Why are my dreams coming true?

  • Hi everyone I am new so I am not experienced in this sought of thing... So here goes!

    I have had dreams since the age of 4 that seem to happen in reality?

    Not always 100% Accurate but sometimes they are too accurate and I get every detail correct!

    which kinda of scares me and I am not affraid to admit it ...

    I have had some very strange dreams from the past to the Future events that have come true.

    I am now 37 and things are only getting more out of control.

    For example, I had a dream that took 30 years to prove it. I dreamt of a new bridge being bulit and I was told at the age of 4 dont be ridiculaous until they came back 30 years later and said what the hell is going on with you how could you know that! Well thats the thing I dont know?

    I dont now why I dream all these things? They just happen. I dreamt a person getting hit of his push bike by a white ute and the very next day at my mums house I meet this New guy who was on crouches and he said to me that a white ute hit him which really freaked me out!

    Too many of my dreams are coming true?

    Can Someone please explain Why and How this is happening to me Please?

    Why do I dream these things ?

    Sometimes there so silly and othertimes they seem so real...

    I even went to the future but in a different state where I live and when i was near the end of the dream someone I knew said what are doing here Your not meant to be here yet?

    He slapped me in the forehead and I woke up?

    Can someone PLEASE, PLEASE, explain why I am dreaming things that come true? I dont understand why this is happening to me?


  • Sounds to me like your gift is premonitions. There may be nothing you can do to fix or prevent what you see in your dreams from happening but the knowledge is being given to you. I'm not psychic or at least not experienced at it so this is just my opinion. But I would just accept what you dream and see what comes of the messages you receive. It may simply be to make you are aware that you got the message and were correct, thus you were paying attention. More may come after that.

    Just to share an experience in our family. Many years ago my brother was supposed to go to Med school in the Dominican Republic. He'd been accepted, made his arrangements to go and move his whole family there. Then one night he had a dream. A dream that disturbed him greatly. He dreamt that he saw an island with a big skull on it, I'm talking huge over powering and the skull belonged to David. He somehow knew the name. It was just a short time before he was supposed to go to school and the dream kept nagging at him. For what seemed to the family as no reason at all he canceled his plans and said he wasn't going to go something didn't feel right. Just days from when he would have arrived in the Dominican, Hurricane David hit the Island, it killed many many people and took out a great portion of the school and hospital in its wake. He surely would have been killed. It's likely we would have lost them all. So he got his dream for a reason and even though he didn't understand at the time why it was bothering him so much it saved his life or so it seems. Not saying you have devastation in your future. Just relaying an experience that later made sense to us. Have patience and trust that there are others here who can help & guide you as you understand your gift.

  • Hello RCdreamer

    wow that is amazing about your brother and your family you were all very lucky indeed. Someone was looking after you all 🙂

    I have had many dreams or as I call them flashes know as they sometimes seem to happen so quickly and so detailed I have to look and remember whats around me quickly. I am slowely training myself to be more observant in my dreams and try and tell myself before I goto to sleep to remember my dreams. I try so hard but sometimes it doesnt work. I recently started mediation and have had a fasination for things others couldnt understand.

    No-one else in my family dreams like I do, infact they always discourged my dreams and told me they weren't true, so i tried to ignore them for years, but lately they are coming back twice as bad.

    None of my friends and family understand what i am going through. I have no-one, I feel I can talk to about this as they just think I am silly...

    For example I dreamt I killed someone last week in my dream and it was horrible I awoke sweating and Heart racing and thought ohhh no something bad is going to happen to me this week and sure enough later that day my daughter begged to take her out. I told her I didnt want to go anywhere as I had a bad feeling, but you know what kids are like she pushed and pushed and I eventually gave in. We got in the car and I live in a huge circle street with a park in the middle and as I was leaving our street a kitten ran across the road that 5 people in one car never saw, and sadly yes I admit it I hit the poor little thing. We tried to save the little darling but unfortunetly she died instantly. This was quiet disturbing for me as I am an animal lover and have 2 cats of my own. I was crying and upset and I looked at my teenage girls calmly and their firends and said see I told you about the dream I had and how I was going to to Kill something this week didnt I just say that before we left the house, Unfortunetly I found out it was a neighbours cat. But It was a very sad day for me and it has made me realise know there is something defintly going on with me...

    Not only that I freaked my daughters friends out by doing that. They couldnt believe I actually knew something bad was going to happen they obviously all just thought i was nuts...

    But now i have a few more believers.

    They are not always nice but out of two deaths i have seen both were animals? Not humans?

    But I beleive I have a strong connection with animals for some reason as they always visit me in meditation and dreaming.

