30 yrs of Lies and Deception

  • Long and short of it is.......My husband has been lieing and cheating for our entire marriage. 7 years ago he confessess after counseling. Of course I was numb. He was to change and I was to regain trust. A couple years after this he told me that he just had to have friends that are women and that he needed his space to find himself and what it is that drives him to cheat. Okay....I decided it would be best to separte maybe divorce. We were apart 2 months and he came to me saying I was everything to him, he wanted me back. I let him know that was not possible but we could work toward a possible reunion. Well.....we were back together after 1 and half year separation. Now....he is lieing again. The deception and lie esculated about 1 month ago. I had the gut feeling that he was hiding and living a secret life about 2 months after we were back together. I caught him in huge lies and he has continued to lie. I have confronted him with his lies and he blames me. Says I treat him poorly, that I would rather hang with my friends instead of him. The truth is maybe so...I am now back in a place I thought was long past and we had healed. Obviouly not. I am struggling with leaving him, again because I am in love with him and have always considered him my soulmate but because I cannot believe anything he says, I am living in the delusion. Thank you for listening

  • Hi, Sometimes relationships such as these tend to take on a life all their own. You may never be able to understand him. I think he needs an examination of conscious. I suggest prayer and taking care of yourself the best way possible.

  • Sounds to me like you know exactly what's up and know exactly what to do. It's refreshing for me to see a woman willing to stand on principal and not allow herself to be bamboozled by someone. You gave it your best shot and now you know that it will never work. And by the way I know you know this already but I'm gonna say it anyway. The stuff he is blaming on you is a bunch of BS!!! He is the one who is delusional not you. Give yourself a big pat on the back, leave this loser and go get the life you deserve!!!

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