2 Questions about magic :

  • I don't really have experience with spells, and am not sure if I believe in them yet, though I am willing to give them a try, and to put more effort into them, should the first few prove effective...

    Though I have some questions.

    1st (and most important) -

    If I cast a spell on myself, with the purpose of making me either more responsible, more attractive, smarter, wiser, stronger, more effective...

    Am I going against the rules in any way? Will I get the 3x problems? Because by affecting myself, I am also affecting everything around me... I was thinking, if through magic I become smart enough to raise my grades, then I might get a spot somewhere ahead of someone who otherwise would get it.

    I want to improve myself, but I don't want to damage myself or others in the process.

    2nd ... I did buy 3 little books I found at a bookstore, but I'm not sure if they're what I'm looking for, to start doing spells. Could anyone recommend anything for beginners? The halfway goals are to be to improve my own qualities, and make me be able to get the most out of all the qualities I already have, and either remove or reduce my own flaws. The final goal is to be able to cast some powerful spell to bring me and the right person for me together(no one specific. just whoever is the right person).

    I could use some tips. Right now the only thing I think about is that golden rule about not causing harm to others. I still don't know how to define what is related to which element... I find it confusing.

    3 - About crystals/stones/whatever is useful... what is best for self-protection? And where can I find some place where it talks about the crystals, and what they do, and how effective they are? If there's a website about it i'd appreciate, because since I'm still a university student and don't work, I have to pretty much be more careful with my spendings, and save my money for the things I cannot find online.

    And is there a crystal to attract the love of your life to you? That would help tremendously. Or one to make you feel more active, so I'd feel more like going out and meeting people.

  • Personally I believe there are no easy shortcuts in life. If you want to be better, you have to put in the work to improve yourself. No magic spell is going to give you what you don't have the potential or ability for. If you want to work magic on yourself, put in the time and effort to become more attractive or smarter. Study up on how to do that - there's plenty of information on the internet. I myself think that, if you don't feel attractive or smart enough, then you have to work on your self-image and how much you love yourself. No magic spell is powerful enough to make you love yourself if you don't.

    But hey that's just my opinion. I'm not a wizard or magician so ignore this if you want...

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  • Alright thanks (Both Captain and laithano).

    Captain, the smart part was just for example, and although a bit more wouldn't hurt, I'm more interested in using what I have to the fullest, because I feel I have as much as I need..

    Although the attractiveness, I admit, I don't feel I have quite enough of it, and wish I could improve it. I'm defenitely not even CLOSE to being a head turner. Though I lately have come to realize that I do have some pretty nice qualities which I didn't value much before(first of all, the fact that I do NOT have plenty of bad qualities which I have been noticing a lot more guys than I first thought have)... but none of those are qualities that one sees at first glance... only when they've bothered to try to get to know me. And it's easier to want to get to know me if I look more attractive 😉

    I'll be going to England tomorrow for one week to visit some cousins, so probably I won't be able to reply to anyone else who posts their views on this, so I apologize. But I will reply when I get a chance.

    Also lai, I would like to avoid joining a coven or anything like that. While I still believe in, and talk to god(although I can't hear the replies, since I am not even able to meditate properly yet... but I hope what I say is heard up there). and worship god in my own way, I have kind of broken free from the rules that the catholic religion I was raised in imposes, and I would like to not be tied to a named religion anymore, since while my views may have coinciding elements, I would like to keep my ''religion'', so to speak, nameless. Because not binding it to a name makes it more free, the way I see it.

    I have, however, come across the designations of ''high magic'' and ''low magic''...That's the name, right? From what I read it's low magic that appeals to me the most, as it seems easier to learn to apply in the short term, and more practical.

    Anyway really need to sleep, flight is tomorrow morning.

  • Hey there Hidden Diamond,

    From my understanding, if you put it out there with "the intention for the highest good of all concerned", or something to that effect, you are declaring to the universe and anyone else that cares to listen, that your intentions are honorable, and are for the very best for anyone that will be affected by your spell casting. Don't forget to cast a circle or cloack yourself in white light for protection though.

    I'm a real novice myself, however I have a book by Fiona Horne, an Aussie whitewitch who is a cool, funky chick, all about self empowerment and positive attutude. Her books are fun, informative and she speaks to you as a girlfriend. I also have her album 'WitchWeb' - cool to play while I'm playing around with tarot or just in a witchy frame of mind.

