Update and thanks on the moving question

  • I posted a while back about the decision to move with my family to Berlin and angelreader told me that I should listen to my angels and call on Archangel Michael for help. I have done that and indeed thay have answered - the first time with things coming up out of my husband's past that made me wonder and then this morning with a television report which made our minds up for good that we were not moving there, so strange and out of the blue occurances that they can only have been messages. So we have chosen a different location where we could both be quite content and I am confident that my angels will let me know if this is good or not. So thank you very much for your help angelreader and TheCaptain.

  • Dear Paddifluff,

    Welcome to your angels! You now know, with absolute certainty, they are in your life. Ask them to help you with a smooth transition to your new location...one that you both will be happy at...and as things fall into place for you, you will know your angels are at work, albeit behind the scenes.

    Michael is a call away...so don't be shy. I talk to him every single day, and many times a day. When in doubt, ask. And you will get signs just like you did.

    The wonderful news here? They KNOW you KNOW they are with you. And you will. For the rest of your life.

    Welcome to your angels!

    Angel blessings,


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