Should i make a move?

  • here's the situation. there was this guy, he's 10 yrs older than me and he'd been my supervisor for the month of aug. i sort of had a crush on him but totally dismissed the idea of having a relationship with him beacuse he's probably married. he's nice to everyone, but my friends noticed that he's specially nicer to me, nothing really romantic though. just last week i resigned from work and then he texted me asking what happened and stuff which really surprised me because hey why does he care so much he's not even my supervisor that moment. and then he asked if we could go out sometime and told me to keep in touch. i kind of agreed but since then i received nothing from him again and i was left here waiting. i think i really like him because i couldn't stop thinking bout him. thoughts of him gives me a rush, aches and stuff. he said he isn't married but ive checked his web profile, pictures of him and 2 kids constantly appears. what should i do should i contact him??? or just forget it.

  • Go for it, but insist on his place. See if there is a wife in evidence....

  • Just gotta pass this on:-

    People who live passionately teach us how to love.

    People who love passionately teach us how to live.

    So, attack life with gusto and passion, and tell me what the answer is.

  • I say go for it too! Age should not be a factor. You like him and he likes you (If not he would not have text you). But take it slow! Don't let that rush you get when you see him make you loose your head. I say go on a date with him and ask him straight out if he is married. Don't tell him how you feel about him right away let him be the one to tell you his feelings fist but do tell him you are not willing to have anything with a married man (which I hope I'm right).

    Good luck!

  • Hi, he maybe shy (yes, there are shy men), as you are younger and gorgeous and has had to wait until now from August to get to know you. He is sensible in that he did not start a relationship in work, (the rumours, i've been there) but he just dropped a text. How definite was your answer he might think that you was being polite and was not really serious about seeing him. Might be an idea to send him a friendly text, saying hi, mention how you are doing, I would not mention about going out, keep it short and sweet - let him do the chasing. Sometimes men do 'retreat' they do have some very strange behaviour issues. But then this all part of the fun. Hope he flirts back and you enjoy it. He would be mad not to.



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