Reading from espearite?

  • Hi Espearite,

    I was wondering if you had a free moment to do a reading for me? I'm feeling on the weak side and I'm afraid of being too subjective right now to do a reading myself. Right now, I wish I knew what to do, which path to take? I haven't spoken to my ex for over a month now and I keep wondering how I feel about that. A part of me is that strong woman who says: his loss, you should be over that fool. Another part of me is, of course, drooling over the idea of reconciliation. And yet a third part, just wants to have my friend back...but is a friendship even possible?

    I am thinking about calling him...just to get out of the stale water, you know? Feel things out...but I'm afraid that will just ruin things and, honestly, I'm waiting for him to make the first moves. I doubt he and I will ever be just strangers...we were more like family at times, so it's really strange to act like he never existed...

    Can you do a reading for me that asks what will happen if I try to reconnect? What I should do? Should I wait, should I act? What are the possibilities?

    Honestly, though, only if you have time...I know these things take a ton of energy sometimes.

    Many thanks,


  • Hey decembermoon, I will be getting to your reading as soon as I can. I've got a few people ahead of you. I am trying out a new way of reading, so I am just keeping my fingers crossed that I've improved since I've last been here. Anyway, please bear with me. I'll talk to you soon.

  • thank you espearite!

  • Decembermoon, I've had a change of plans for tonight and had some time to complete your reading. Please let me know if I need to clarify anything for you.

    First I do want to say it can be very hard trying to move forward with your life after a break up, especially if that person is still hanging around in some form or another. This is when we begin to doubt ourselves and eventually begin to reason that maybe we were wrong. All the while, our intuition is there. I think we do listen to it, but what we know and how we can stick to it I think are two different things. Like the saying, "Easier said than done." No one's perfect, though, and we're all subject to our moments of not being as strong as we think we should be.

    Can you do a reading for me that asks what will happen if I try to reconnect?

    Energy. Eight of Swords reversed + Ace of Cups reversed. This combination shows me that it would not be wise to reconnect with him at this time. It just feels like you've outgrown him (8 of Swords reversed). If you did return to him it would not create a favorable situation, but one where one or the both of you would end up feeling spiteful towards the other (Ace)/discouraged.

    What I should do? Should I wait, should I act? What are the possibilities?

    Your approach to the situation now. Knight of Pentacles reversed + The Star reversed. This tells me you are finding it difficult to adapt to the situation because you must learn what is required in order to adjust to it, emotionally and mentally, especially when you were having this relationship (i.e., this knight is about hands on situations and applying himself). With this card, there are issues around discipline and staying grounded. Coupled with The Star card reversed, I am seeing low self-esteem as well as a lack of belief in yourself. I think you need some encouragement in the right direction. You should look to a path that will not fail to inspire you, because it is we ourselves who can truly make us happy.

    You are influenced more externally with self-appreciation at the center of this. But you do have the right perception of your situation, not very many do.

    How you can approach the situation. Knight of Swords. You are ready to learn what is required of you in understanding your situation, but not necessarily ready to take any major steps. It is an active period but the card suggests you should take some time out to think about what actions you want to take. This knight gathers information and relays it with care. He looks at his options and plans for what he will do. For some reason, it feels like legal matters or communication through long distant means, i.e. email, phone, etc. I would put my observation skills to work at this time as well as those involving communication, so expressing yourself will also be beneficial. Sometimes we need to make time for ourselves in a way that will be therapeutic. This card reminds me of the unwritten letter where you're getting your feelings out and then putting it behind you, i.e., throwing it away. I think journaling might also help you.

    How you can do this. 4 of Wands. You will need to make some kind of sacrifice and do without something you've relied on, such as the support of the person you were with? It is something you might not have control over, but will prove effective.

  • Hi Espearite and thank you for the reading.

    Yea, I tried doing my own reading, when I felt like I was ready. The path that was for "contacting" was full of wands, those hardworking cards and the reward was Strength. Bleh. No thanks.

    For non-contacting, I had page of wands as the reward. Either it indicates a message and that he will contact me OR it's saying I will have new beginnings elsewhere.

    There is definitely low-self esteem to the point of wanting to end my life early. Not because of the break up but because of a gazillion other things going on the in background of life right now. I also did get the King of Swords and Knight of Wands for advice on what I should do. I think, as you said, I should take time out to think about whichever action I want to commit to.

    What do you mean about the communication through distant means?


  • decembermoon,

    Yes, I understand what you mean. I don't get the wands coming up for you either in trying to get back with this guy, but more than seeing them as happy cards, you can see them as something you need, i.e, what it's probably going to take to get back with this person. You can say that a lot of wands represents a lot of energy going around and that this person might be draining for you. With strength, I think it would require a lot of strength to resurrect this relationship. I also believe that it could be a message telling you that you need strength and you're learning the lesson at this point in your life. You tell me that you are feeling very discouraged as a result of the things happening in your life. It seems like when it rains, it pours, doesn't it? I think King of Swords and Knight of Wands are indicators of how you should approach the situation. You do have a good head on your shoulders as the King of Swords would indicate. You also might be on the go as the Knight of Wands. At most, he tells me you are trying the best you can with the chaos in your life, so hang in there, you're doing great! Time outs are really a good way to clear your mind and get a more objective look at your life. I think you will be able to understand where you need to apply yourself. A good teacher always told me that in order to understand a thing, you must understand its pattern first.

    What I meant about the long distance communication is that your cards indicated to me that you are dealing with communications, some process where you are gathering information. You are writing, talking, emailing and it seems to me like it's really important. It has legal qualities about it, ones where you should be careful about how you handle it. I was also maybe thinking you were in communication with your ex. But the mainly its telling me this surrounds delicate information and communication. I hope things work out for you. 🙂

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