    I dont know how I dream or why i dream like this it is something my family is slowly coming to terms with know. I tell them my dreams as soon as i wake up so i dont forget them but then they look at me like yer right... but when it comes they truely freak out! ... Not as much as they used too but after last weeks eposide they are starting to beleive my dreams finally.

    I wonder why this happens? I dont beleive I am psychic ..

    I just have weird dreams and I Dont see things or hear things so I am unsure why I am being showed these weird things, but feel I have strong intuition and I will next time listen to my gut feelings and go no where.

    Anyway I better stop chatting, Thankyou so much for sharing your experience with me RCdreamer your story was truley amazing 🙂

  • Beaniac, I am sorry to hear about the accident with the cat. I know how hurt you must have felt. it just proves that we needed to trust our instincts more. I too have allowed myself to fight them and put off something or ignore a message and usually it has come to bite me in the back side.

    I would be curious to know what are you doing to help you remember your dreams? I'm working on that myself and having a heck of a time with it.

    I bet next time you mention something you dreamed the girls are more apt to listen. Stay strong and have faith. I am very much learning that the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Maybe we aren't quite ready yet.


  • I can't say I've ever had dreams like this but I have had visitors/family members come see me in my dreams who have passed on.

    I would suggest keeping a dream journal. Keep it next to your bed and the moment you wake up, try to write down everything you remember. This may also help bring up parts of the dreams that you didn't remember right away.

    Don't be afraid of your dreams. RCdreamer is so right on....trust your instincts. I'm a firm believer in, if it doesn't feel right, it isn't right. Consider this a gift that you have...and understand that fate is an interesting beast. You have to wonder about the little kitty and what would have happened if, 1 you didn't go or 2, had just gone the moment your kids wanted to go. Would the kitty still have been there? Know what I mean. So my feeling is, trust your dreams but also know, your action can change outcomes.

  • Howdy RCDreamer

    Well I was talking to a psychic i use to know and she also suggested a Dream Journel like Cwonder which I am doing know.

    I also decided to do a few things of my own, like I have next to my bed severel pieces of quartz crystal, rose quartz, a huge bowl of stones all mixed up with different stones like angelite obsiden, and my favourite a Druids Stone that I was told to take at a psychic fair. The girl i was with ordered one in from this guy and he said he beleived I needed it more and gave us one each and said all great psychics like this stone and it is hard to find. So take it now, he even gave me a huge Round Septarian stone without paying for it and said he's my business card you can pay for it when you got it? I was amazed he gave it to me without paying and then he said I know you will pay and I did pay with in 2 weeks. Strange too cause I am born in september.

    I also Wear a Huge piece of Amber around my neck and I sleep with it on. Cause in meditation one night I was told to get some by my animal guide. I was told to buy some and kept it on.

    Since then I admit the amber and the druid stone helps bring me clarity. I hold it in my hands as I fall asleep and meditate ( it sleeps with me sometimes ) so i am in that frame of mind when I do fall asleep, I also say an affirmation, like.... I will remember my dreams and i will remember ever detail. When I done this the first time, I did remember everything. Even the colour of the bed spread and curtains in my dream, which amazed me. But It is slowly working more and more.

    The more open my mind is before bed the more i seem remember. I also light incense in the room to dwidle through the house while I am sleeping. and strange enough I have sage next to my bed to keep away the bad things from entering my head at night as I was told when i started doing this that I am being left open for psychic attack in my sleep, but I had one weird one, one night who I awoke saying Get out of my head! It was a psychic seeing what I was upto as i was giving of new vibes he never felt before and I meet him on his turf somehow and he refused to speak to me he stood there starring so I told him to remove himself from my dreams which he did. I worked out I control my dreams no-one else and I have learnt with practice to who allow in and who not too. I allow the angels to visit me all the time now I never new how to before until the psychic said you must believe in angels. I said to myself that day I dont know if they are real or not in my head no-one heard me, and then I copped a smack in the back of the head from the psychic and said they are real and dont ever doubt it! So she told me to go home and ask the angels for a sign so I could beleive.

    Well it took a few days but I was on my to school to pick up the kids in the car park and then walk across the oval everyday to get the kids, but this day was different the radio on was all angels songs like Beyonce Halo was on one channel, I turned the channel and the song was a an angel on my shoulder and devil in my hand, and the third channel actually had the band Angels singing one of their songs, I thought hey thats is weird they all singing about angels or is the band.... When I got to school In my amazement the oval had a path were i walk 5 times a week normally full of PURE White feathers, I looked around and thought wow were did all these come from? and Funny How they were all in a straight huge long line. I felt the Path was for me to walk through and the angels went out of their way to show me a sign. This was amazing Two full rows of feathers I did walk through them and when i got back from getting the kids from class half the feathers had disappeared and were being blown away.

