Why are my dreams coming true?

  • Hello to Everyone!

    I'm new here so pls bare w/ me. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find somone to read my records. I have a specific reason why I'd like to have someone to access them.

    I appreciate any feedback.............

    Blessings to all!

  • My dreams come true as well!!!!!! There is alot of symbolism in my dream, the actual DREAM won't come true, but the overall message does, it's like warnings, giving me heads up. I don't even realize it til the event happens. I usually call my boo in the morning and tell him my dreams and then he'll remind me hey didn't that happen in your dream? And I'm like holy molies yes it did lol. It freaked me out at first but now I look forward to my messages they are like personalized horoscopes for the day when I wake up. The message usually comes true that day or by the next 2-3 days. Crazy huh? 🙂 I have lots of deja-vu as well....ugh 🙂

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  • Hello Everyone. i just searched "my dreams have been coming true" in google, and this is where it brought me. i have had a few dreams recently and they have found a way to manifest themselves somehow in my life. they arent anything life changing or anything like that, just odd enough to send a chill down my spine when i see something and instantaneously relive my dream. like a few months ago, i had a dream that i was playing a game of halo but i was like actually in it, haha. but we were all flying around shooting at each other, which you cant do in any halo. but then the halo reach beta comes out, and bam, you have jetpacks! i mean it could very easily be a coincidence, and then i had a dream about being in a desert like abandoned place, and a huge beast was attacking me, a few days later i was playing fallout 3 and was attacked by a creature known as the deathclaw. i had never seen one before, but that was the same environment and monster as my dream. its just creepy, and i wanted to share. also, has anyone ever had a dream, where they were able to decide their actions in the dream? like do whatever they want, and have anything magically appear in their hand? and has anyone ever thought about something or someone, and then either that day or the next you see that person, or thing, or saying somewhere? coincidence, or not, its kinda chilling. thanks guys.

  • Hi everyone Well its been awhile since i wrote in here so here goes another Dream!

    I had a dream the other night that convinced me I was late picking my children up for school?

    I dont know how I always make sure i am early, but it paniaced me that much in my sleep when i awoke in my dream I looked at the clock and it said 7.30pm at night? I lost a few hours and couldnt understand why I was late? I drove to the school where I only found one of my sons and it left a chill down my spine that I couldnt find my other son. I saw my daughter and had a go at her for not picking up the boys when I never showed as her high school is a 10 minute walk from the boys, I felt distressed and wasnt sure what was happening or where he was but i did realise while standing there it was only a dream, and I saw myself sleeping! I told myself I had no need to paniac... So then when I awoke little freaked out the next morning for some reason the main thing I remembered was 7.30pm ?

    So know I play the waiting game and wonder 7.30pm or does it represent the 30th of the (July) that is coming! I have a feeling something will happen to me on this day, I didnt feel anything worrying about the kids when i awoke, just 7.30 so Know I will let you know if anything happens to me on the 30th July! I also looked up the number 730 in the Angel book I have and it says I am reading the information correctly. Also while going to pick up the kids later that day I saw a rainbow and another rainbow a hour later to confirm the angels are infact around and watching over me!

    So, What's coming I am not sure but I know something is coming! It aint special for me at all or that I know so I will wait and let others know when or what happens after the 30th july!

    Beaniac 🙂

  • I would think if your dreams do come true, then sometimes you might be able to prevent it from coming true it is something bad?


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