Who's Your Ideal Character?

  • Just for fun (and maybe to learn something about yourself) name your ideal partner from fiction - books, TV, movies etc. - and what attracts you to them.

    Mine would be a combo of three:

    Sherlock Holmes - for his brains

    Indiana Jones - for his adventurous spirit and courage (not to mention rugged good looks)

    Jack Dawson (Leonardo di Caprio) from 'Titanic' - for his free-thinking spirit that was not limited by society's rules or by anyone else's standards.

  • I love James Bond, such a sexy, confident, exciting character, until they modernized the character. Daniel Craig isn't the same, he gets beaten up, is rough and not smooth like the others before him.

    You are a really creative person, Captain to think about great things to keep out minds workingl..

    Great love, much light to you .


  • Robert Frost the poet simply for the poem"The Road Less Travel" for what it means.next Jim Carrey for over coming the obstacles in growing up poorand his humor

  • This is pretty hard... there's so many... I'll say 4 of them I guess. Most are from anime so probably most people won't understand, but I'll explain +- what qualities I like most in them.

    Hinata, from Naruto, because she's not very strong, but is willing to become stronger for the sake of the one she loves, even though he only likes her as a friend. She's also shy... which I find very cute, as I am very shy myself.

    Meishen from Chrome Shelled Regios. She's devoted, and she's not very strong but that doesn't stop her from doing her best in the way she can(by cooking)... she's also very shy.

    Hermione Granger, from Harry Potter. She's got highly intellectual interests(defenitely making it interesting to talk to her. She was probably Virgo, like me!), leading guys to often forget that she too is a girl inside, and also wants to be loved. I have known that sensation in middle/high school, when I had the(probably right) feeling that girls regarded me as a genderless encyclopedia, rather than a guy. For these reasons, I'm attracted to this kind of person.

    Caster servant from Fate/Stay night anime. She did lots of horrible things, but it was all so she could fulfill her dream of finding someone who would love her. When she got killed to protect her man, and he said to her ''Dont worry...I will make your dream come true for you'', she said ''That is impossible... because my dream has already come true''.

    I am very attracted to this kind of person, because she valued love the way I feel it must be valued: above all other things, the most important thing that exists.

  • After thinking, I think I would like Superman. I need a strong man my life. Thanks again Captain. Happy Easter.

  • William Wallace from Braveheart is one who comes to my mind at the moment - strong, courageous, loyal, full of dignity, noble, loving, the quintessence of a real man 😉

  • Hi Captain, such and interesting question, made me remember the story book I loved when I was little and was Katy Caterpillar, and I liked it because she had the courage to discover and be her real self and went through all the adventures and challenges through the story...

    I must remember if I ever have a girl baby to read it to her 🙂

    Hoping everyone is having a great weekend!! and thanks for bringing back those memories...

  • Very interesting question...I'd have to have a combination of people to keep me interested:

    1. Paul Atreides (aka Muad D'ib) from Frank Herbert's Dune stories...he's hyperaware, confiicted, trained in the ways of the Mentat, and open to his emotions;

    2. Indiana Jones (we're going to have to arm-wrestle over this one!) for his brains and his courage, along with his loyalty and sense of humor;

    3. T. S. Eliot, for his imagery in his poems; and last but not least...

    4. Jesse James, because everyone needs a bad boy to make you appreciate the GOOD ones!

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  • The first person that comes to mind is Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird for his character and willingness to take a stand for what is right. However, he would also be adventurous and an intellectual like the characters The Captain chose. All three characters roled into one does sound like a super hero, doesn't it.

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