Help Captain I need to know if hes coming back

  • I know him 18 years he always wanted to be with me but I just wanted to me friends 6 years ago we got together and lived together for 4 years I fell madly in love with him well 8 months ago he left I found out he was cheating on me and is now living with her he still calls me and tells me he loves me and he should of treated me better we have been together a few times I just wanted to get even with her I even went as far as telling her we were together but she is still with him he tells me he is coming back and like a jerk I want him back I am so confused Tell me will he come back or will I find someone better I feel that is the only way I will forget him help. P.S. he still helps me alot cuts my grass, if something breaks in the house he fixes it and this makes her crazy as she thinks we are doing something.

  • As I told you in your other post, you see this man as a father figure, not a lover, someone who will care and protect you. He doesn't want to be your parent though which is why he left. A feeling of guilt that you will be helpless wothout him draws him back, but it is not man-woman love.

  • captain you could not be more wrong first of all i never posted another post and if it was as a father figure he would not want sex all the time we are together or talk on the phone thanks but I think you mixed me up with someone else

  • Hello Cathy

    I am a guy from Denmark, i am not psychic or anything, but i might be able to give you some advice

    as i see it, you still love this guy a great big deal ( even though he cheated on you ) and i think you may be a little blinded from the love you feel for him, he may all be a nice guy ( i don't know him ) but you have to ask you self if you really want this guy back - the reason why i write this is because often when you "loose someone/something" you want it back even more, try to see things more clearly

    Then try this for a starter: but yourself in a come and relaxed state of mind ( meditating or otherwise ) and when you feel in harmony within your self, write down the good and bad things about this guy that you can come up with ( and do include the fact that he has cheated on you as one of the bad things ) in order to see if you really, really, really want him back

    If so, then start to look at the situation as it is, he live now with this "new" women, but he still

    come around your house, why is that? - as i see it he "cheat on both of you", the guy don't know what he wants, as he "play" on two "horses", you need to ask him to make a choice, he cant just come around your home like nothing ever happen, its not fair to his new girlfriend ( who properly loves him as much as you do ) and its not fair to you, i know its hard, but you have to make him realize that he have to make a decision, either it is her, or it is you - for right now he is not nice to any of you girls, so basically let him know that he cant come around you house unless he want to be with you, i know it means that you cant see him anymore if he choose to be with her, but it is the only way, either its her, or it is you

    PS: please try not to hate "her" as she is basically in the same position as you, it really is him, that is messing things up, coz he don't know what he wants - i don't know if is of any help Cathy, but i do hope the best for you

    • love RadiZ

  • Hi Captain,

    I love a guy a lot..His name starts with K

    Tell me is he the one? Will we meet each other soon?

    if yes then what period of time..?

    year month ?



  • thank you i was angry at her because she knew he was with me and still did this he was coming home to me every night and when i found out i told him to leave and i know i am stupit i just can not get over him its not like i never ended a relationship its just that heres a guy i knew for 18 years wanted to be with me and i just wanted to be friends then 6 years ago i said to myself heres a guy that loves you and will never hurt you and i gave it a try and fell so much in love with him and got so hurt

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