Captain forgot to give birth dates

  • Mine 9-23-1953 born 11pm his 04-18-1964 do not know birth time

  • This relationship works better for friendship than love. It may serve to open up both philosophical, social or aethetic understanding and other more wordly matters to you both, but you will use this understanding more to advance your ambitions as a couple than as a spiritual resource. You two are generally pragmatic; unless you are strongly attracted to each other physically - which is unlikely - so a passionate love affair is usually ruled out. Your rather unromantic striving for aesthetic or philosophic excellence may prove more important and gratifying to you if you are friends.

    The relationship may require one of you to assume a parental or paternal role and that person will probably be your friend. You Cathy need a strong and responsible mate or friend to support you, and your friend can play that part well. His big heroic personality can also serve as the hook for your psychological projections: having idolised or depended on a friend or family member when young, you may unconsciously seek that person's qualities later in life, and may think you have found them in your friend. Seeing this happening, he may feel a certain resentment at being cast in this parental role. He will want to be loved and appreciated for who he is, not as a projection of someone else.

    Your friend is capable of a deep understanding of people and can see beyond the glitzy appearance with which you often surround yourself, and to alert him to deeper possibilities for personal growth. There may be other difficulties, however, the most prominent of these being the fact that matters of taste and aesthetics are not of great interest to your friend but are of utmost importance to you. You may quarrel over the importance of dress, furnishings, architectural design and decoration. But your friend can learn a great deal from you about how to appreciate aesthetic beauty, and about its value and use in the world.

    This relationship was never meant to go too deep. Appreciate your friendship and don't look for more. Stop playing these harmful games with each other and be a real friend, instead.

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