willing to do the work , but too willing to put their 2 cents in! I will share in my community where I can be of the most service for now. xoxox and thank you to all of you who have been in my heart!

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