    So Know I also ask the angels to help show me the way in my dreams.

    But as a caution if your over tired I dont dream I need to find the balance of not being too tired or I hit the pillow so hard I dont remember nothing! So when I can I try and catch up on sleep so I am freash and open minded.

    I hope some of this info helps you not sure if I am correct of course, as I said this is still all new to me as well, and I class myself still a learner but the last 6 to 9 months I have experienced more than I could ever beleive and attending Meditation has opened my mind up to explore things I never thought possible until now.

    Goodluck RCDreamer and please let me know how you go with your dreams and I will continue to add mine here for you. Maybe we can help each other understand why this happens and maybe together we give each other clues on how to help each other and anyone else who may experience these sought of dreams. 🙂

    Wish you all the best beaniac

  • This a good topic for anyone who experiances this, or anyone who has dreams that stay with them in general. I'm not a pyschic at all, don't see things,have had dreams that were coming too pass, as well as one that actually did happen, I dreamt about it happening too me intead of the person it did as it was actually happening. I may have caught thier emotions, not sure, but like you, I know what I dreamt! I have had plenty of intutive dreams,mostly revolving situations that were prevantly on my mind anyway, with a one or two exceptions, the type of dreams your having are prophetic, you could be more relaxed, in tune with this while sleeping, or subconciously, which obviously makes it a bit harder too develope, or work with! I have noticed that they can be a bit erratic, come and go, if your family thought they weren't true then that could make you feel different, or not good about it, thus leading you too put it on ignore, sounds like youv'e been open enough latley for it too develope, come agian, regardless of the message you took in from those that don't get it. I know not every dream I have is intutive, mostly symbolic of emotions or feelings I would have about whatever I'm dreaming about, for you, I can only imagine that might be difficult too dercern the difference. That would be my first step, that way you don't feel so skittish. I don't know if counteracting a dream with a negative consquence could be helpful or not, mabe worth a try, like the one you had that was ended in you feeling awful, not sure if staying home would have been the message or not? Hopefully you'll be able too explore it more here!

  • I get dreams too, but they are more like Nightmares to me and its really weird isn't it what we dream so i can understand what yur going through beaniac 🙂

  • beaniac, thanks for sharing your story. I do think I need to get some stones and put them in place. That has been mentioned to me by several people. Right now things at home are not conducive to peaceful atmosphere which makes meditation hard if not impossible and the dreams well really scattered what I do remember.

    But I have to tell you last night I dreamt of my mom, it was a weird dream,made no sense to me but it is the first time I have dreamt of my mother since her passing 24 years ago. I felt like I was being followed or chased in some way. I was in a car with my mother and some man. I felt he was older but couldn't see his face, he was thin and small stature wearing green. My mom was dressed up, well dressed up from what was norm for her. We were trying to get to this house and as I arrived I went to open the house the key I had for some reason I didn't use I opened the garage bay door instead,crawling underneath. The garage was a wreck. My intention was that I needed to get the car inside so "they" wouldn't see it but there was stuff everywhere in the garage, no way a car was going to fit in there. I pressed a button on the wall thinking it was the garage door opener to open the bay and instead this thing came down from the ceiling on wires, it was hanging a bit crooked but clear as day I could see it was a fireplace screen. Finally my mom and the guy came in from some other entry point and walked on to enter the house from the garage. I got the sense my mom was tired of waiting for me to open the door so she came in her way. But the dream didn't make sense to me. As I write this "she came in her way" stands out to me, maybe it was a visit. Sure hope it wasn't supposed to have relevance because I'm confused by the messages otherwise. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for the tips on how to remember your dreams I'll keep working on that. Have my dream journal right next to the bed.

    Odd question do you find you dream or recall your dreams more with an open window in the room?


