2 Questions about magic :

  • pardon, I guess I should have read to the last page b4 posting, everyone has a lot of insight and good intent here, lovely!

  • When I found out the man I was involved with was married, I was devastated, his wife accused me of stalking him. She said she knew we were never in a relationship, really, I couldnt believe she was saying these things to me. I was single for 13 years before I started seeing him and yes there was a real relationship. I was so in love and so hurt I couldnt hardly handle myself after everything was put on the table of honesty. She did tell me that her best friend was a witch and she was having a spell put on me (the innocent one). I would like to put a spell on them. I am still very angry and pray everyday I get over this. I also pray that he gets his karma for being such an a** and such a liar. I would like the spell if it's possible or I would like someone more powerful than myself to do it. Thanks for letting me vent

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