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  • I wish for someone to please look at my love situation and do a reading, be it tarot, physic, astrology, anything please.

    My initials are EGB but I was EGJ, I was born 11/12/1968, the man I loves initials are JB and he was born 31/12/1961.

    We have been dating since the full moon in September 2008, but the situation is not perfect.

    Will everything turn out all right? Is there hope?

  • Earthsoul, this relationship can endure if you work through its problems.You two are poles apart, which means you can encompass a whole world between you. You EGB are by nature optimistic and effusive, your friend more realistic and selective. Though this is a potentially volatile mix, you two can form a powerful union, with the qualities of one synergistically intensified by those of the other. Whether you are rivals or serve on the same team, you complement each other's lives, and reason correctly that success in one area could indicate a similar superiority in another. One disturbing element of this matchup is that you two often activate each other's dark side, and must be sure to keep destructive tendencies from getting out of hand.

    A friendship or marriage between you may develop into a career association and vice versa. Couples with as close emotional ties as you two have can be remarkably successful in business or sports, or in scientific or artistic pursuits. But financial disagreements, arising from the tension between your liberal spending and your friend's thriftiness, may be unavoidable.

    A friendly rivalry between you stimulates you both to higher levels of performance - a positive form of competitiveness on which such relationships seem to thrive. You are exceptionally willing to learn from each other - in certain areas, each of you may prove to be the other's best teacher. A love affair can be perilous however; darker desires may be aroused that can lead just as easily to instability and violence as to sexual gratification. Unfortunately, fixed roles and behavioural patterns may prevent you two from interacting personally and thus having a chance to work out your differences.

    But if you can learn from your differences and not compromise them away, this relationship has good prospects for the long term. Keep an eye on your dark sides, reach financial agreement, and avoid labels. Possibly destructive and violent, this matchup also has the potential to be integrated, natural and successful, but only if you both do the work.

  • Thank you so much Captain, it does show our relationship as it is.

    You are so kind to respond.

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