    Another cool Aussie witch is Lucy Cavendish. I've been reading her White Magic book on and off for about 2 yrs, and have her Tarot Oracle cards.

    Both of these hip and groovy witches have inspired me heaps and I can't speak highly enough of them. Even if you don't cast spells, their books are really enjoyable, informative and easy to read.

    Being in Australia, I hope to cross paths with both of these inspiational 'Witchy Women" and tell them just that!:-) Although I think Fiona hangs out in LA...

    Best wishes with your witchy ways - as for the other perspective of working on yourself to make improvements, not placing hopes in'magic cures' or 'spells', I personally feel that by endeavouring to cast spells for this purpose and reading Fiona & Lucy's books, this in itself helped me immeasurably as I felt more empowered, proactive, inspired by strong women - felt part of a 'sisterhood'.

    The thing is, all of our efforts to grow spiritually are rewarded, even if in a small way that's undetected initially. Your desire to improve and reach your potential and uncover the many gifts that lay inside you and develop these qualities is the driving force behind you doing so. I didn't get the impression that you wanted to sit back on your bum, wave a wand and have all your dreams come true and problems vanish. No, I feel you are aware of your potential to make things happen and are humbly requesting some direction. (correct me if I'm wrong!).

    This is the begining of you tapping into your own wealth of abilities. You're curious, proactive and humble, never wanting to harm another or draw misfortune to yourself.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you, warm friendship

    WitchWoman:-) XXX

  • P.S.

    I did try a revenge spell once, for 'him' to be haunted by me and drive 'her' crazy with jealousy.

    I wasn't too sure if it would work, but at that time I was CONSUMED with wanting them to hurt as much, if not more than I was. The last time I had been at his house, I was aware of his cheating and was pretty sure it would be the last time I was there so I left my undies (as per spell instructions) under his mattress and kissed his mirrored wardrobe (to reflect my love at him while in bed) but most of all, my intention was for him to be haunted by me and his own regret & remorse be his punishment.

    It was indeed the last time I was there, until...about a year later - "I've been such a fool, I miss your mind, I think of making love to you when I'm with her, blah blah blah." & also, "She won't stop asking questions about you, she's obsessed with you & us".

    Music to my ears. There was always a reason why she hadn't moved out yet, however We got back together briefly, I realised I was SO over him and his ways, snatched back my undies from under the matress (yep-still there!) cleaned the mirror where My kiss still was can you believe, and endured Another 6 mnths + of abusive messages from 'her'.

    It became apparent that she was hurting just as much, if not more than I was due to him, so I extended an olive branch and we have remained txt buddies - she messages me all about his behaviour & indiscretions. She even sent me a necklace out of gratitude last week, for being a listening ear that understands. Amazing. (he still can't get rid of me!) Fortunately, I am not even the slightest bit interested in him; my friends can hardly believe that this lady & I are actually confidants - not just about him, but life in general.

    Anyway, my point is, don't underestimate the power behind your intention - this is the driving force behind the success of the spell. AND - be careful what you wish for!

    I wouldn't be suprized if he had cast a spell to see us girls together - but not quite in the same way that things have turned out!!!:-)


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  • Also, I forgot to add the bit about high magic and rityual etc.

    Magic can be simple, beware of those books, sites etc that say there is only one way, you must do all these steps yadda yadda yadda. You did not speak as though you were turning it into your religion and that is what these types of places/books are trying to force on you.

    What you spoke of was natural magic of the earth and yourself. You are part of the earth, the cosmos and the all.

    If your intentions are clear and harm none is a part of that, be at ease. If you are raising energy to bring things into your life then for protection during your session, you can do the whole circle casting thing or you can call upon the white light of protection to shield you from negative energy and imagine it enveloping you and your space. Cleansings of items can be done with water and/or salt and/or smoke from incense quite easily and you don't need to get all hung up on the ceremonial stuff unless you want to.

    The white light can be called upon you anytime you want it. It expells negative energies from your surroundings and repells it from coming in. You will be raising energies and there fore you should use this or prayer or angels (Michaels a good one for this) to remove latent energy or energy pulled in by you and your spells. It does not necessarily all get dispesed. So if you get to feeling edgy, do the white light thing or something cause you have too much build up in your area. I tend to do it every night before I sleep similar to a prayer as it relaxes me and lets me know all is well so I can well. Sort of a meditation thingy.