  • I tend to have dreams that come true. My problem? I don't remember the dream but when the situation actually unfolds....I know that I have seen it before. Deja vu so to speak. Ut-oh...been here...already done that and it always unfolds the way it does in my dream. I wish I could do better at this but I have found recently that I am having a hard time remembering my dreams. Weird since I usually remember them when I wake up. However, last night, I was reading Sylvia Browne's book on the Temples on the Other Side. I found out that you can seek the Halls of Wisdom thru your dreams and meet with the counsel of Elders for advise and guidance. So far this is the only one I have seen that you can reach by just asking God. I am also going to a class tonight on the Hall of Records. I can't wait to go in and try this to see what I can see. On that note, I dreamed last night (and I remember this) that I was working in a previous job where I used to transcribe documents. In this dream, I kept going to a counter with a computer and I kept trying to look up information and bits and pieces were available to me, (I don't know what) but then I was trying to transcribe records again for a former boss (very demanding and not nice boss) and the harder I tried to type what she had dictated, the more distracted I became and I couldn't get anything down on paper. There were always minor little details that distracted me. So....I'm going to look at this as a first step that I am going to get into the Hall of Records and see. However, the book last night indicated that we are no able to read our own records. We need our guides and Angels to read for us. This helps me think that what I was seeing was the beginning of the Hall of Records but I couldn't read them for myself. Anyway.. I guess I was trying to say that I think you have a wonderful gifts...and with all gifts...there can be negatives such as dreaming about bad things. Trust your intuition...keep us updated. I'd love to hear more about your dreams.

  • Aunt Buck your dream is interesting. Well if you can't read your own records, can you read mine??? LOL maybe I can get in and read yours. We'll swap info. LOL It is interesting to see how the mind works while we rest our bodies.

  • Well...according to the book, they are in the language of the Other Side and us mortals cannot read the language. We can access it with our spirit guides and angels but they actually doing the translation for us. There are over 20 different halls that you can access but so far the Hall of Wisdom is the only one she said you can get to without meditation. I really need to get the meditation down. It's so hard for me to clear my mind chatter but I'm not giving up hope. I'll let you know how tonight's class goes. Angel Metratron(?) is apparently the angel that they call upon to help access these records. I need to research more on this angel. I was going to drop a note to Angelreader and see what she knows.

  • So you like the book AuntBuck? I've seen her on Montel Williams, seems like a nice enough person, but the Sean Hornbeck case happend 20 minutes from where I use too live, everybody was looking for this kid, I had a investigator I know tell me they didn't think he would ever be found, Slvia Brown told his parents give up, he's dead. Well, thank the God she was wrong about that one! That was a beautiful day in our neck of the woods! Mabe he felt that way or something, not sure why she got that wrong.

  • I don't know them personally or anything, just hit close too home I guess, I remember I was at the gorcery store when they found those kids after all those years, everyone was talking about it, the cashiers actually stopped ringing people up for a few minutes, just a miracle. I wonder if some those kinds of cases are just so sad, that mabe even the best pyschics have a hard time with them or something, she was on that show once,talking about dreams where people come out of their body's, and she said the funniest thing, she said why would people hover over themselves, or stay in the room, why not visit a friend or something", that was funny, made sense.

  • Hi everyone wow, the topic has grown.

    Ok firstly I would like to say to RCdreamer that i too have a very hectic life with 4 kids and find it hard to meditate at my house. I can only do it at night time before bed, while all is quiet. Otherwise I admit I goto to classes with a Psychic I love dearly. I only ever found one psychic I could trust and totally beleived. This has also given me extra courage to explore my dreams.

    I asked for permission to join their meditation classes with a real a psyhic so I knew if what i was dreaming was true. I have had outstanding results working with Peta here in Australia and she encourages me to explore my own mind which i like but sometimes im a bit slow to understand, but Crystals do wonders and enhance our gifts. And I also beleive the psychic increases my meditation awareness when i am near here meditating. I am not sure if a window opens helps or not but i admit mine is always open a little bit when Im asleep.

    Now a wierd question you said the fireplace has some relevence in the dream when it fell down, do you have a fireplace in your house now??? If not I am not sure what it would mean, but if you have a fireplace make sure the screen is in front off it incase it is a warning too you to make sure the fireplace is secure. Otherwise do you have an attic in your house? Or did your mum store things in the roof? Maybe something you can explore to see if it was a sign from your mum. Obviously you were very tuned into this dream your remembered quiet a bit of detial.

    So Explore the possibilities of the fireplace and the roof. Maybe its a sign to explore these areas? and for you to remember the words "she came in her way" maybe this was a sign to say she is still with you in your heart and she hasnt forgotten about you. She finally found away to visit you! In your dreams. This is the most I can get from your dream I am afraid. But please explore the roof area of your house and Fireplace for safety reasons and for anything that may be hidden in a roof area of the house or even the garage...

    Hope this helps let me know if you find anything?

  • Hi AUNTBUCK I also experience dejavu quiet alot. This usaully happens to me if i cant remember my dreams properly then as you said it all unfolds in front of you and you already know you have seen this happen before. Happens to me quiet a bit sometimes If I cant remember my dreams. So It is possible your doing the same. Even though you cant remember your dreams the next day, when something triggers it you remember.

