Which card has the most signifgance?

  • I keep getting the card that says marriage or partnership is coming my way i cant remember which one

    but i want to know how important each card is.

    Thanks 228

  • Hello 228,

    There is no difference. Each card is infinitely important, and infinitely meaningless. The essence of a good reading is to figure out to what part of you and your life a certain card corresponds in a certain spread. If you keep drawing the same card over and over again, there is something telling you to pay attention to it. Then, depending on the question you asked when you drew t, and your own specific situation, analyze how this card is telling you something that you didnt allready know about.


  • folckert, thanks i will pay attention.


  • Also, if a single card is of particular interest to you, (or seems to have particular interest in you) there are plenty ways to try and understand it better. There is an enormous ammount of text on tarot, and lots of explanations and meanings to each card. You may want to examine the symbolism of the card in other decks, or learn about its depth by researching what other attributions, (Astrological, Qabalistic, Goetic or whatsoever, ) are to it. Even if these seem far-fetched, you can usually learn a lot about something by looking at it from different viewpoints.

  • Folckert,

    Thanks for the advise i will check this ot a little more further.

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