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  • Hi Ibeleive,

    How very interesting, thank you for sharing such interesting information with us all.

    I shall get to work with my 'vision board' asap, I have heard about it many times, and often thought I should get my very own up and running, but after your encouragement, I shall now "Do".

  • You’re quite welcome. I’m working on manifesting my own new direction as soon as I figure out what it is. Hit a turn in the road and found I no longer fit in my old life anymore. (Almost there though) So it was all sort of fresh in my memory. Hope Hidden Diamond has a chance to look it over.

  • (I had a reply written just now but must have pressed the wrong button and it disappeared... I hate it when this happens.

    Though I will write it again tomorrow for sure... at least the part I forget when writing now.)

    Thanks WitchWoman and Ibelieve, for your kind replies...

    WitchWoman, I will try to check about the authors you mentioned... but both of them are female, and I am male... the spells can be used by any gender, correct?

    I mean, beauty and the likes of that... are they genderless? Or are those spells specifically tailored to be used by females?

    I don't plan to do any vengeance spell... as a matter of fact, it's something I have kind of promised to myself.

    That even if I want to get vengeance from something, I will never resort to magic for it.

    Plus, right now... the only things I would want to get vengeance on, would be my own many flaws -Inhibition, Self-Pity, etc etc etc-. (Well, even though my sister keeps annoying me and we get mad at each other easily, but I would rather cast a spell to make me a better brother than to get vengeance. Seeing as I'm the eldest of the two of us, I think this would solve the problems.)

    Ibelieve I think I missed your first post... maybe it got deleted?

    If you see this and remember what you had said, is there any chance I could ask you to repost it?

    I finally came back from england a few hours ago(I did check the forums from my cousins' house there, but there were too many people around for me to be able to properly focus on writing something).

    The 'light of protection' I would like to be able to use it, but I'm still not even at that stage... Im trying to learn to ''visualize''... I can't even do that properly! Sure, I can imagine things... but it's probably not the same thing. I am trying to go astral and remembering it but its gonna take quite some time, at this pace.

    As a matter of fact, I have tried to ask my higher self to meet me in an imaginary place, and I saw some weird man with black gentleman clothes and a scary weird face there... but I think I was probably the one who created that image, and that it wasn't my actual higher self, unfortunately... but who knows?

    If I can't even do those simple things, I probably need to work on them before I can cast any spell at all...

    And divination too, so I can more easily avoid doing the wrong choices.

    But for divination I'll need to be able to use my intuition, which I can't even do! Oh my god, this is going to be hard... I can't listen to the voice of my intuition at all, I am blocking it and I have been trying to remove the block by concentrating my sensation of feeling on the 3rd eye, but it doesn't seem to work at all.

    Out of the 7 chakras, when I concentrate my sensation of feeling on them, I can feel kind of vibrating on 5 of them... the ones I dont feel anything are the basic one, and the top-of-the-head one.

    I was thinking now(I've thought this before, but i keep forgetting xD), maybe if anyone could cast a spell to activate my intuition again in a way that I could follow it(maybe by making its ''voice'' or ''call'' or whatever stronger... much stronger xD) it could be really helpful for me.

    Does such a spell exist? It wouldn't be against my free will, right?


    (will post more tomorrow, i'm incredibly lazy right now to type once again all that I had typed before)

  • Hi Hiddendiamond,

    When i started getting into all this i received all sorts of advice and all sorts of books and texts, especially now with the internet there are thousands of books and ideologies available. But the most important thing i did was to just experiment with all my own possibilities, and the possibilities of the world around me. Try all the things that sound interesting to you, and make sure to cross every line at least once, because only by breaking the rules will you eventually come to truly understand and appreciate them.

    The most important thing is to get a feeling for the supernatural/magical/occult realm, and find your own way around in it, because there is no such thing as a "right" way to do it, not in life and definitely not in magic. You contain all the possiblities of the universe within yourself, and you set out to access them. And with everything you do next you will discover more, the only thing that can lead you astray is standing still and not living at all.

  • I have no idea why my original post was deleted. But at least it gave me the opportunity to revise it to suit a male rather than my original thought that you were female and to update it with additional infor from your new post.. (Hey maybe that was the point as to why it got lost.) Anyway, regardless whether the author is male or female, the magic still works.

