:-( Need some mini-help :-

  • Hmmm I'm just feeling a lil down right now, kinda lost. Nothing big happened, no love problems, no family problems, I just feel blah 😞 I don't know why, I usually do not feel this way, of course everyone has their days I guess..I feel like I'm not doing anything, and I hate feeling like I'm not "DOING" anything. If that makes sense? I'd appreciate some help or words of advice...

    Haven't posted in awhile, I hope everyone is well!!!

    Love, peace & light to all ❤




  • Mestiza,

    Hey Gurl, I know exactly how your feeling

    its like sometimes i get so used to the problems

    such as family, friends, my own problems, ect crazy times

    and when there's none and Nothing is going unexpected

    i start feeling Bored, irritated, sometimes even depressed lol

    i love action & things happening ect. its a very empty feeling,

    some call it PEACE. its only TEMPORARILY.

    someone once told me...

    When things are up to Nothing, God is Up to Something.

  • Yeah exactly, I have no drama, no boyfriend lol, no major issues,friends are cool, fam is cool, I need a job though lol FML, but other than that, schools alright, so I'm just here like ......................?????????? :-

    I went jogging today, went to the gym, came back and read, now I'm just drinking a glass of wine before I go to sleep, I guess you can call it peace but it IS kinda getting me down in a weird way, I wonder why lol. It's so twisted. Hopefully God is up to something, Geez!!!! What's good cuz I'm here wondering!!! Lol

    Thanks for responding!!! 🙂

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