Cap Girl - Cap Boy/Distance Relationship

  • Guy, (Sun=Cap, Moon=Aries, Merc=Cap, Mars=Lib, Venus =Aqua)

    Girl, me..(Sun=Cap, Moon=Leo, Merc=Cap, Mars=Cap, Venu=Sag)

    This has been a distance relationship, basically I meet up with him when im in town on business. We talk a few times a month. We always enjoy each others company. Lately ive been wanting to progress the relationship as im becomming more fond of him. I havent said any lovey dovey stuff for fear of scaring him away. Although we get along..we never really discuss deeper issues. Were both independent types. Any advice on how to proceed with this guy? Thanks for your help;)

  • being a Cappy guy myself I'd prefer to hear it out right and direct at least you could get the ball rolling he'll have to deal with these things eventually anyways so why go with the true feelings now.might be surprised how it all turns out just put your felings out there to him,if he's any thing like any of us cappy males he'll find away to show his feelings towards you!best of luck!!!!

  • Thanks for your help. Suppose I should just put it out there and see, he just does'nt say much about these things however seems happy to be with me. Perhaps I made it all to easy without me saying anything as well.

  • Maybe he's just waiting for you intiate the first move?Being Cappies were like to keep our feelings in check for the most part right? I hope it all works out well for you guys! hang in there and best of luck!!!!

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