    I agree with you on the vengeance thing. The best way to get vengeance is to not stoop to it. Apply the same energy instead on getting ahead. Those who wish you ill can wallow in the own hatred and envy while you move forward into a charmed life of fulfillment.

    As for the white light and visualization. Quit making it so difficult, just start doing it. (I know, I held myself back for many years thinking I did not have enough infor, didn’t know enough, wasn’t prepared enough.) You never will be until you get on with it. It will not be perfect the first few times but it does not have to be, it works anyway. You will not be screwing this up because your vision is mot perfect, but you are screwing yourself up by not trying. With a very few exceptions, no one can become a painter without actually painting and you can’t practice without actually doing it. Regardless of its talent, it is still a painting and the effort was filled with intent and the intent is what moves you forward.

    Those voices holding you back need to be removed. They are clouding your higher self. (See paragraph below with the *** for removing them)

    And I would warn you against astral travel until you clear yourself mentally and can hold confidence in moving forward on your own power. Weakness of spirit and confusion can and does attract misguided spirits to prey upon you. You are putting out a call for help hoping only good will show up but your thoughts are only on anything of power fixing you without any effort on your part. That means your intent is only for something else to gain power over you and take over. You are asking for someone else to take control. The universe will provide that for you but do you actually want to lose control over yourself??? Allow anyone to run your life for you?? You can hope they have your best interests in mind but anyone with your best interest will want you to take control of yourself, so what is left? Those with their own interests.

    Guidance will come when YOU are ready to take control of your life and move forward. Until then, the infor is falling on deaf ears. Now for the original post.

    1. There is very little difference between spells, power of positive thinking, affirmations and prayers. They are all conduits for funneling your intentions, desires to the universal “God” element (however you wish to frame it.) There is enough abundance for all as it is unlimited so (based on how you phrased it here as affecting yourself) you can not be taking away from anyone else their due. If magic appeals to you, then your spells you are speaking of are similar to affirmations and the elements you use (crystals, herbs, oils, incense, colors etc.) are enhancements to focus your desires and remind you constantly of your goals . Belief in the magic transfers belief in yourself and that in time becomes reality. A self assured man/woman becomes incredibly alluring as his/her aura draws people in. It is not a glimmer but real. You have to love yourself first and foremost, and however you bring that transformation into reality does not matter as the results are the same.

    2. Try used book stores and even the library. I recommend anything by Scott Cunningham as one who agrees with the solitary wicca practice and his beliefs can coexist with your own spirituality. (I know where your coming from on that score.) He did some encyclopedias on crystals, herbs and incense oils and brews but also covers them in his other books.. Edain McCoy’s “Making Magic” is very good. (She has a website) Ann Moura does a lot on “Green Witchcraft” (She has a nice website) Silver Ravenwolf (website underconstruction) is good as well. You can even look on amazon website for their books and read some excerpts to get some feel for them. All of these authors mentioned cover basics in most of their books. If you want another male author, try Raymond Buckland (also with a website) he has been around for many years and I met him at an expo and took a practical magic course with him (very good).

    As for bringing the right person into your life, I agree you are on the right track in improving your self first (see end of first paragraph on loving yourself first) but is can be done at the same time as your other intentions. Want a powerful spell?

    Make a wish board. Cover it with pictures, words, etc representing all your good qualities and those you desire, add pictures of loving couples or representations of the type of love you desire and look at it everyday and believe in it and know that it will come. Look at it in the morning and know what you are working towards. Then speak out affirmations to yourself into the mirror in the morning after you wash your face (cold water) and brush your teeth and hair. These should be about the qualities you want to achieve but the are to be written as if NOW true and say them with conviction. (Hard at first but easier with time, if you catch yourself saying them with sarcasm, stop take a breath and do it again as THIS IS YOUR TRUE WILL! Not that ego driven voice in your head trying to hold you back.) “I am handsome and becoming more so everyday. I am incredibly intelligent and have great potential to use these gifts in a productive way towards my goals. I will use these gifts today. I will put them out in the forefront for all to see and be responsible towards myself and for furthering my life towards my goals.” Etc. anything you like.

    Look at the board before you go to sleep and remind yourself that all you desire shall come to pass it time. (As it can not reach you until you are ready to receive it. All the things you are doing is towards being ready for its deliverance. Be patient and kind to yourself.)