    Also I beleive I have visited my own Life records before and found out a few things that were interesting about myself, But i was shown how to get their by my animal spirit guide. He flew me to where my records were kept and where he protects them. I dont know about 20 rooms mine had only One were mine was and there was door but i didnt explore that option, but I admit it was written in a different lanuage or most of it anyway. I thought it was written in latin or something but near the end of the book was some english and The book was open for me to read

    Now the reason I couldnt read it was I was shown in meditation one of my lifes history written in the book but i was shown in picture form. I was shown why I am scared of water over my head. I apparently died drowning in a past life and this is why I still carry the fear of the water. I was only a child about 8 10 years old when i slipped on the edge of the cliff and fell I landed in the water below and was still alive, but the dress I was wearing weighed my down and I couldnt swim and the current was so strong it took me down stream were I drowned.

    I may not be able to read the book but if you ask your angel or spirit guide maybe you can be shown 🙂 But I do now it takes alot of practise and our meant to be experienced at mediation before you try and find it. I honestly dont now why i found mine so easily my 2nd meditation lesson I was dreaming of this and the psychic said I was unexperienced I should not of found it yet? I said i found a book open and that freaked her out and she said your more advanced than I thought. To find it open means you have been there before if not in this life, Another.

    Try asking your spirit guides to take you?

    I was taken by my animal spirit guide.

  • Beaniac - I responded to the original thread on what I was shown and even if it wasn't great detail...it was still so amazing to me and comforting. I also think that I have learned a little more about meditation and shutting off my conscious brain so that my subsconscious can come thru. I have a lot of time of my hands now that I am not working and will be definitely exploring all of these things. I know that there is more information for me to see but I just need to go back and now that I know how to get there...yea!!! I'll be going to check out more records.

    Sylvia Browne says that there are 20 temples, only one was the hall of records. The others were for judgment, wisdom, etc. Sorry if I wasn't clear on that. I read your experience on the other thread and it is just amazing to me! All of this is such a positive experience for me...I can't wait to go find more.

    I want to find my animal spirit guide. I will find out what that is as soon as I figure out how to. For some reason...I think it's a cat. Don't ask me why...but that's what is coming to me. LOL.

  • beaniac thanks for looking at my dream. Unfortunately I have nothing stored in my roof and no fireplace in my life. I suffered and lived through a fire in the past but doubt the relevance refers to that. It was definitely a fireplace SCREEN, not the fireplace itself. The only thing I get from it which is still sort of a guess on my part is to protect myself from the fire (which in my case I associate with an attack by others of sorts). I don't know if I am analyzing it correctly or not. The part about my mom coming in her own way kind of was an analysis on my part too, not actual words I heard. I took note of the fact that as I was in the garage struggling to open the door and overcome the clutter that she chose to enter anyway. To me that meant she wasn't waiting for me to let her in anymore. I may be over analyzing it. I have that tendency for sure.

    For a very long time I've felt sort of disappointed that my brother had been visited by her since her death many years ago. I even used to cry going off to sleep that it wasn't fair, he didn't need her like I do. Perhaps I just had to allow my subconscious to invite her or let her in.I don't really know, still learning on that part but I suppose it makes sense,if so it's sad it took me 24 years to open the door and let mom pay me a visit.

    Thanks for your take on the dream.

  • Howdy RCDreamer

    not a problem at all, I knew I most proberly was wrong but thought if the fireplace screen was significant enough to suggest it just incase. Sorry I am defintly not psychic I no that much!

    But thought it was worth mentioning. I tend to over analyise my dreams also. I also thought of a a move to a New house with a firelpace?

    Also I looked in a book I got about dreaming and it states ... consider your visit to be a lucky omen, if you've been visited by a deceased loved one. The message given to you in this dream will come a reality and victory due to your valiant intergrity when making decisions, You will not compromise your principles. then it states the dream will leave large cluses for a dramatic move your about to undertake. This will bring immediate and positive changes into your life.

    Maybe a New house in the works with a New fireplace? Or Maybe a clue to clean out the clutter? A New you maybe emerging and your being more Open to your intution ? It could mean severel things really. Just remember this dream and write it down. In severel months something could ring true...

    bye for now 🙂 beaniac


  • Hey beaniac,

    Thanks for the book interpretation of the dream. Certainly gives me food for thought. I wrote everything down so I will revisit it from time to time. I'm pretty sure eventually there is a move ahead, don't know yet if it will be a positive one. Starting to think I'm gonna fill up my garage with clutter, that can't be good ....LOL I love that the visit is a good omen. I'll keep you posted as things unfold but you are right I am on a journey of changing myself, hopefully for the better and I could see how that will be positive if I am successful.

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