Looking for an HONEST, ACCURATE psychic.. any recommendations?

  • Are there any out there? I am having trouble deciding what to do with a situation and would like some honest, accurate insight. I have tried many readers on Keen, Psychic Source, Psychic Center, California Psychics, Psychic Power, and I think thats all HA! I know, its a lot, huh?

    I dont like having to decipher through fraud after fraud trying to find the truth.

    I would greatly appreciate anyone's experiences with psychics they've read with, good and bad!

  • Dear PT,

    I guess I'd approach it differently...have you ever tried to talk to your angels directly and clear out the noise in your head searching for the answers...and stop and let your own Divine Guidance come through? Your angels know what is the right decision for you...but they can't do a thing to help you unless you ask them for help. This comes down to your own internal guidance and your own highest Self...you are wanting someone else it sounds like to me to predict your future and tell you to do option A.

    But the thing is, you already know the answer. You just are not listening to it. What I mean is your head is full of your ego (also known as the lower self) which is calling all the shots and leaving you confused. Should I do this, or maybe that, or no that won't work. And your ego will not be giving you any comforting messages that you can bank on. It's mass confusion usually. The only way to get in touch with your own Divine Guidance is to just stop. Find silence in your life. Make some quiet time. And ask your angels to come to your side and help you make this decision.

    I do know if you pick an option, and it is not falling into place easily...that your angels are telling you that isn't the right option. When they are with you, helping you, pieces fall into place and you marvel at how it all happens. It happens because they are helping you with their far-reaching vision and multiple resources at their disposal.

    I have no idea what you are having trouble deciding. Every psychic I know truthfully tells you what they see and feel and hear at that moment in time. But you have free will don't you? You can make a decision tomorrow that sets in motion a whole host of events in the Universe that undoes the very thing you are trying not to undo. I would offer it to my angels right now and just be honest. Say you haven't a clue what to do and you need help and you need direction. Then start listening. Start seeing how you feel about different ideas. If you pick Option A, how does it feel to you? Does it make you joyful? Happy? Full of Love? Does it help and benefit others? Not pick Option B. What does it do for you? Go through many options and get in touch with YOU. You create your own life...so why not create it so you are filled with joy in the decisions you make? If it's something scary, makes you unhappy, makes you anxious, that isn't your angels' choice.

    At least some food for thought. When you feel lost, and you keep searching for answers...I say start with yourself. Start trusting your own intuition. Start loving yourself. And most importantly, call your angels in to help you. It all starts with asking them to.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • PT Girl - I am also Capricorn and have found The Captain to be incredibly accurate and very much to the point as well as HansWolfgang who is very insightful and gifted. Both are wonderful guides who can help you see a larger perspective, though in different ways. I hope this is helpful! Peace.

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  • Its actually a relationship issue where someone else's feelings are involved. We were together for 4 years and recently split up to take time apart to see if we were really meant to be married or if we should go our seperate ways. I havent spoken to him in about 2 months so I dont know where I stand, but I want to give him his space. Im going back on forth over if I should make the effort to make things right, and possibly end up pushing him farther away, or just sit back and wait and hope he makes the effort.

    Im feeling so many different things that I cant tell what my intuition is telling me. Ive tried to ask that the answer be shown to me, but I still have all of this confusion.

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  • Thats what I did, I sent a little email.. explaining a few thinks. Told him I respected his reasons to ending things and that I respected his space and would leave the rest up to him. Im definitely not the clingy type, Im more independent and even a little stubborn .. so even sending the email was hard for me.

    Now I wait.. Im just so impatient! ha 😉

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  • I like bitwine and keen

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