    Go ahead and add some stones to carry during the day as a reminder of the qualities you desire and the things you wish to bring into your life. And/or colors to wear (this can be a bracelet you braid of strings/ribbons with colors that match your goals.) Speak your affirmations as you braid it, light three candles in the same colors as you do this (I like a box of multicolored birthday candles for this sort of thing) Add a bit of incense to help hold your thoughts on the goals all these thing help raise your spiritual awareness above your mind consuming ego so you can stop getting in your own way. At the end of your affirmations and braiding add “As it harms none, so mote it be!” if you wish or you can even say amen. It is but a call to abundance to hear you intentions and provide. Now wear the bracelet and each time you think of it, feel it or glance at it, you add those same thoughts that went into the making to the ether again and again. For a man you can make this of thicker cords of muted colored chords or jute. If you wear it with confidence and know that it brings you power no one can gain say you. If someone asks, explain it is a power chord for strength of purpose and leave it at that. (Similar to an American Indian medicine bag)

    ***As for those bad voices in your head. Remove them. If you saw Harry Potter where Dunmbledor removed thoughts from his heads, you can envision the same. Think of those thoughts that hold you back, write them down one at a time and under each one write your true thoughts.

    “I’m not smart enough.” (Untrue)

    “Bull crap, I’m in college. How many can not make it this far or do not try. I have the will to do it, that is all it takes. I have the ability to learn and can do with it whatever I wish. It is at my will that I increase it more each day. I could focus only on this aspect of myself and make it come sooner if it were my will to do so but as I have other things in life to enjoy as well, I choose to work on it in time. It will come to me as I journey, it is enough for now that I increase it as I go along.” (true)

    See how that works? Do this with each thought. Then at night think of those untrue thoughts that you wrote down, visualize removing them from your head and placing them on a bottle and putting a cork in it. It is shining as you remove it but as it gently flows to the bottom of the bottle it becomes dark and in a state of stasis. Now place it in an imaginary cabinet. It can not re-enter your mind of itself, they would have to be put back with intention by you in the same way you remove them. The cabinet is for you to store it (As we sometimes get worried that it was a good thought we might need. You don’t, but hey it will be there if you want it back. So lay those worries aside as well.)

    This is magic. It focuses your energy and transforms it into reality. Want some thing for nothing? A spell or charm to bring it to you now with no work on your part. The results will be as fleeting as what you put into it and will normally put you back further from your goal afterwards than your are now. Yes it involves work on your part, anything of worth takes effort. Hold your thoughts on your goals and you will achieve them but it does take time as you are in a process of transforming yourself to receive them. You must be ready to accept and utilize what comes or it falls through your fingers, you can not hold onto something you have not readied yourself for.

    3. Here are some websites for your needs.

    Check out some of following thoughts on synchronicity


    Magical correlation (stones, colors, incense, oils, etc.) can be found online as well.

    Here is a link to About.com things you can find right in your own home. Afterwards you can go to the tab at the top of the page and go to the general Pagenism/wicca page for other information. They also have some (emphasis on the some part) links to other websites for additional information in each subject.


    The following is a good site on gemstones and the correspondences. They sell stones but if you click on the name of the stone it will give you the info on it so use it for reference.


    For gemstones, herbs, candles colors and a host of other infor go here. They don’t sell anything. And they cover much more on wicca as well.


    Here is another good site on witchcraft/wicca.


    Wonderful stones from my knowledge base:

    Aventurine reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness. It promotes compassion and empathy and encourages perseverance. Also stabilizes one’s state of mind, stimulates perception, and enhances creativity. This stone is used to activate and clear the heart chakra. It is an excellent protector and provides a shield to block the entry from those who wish to "tap-in" and use the energy of another. Aventurine provides for balancing of female/male energies, enhancing ones creativity, supplementing motivation in activities and augmenting the pioneering spirit. It also reinforces ones decisiveness, amplifies ones leadership qualities and is a willing participant in instinctive action. It facilitates balancing and alignment of the intellectual, emotional, physical and auric bodies. It has been used in rituals of the medicine wheel to show to the spirit guides, the participants have felt a "wash of love" fall all around them

    Amethyst is extremely beneficial to the mind, calming or stimulating as appropriate. When you meditate, it turns thoughts away from the mundane into tranquility and deeper understanding. This is the stone of spirituality and contentment. It facilitates transmutation of lower energies into the higher frequencies of both spiritual and ethereal levels. It is representative of the principles of complete metamorphosis. It clears the aura and stabilizes and transmutes any dysfunctional energy located within ones body. Amethyst also bestows stability, strength, invigoration and innocent peace. It is also a stone of meditation, being excellent in conducting the energy of calm to help one to both enter and maintain the desired state. It opens and activates the crown chakra. (the pointed one I received from the mind/spirit collection came from Zambia) It is also protective.

    Citrine: the “Merchant Stone” helps produce more income. Citrine is a powerful cleanser and regenerator, carrying the power of the sun. It never needs cleansing. It stimulates digestion, the spleen, and the pancreas and mental focus. Citrine is a happy, generous stone and encourages sharing what you have and yet helps you hold on to your wealth. It has the power to impart joy to all who behold it. It energizes the solar plexus and balances yin/yang. Also keep it with the other stones and it will cleanse them as well.

    Copper: This mineral can combat lethargy, passivity, restlessness, excitability and non-acceptance of oneself. It stimulates initiative, optimism, diplomacy and independence. It emits a philosophic energy, free of orthodoxy and bias. Copper provides a harmonic connection between the physical and astral bodies and aligns the subtle bodies. It has been used successfully to amplify and transmit thought. It is said to be a bestower of good, bringing benefit to its wearer. It opens and activates the base a sacral chakras, advancing and stabilizing the energies of intuition, sexuality, desire and vitality. It allows one to recognize the barriers which are in the path of ones development.

    Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It can be worn as a pendant to encourage acceptance of your psychic gifts. Care has to be taken that it does not induce illusions in response to wishful thinking. A Moonstone elixir was traditionally used for insomnia and the stone can prevent sleepwalking. This is a stone for hoping and wishing. It allows one to absorb that which is needed from the universal energies, not necessarily, however, furthering that which is wanted. It helps one to recognize the ups and downs of life and to gracefully acknowledge the changing cycles. It can assist one in sustaining and understanding the destiny one has chosen. It works to bring the galactic evolved energies from other worlds to accessibility. The energy of moonstone is balancing, introspective, reflective and lunar. Its vibration relates to new beginnings and flashes of insight. It stimulates intuitive recognition and helps one apply it in a practical sense. It also enhances perception and discernment as it cleanses negativity from the chakras, enhancing the feminine aspects of ones nature. Moonstone stimulates confidence and composure and assists one in the total fulfillment of one's destiny. Once called the "traveler's stone', it can be used for protection and good fortune.

    Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of it unique helical spiral crystalline form and amplifies the energies of all other stones. Quartz aids concentration and unlocks memory. Quartz is a master healer and can be used on any conditions. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance. These crystals can be used to amplify both energy and thoughts. They can assist in the creation of power and can provide clarity in thinking. They are said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. Quartz crystal is the connection between the physical dimension and the realm of the mind. It is used to communicate with minerals, plants, animals and intelligent forces outside of the physical dimension. Its natural tendency is for harmony and it is recognized as a "stone of power". It can also transform thoughts into sound, producing the vibration associated with the thought. It provides for purification of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. It is also a healer of negativity associated with ones perspectives and judgment.

    “Rose” quartz stimulates love and opens the heart chakra. It promotes peace, happiness and fidelity in established relationships. Excellent for trauma and crisis.

    Cleanse the stones after you first bring them home. Wash them with clear cold water, dry them off and place in a window sill to receive the light of the sun during the day and remove them at night. They will be ready the next day. The exception is moonstone which is cleansed by the light of the waxing moon. (From new to full) Also be sure to cleanse them again once a month the same way or sooner if you are soaking up bad energies.

    Stones can be cheap but also remember household items, birthday candles, ribbons, colors. These can provide your needs as well and can be picked up almost anywhere.

    Also be sure to check out the Feng Shui help on this Tarot.com site for additional cures to achieve your goals. It all adds up and focuses your energy.

  • Wow, you have gotten some incredible feedback here. Alot of great information that I want to explore as well. I have an interest in all these things as well, but in working fuul time and taking care of my family, I don't get much time to practice. I mostly read and ponder...

    I did get great book for my birthday... "The Encyclopedia of Crystals" by Judy Hall. It was $22.99, but you may be able to find a used copy on Amazon.com for less. Or, do as I did and request it as a gift. It tells of the purpose and power of each crystal and has great pictures to help you identify them. It also tells how to cleanse them of ant former or negative energy, and how to activate their power as well. I used it as a project with my daughter. She has been collecting crystals for years, I have only just begun. But we were unaware of their potential. We identified all of our crystals and assigned them a purpose. ( We are waiting to activate them til our minds and energy are in the right place, as we have been going through alot of negative stuff recently.) So, I am looking forward to seeing how all this works.

    I also wanted to add, that it seems like you are trying to jump in and accomplish an awful lot at once. Perhaps you should slow down and focus on one area at a time, and as you master each one, move on to another.

    I admire your desire for wanting to improve yourself without bringing harm or misfortune to others. It shows you have a good heart. I wish you many blessings and success in achieving your goals.

    Love and light to you

  • Great info on the vision board, thanks for sharing.

  • Hi Ibelieve,

    What a true gem you are!!...such a lot of wonderful information you have provided for HiddenDiamond and all of us,

    Just wanted to tell you I really appreciate You, and your love and light!!

    much love and joy to you....



  • Thanks Folckert, I'm defenitely going to start moving instead of standing still! Going to Lisbon today, I want to drop by a esoterism-focused store on monday to get some basic materials, like candles.

    Though I plan to stay within the ''rules''. It's true that it is tempting to break them once, just to prove to myself that it can be done... but I will not let that feeling overcome me. It's like... it's better to learn how to fish, than to be given a fish.

    For example, if I improve myself, I believe I will be successeful throughout life...on the other hand if I just won a reasonably high amount of money, and relied on that, I might eventually run out again.

    That's what I think, at least.

    Ibelieve, thanks SO MUCH for all that information. I have saved your whole post, it is more information than I ever thought I would get, when I first made this topic.

    Some of the words I did not understand, since English isn't my main language(''to braid'' ; ''thicker cords of muted colored chords'' ; ''jute''), but online translators are/shall be useful.

    By the way, my birth chart(I think) has something like...

    40% Earth

    26.7% Fire

    26.7% Water

    6.67% Air

    Does that mean I will find it easiest to use Earth element magic?

    Also, I have started to gather 10 cent coins, of Euro. they are 87% copper, or something like that... since copper is water-element, if I use a water spell inside, say, a large pentagram made of 10cent coins, would be more effective, right?

    I will also make myself a little pouch to carry with me(Somehow! I've never sewed before :P), to carry crystals.

    Right now, things I wish to get, for starting, are:

    The crystals you recommended, other than Amethyst, which I probably can't afford right now.

    • Mainly Quartz and aventurine(of the right color, have to check which one it is)

    A compass(To be able to face to the right direction)

    Lots of 10cent coins (Probably going to spend a few 10s of euros on this, since it's not lost money and I can exchange it back to larger coins whenever needed)

    Candles of various colours

    Large wooden board.

    For the wish board, if I miss some days, It's ok, right?

    Since about once every two weeks, I'm not home for the weekend.

    And if I'm doing the wish board spell, I shouldn't cast other spells in the meantime, correct?

    I think I read somewhere that the energies get dispersed?

  • Thank you RCDreamer and Hopeternal.


    Your insights/instincts on temptation and “leaning to fish” are good, stay with them. In the same manner that we can not instantly be transported a distance in space, we can neither be transformed with out time. Everything living thing needs time to grow into themselves.

    I will try to answer some of your questions or address your comments below. Others are fine and needed no comment.

    Pictorial instructions on braiding:


    Jute: vegetable fibers spun into long thick threads. Called burlap (US) and hessian (Europe)

    As for your birth chart elements: Yes you would be quite compatible with these elements, however balance is the key. It’s okay to have one that is above the rest. The fire and water are well balanced, but air and Earth are way out of balance as opposing influences. You should try to raise your air by working with that element as well. :

    “…each (element) is important for your sense of well-being. Air lifts us up to seeing with new eyes. When air is in balance, your mind is free and flexible. You mentally travel and explore, allowing new ideas to widen your horizon. It's exhilarating to breakthrough old ways of thinking, because that sets real external change in motion. Air brings emotional detachment, and that helps you make good decisions. When the air is moving, it makes for lively sociability, and keeps you curious and always learning. When there's too little air, it's hard to see yourself with any objectivity. You're apathetic, bored. You don't see a point to what you're doing.”

    See rest of article here on working/raising air element:

    With regards to using copper coins: Typically, I would wear or carry copper rather than use it to add power to a spell, but be sure to cleans the coins as money is transferred thru many hands and are full of their desires/needs since they spend them for those purposes. (Imagine someone in great need of food/housing with loads of debt, who may then look at the coins in their hand in order to decide what their greatest need is and how they can continue with so little. These are powerful negative thoughts.) I do not get hung up on cleansing rituals but for coins I would wash them with soap and water, dry them well, bury them in a pot of earth (just get some dirt from the back yard in a bowl) for a couple of weeks, bring them out and rinse them, pass them thru the smoke of a cone of incense and then pass them over a flame from a candle (don’t burn yourself, You can use a mesh tea ball for this or something similar that wont burn but has air holes) Then rinse and dry again. Then put them in a cloth bag and keep separate from your other coins so as not to mix them up.

    Copper is a healing element where contact with the body is a priority. Many including myself wear it to aide in the healing/lessening of arthritis. If you empower it with your intentions as in placing it on your arm and stating “I will wear this copper to allow me to recognize the barriers which are in the path of my development and see opportunities placed in my path.” Then it will work for you passively with out any more direction /activity from you on that goal. You do not have to re-set it, just wear it and remember. There are many copper bracelets/rings made for men (you may run across one in a second hand store just for you) or wear one of the coins you cleansed on a chain around you neck. (Take it off daily for your shower or you’ll turn green.) If it starts turning your skin green everyday, cleans it with soap and water, let it dry thoroughly then yes at that time, reset the intention.

    I find amethyst quite cheap. Its not about the largest or most polished or purest. All crystals have their energies. Hold examples in your hand and see if your are drawn to any of them.

    Missing days is fine. Please worry less about it. Worrying is what can set you back. You can miss a day here and there of your exercise routine or your diet routine with out consequence to your goals, the same is true of your intentions/spells. You get back on track when you can. It is the forward progress in the long run that matters. Affirmation in the morning (and at night can be handled anywhere. Try to do these as they keep your mind ion your goals.

    Other spells are fine but be carful you are not overdoing it to the point where you become greedy/needy; wanting everything at once or thinking you are not doing enough. The universe interprets your constant pleas as a desire to stay in a place of constant desire or neediness. Stay calmly focused, knowing it will come rather than intense/nervous about when it will show up. It is coming to you in small ways you may not recognize in order to be built up at a pace you can handle and receive it. You can and may find it best to start slow and get comfortable with what you ARE doing, not looking for what else you can do. Spend more time on getting on with your life. Those things you set in place will go farther if you spend the rest of your time moving towards them rather than constantly doing/devising more spells.

    Make a list of things that come your way with regards to your goals. If you ask for money and you get a coupon in the mail, DO NOT look down on it as a pitiful answer. What you expected cash to just magically show up? A coupon has monetary value and it all adds up.

    Be aware of your path and items will cross your path. When you go shopping, stop by a second hand shop and just look around every isle to see what is there. Many times I do this and there on the shelf is exactly what I had been looking for at a price I could afford. I found the wooden box I wanted for $2.00 that I had been passing up at the esoteric store because $20.00 was more than I could spend on it. I found beautiful glass bottles with corks for my magical herbs as a spice rack someone had donated again for $2.00. The right colored ribbons, a box of candles, the list goes on. Items, things, opportunities will be placed in your path to further your goals but you must recognize them when they appear. To do this, you keep and OPEN mind. Do not try to bind the universe to provide your desires in a specific way or in a specific form. Be aware of what comes your way and how it can be interpreted. Again, to see clearly, make a list and then see what category it may fit into. A friend may ask you to join him on a daily run. See? Someone may ask you to join a study group, etc.

    You wrote…“I think I read somewhere that the energies get dispersed?”: It is your energy that is being dispersed. Energies (or time) you could have been spending on meeting people, studying, exercising, meditating, or living your life.

    Blessings to all of you.

  • Fluoride blocks the third eye... and if I may offer a bit of advice, these things take time and patience, maybe you are trying too much at once, slow down....let it happen you can't rush it. Ask and then let it come, you cannot make time speed up and magic moves at it's own pace. Blessings on you path. )O(

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